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One Direction- Moments Lyrics

by SingingMaster333 • 20,905,943 views

Enjoy, I love One Direction, They are amazing, words cant even describe how much i love them♥

Been here since the start, and four albums down the line, my favourite One Direction song is still Moments :')
This song is nice i love zayn jawaad malik so much and them all zayn niall harry luis liam they are the best boy band in the world love them all
I hate how people on here are like "I miss the old innocent One Direction" like the boys are growing up, let them grow up. I'm sad about it, but embrace the fact they still are making music.... and that they still love their fans. It's just amazing. I don't get how people are just all upset that Zouis smoked weed and Liam smokes like I'm not saying it's good for them- but they're old enough to make their own decisions without the entire fandom acting like a bunch of babies and whining about how they can't do that or that it's not good for them. Mistakes happen. tbh, i'm sick of this fandom trying to control their lives and getting all concerned about what happens personally. let them love who they love. accept the relationships.
They did not smoke at all.
+Courtney Kelleck yes they did... there is even a video. I don't love them any less for it, but they did.
1- Pause it at 02:10. 2- Put your headphones on. 3- Raise the volume to its maximum. 4- Close your eyes. 5- Press play. 6- IMAGINE LOUIS AND HARRY TOGETHER. YOU'RE SO WELCOME! :3
i miss larry soo much im litterrally crying right now
 Currently crying because this says 2011... ;'( also larry af
STOP BEING MEAN katie mcgarvey #rudeness  
I can't live without MUSIC ,ONE DIRECTION and FAMILY
Ed Sheeran was 15 when he wrote Moments, Most of the guys i know who are 15 cant even spell moments. 
This song still makes me cry
Imagine at the boys' last concert and they wear their fetus clothes and sing this song as their last song together....... I'M CRYING!!!!
On Louis's solo, when he says 'harder', the vERY ENDINF MAKES ME WANT TO FALL OFF A CLIFF IT'S SO RAW AND EMOTIONAL AND I excessive squeaking
A lot these people could care less if Zayn and Niall leave One Direction. One Girl said she "will never leave one direction fandom as long Harry Styles (Hazza) dosent smoke"  Yes Zayn Malik addmitted that he used to smoke that was in his past. The day when J14 posted about Louis and Zayn caught on video smoking marijuna it was a lie the did not do such thing, it was all just a lie. They have all done this they regreted dont be so tough on them there humans just like you and I, there just 5 normal teenage boys living their dreams, their not perfect.  Yes they got tatts that mean something to them and I have to say the are damn hot with or without They always be One Direction. Their Concerts are rocking and they are still happy and loveable, yes they changed their outfits to something new but change has to come one day and there's did so just accept it. One Direction does not sing HORRIBLE , they sig amazing. Reading these comments make cry, Imagine if they were to come on youtube and look on all these comments they would cry like I am right now, put yourselfs in their shoes for a moment and imagine and someone is saying all these mean things to you How Would You Feel? I thought so. AdlutHood is natural in everyone one of us, they have matured beautifully. I love them equally and they sing equally perfect, there's not one of these boys who try to out do each other with their voices. Yes Niall and Louis dont get enough solos but they do share it equally on stage I was watching Teenage Dirtbag live last night and Louis gave his solo to Niall they love each other and thats a fact. Wheather there songs are written by Ed Shearn or anyone else they still sound amazing. Some people HATE  One Direction that's fine its you're opinion but when you comment on every song they ever sang saying that you HATE THEM that's when Directioners will start to curse you off and that wont be pretty. They have changed a lot of young girls lifes thats what they do make people see that there are other things in life other than suicide.I will FOEVER AND ALWAYS BE a DIRECTIONER. +Sara Styles 卌 +Brianna Horan Irwin +niall mofo 卌 +Paige Henserling +jada gillman +Horan Family The Best We Love You  +Zayn Malik +Harry Styles +Niall Horan +Liamm Payne +***** 
+Shane Ward i really dont care  give a fuck about your opinion so plzz stop commenting on my post. i really dont care about what you have to say. dont tell me to chill the fuck out. you need to calm ur rass and leave my comment and opinion the fuck alone. you can stick to ur own bloodclatt life i dont give shit.
I would cry if niall and zayn left because one person doesn't make a band it takes other people too 😭🍀🇬🇧
"If we could only turn back time." That sentence brings tears to my eyes every time.
I cant wait to see 1d in singapore . Love u soo mucb truly deeply and madly.
Omggg u r going in singapore?? Cos SAMEEEE.
Listening to this now, in 2015... it just really hurts. I mean, where have the times gone? Our babies are all grown up. That hurts. And, if you look at things like the Up All Night video compared to the Steal My Girl video, you see that they've lost that happiness they used to have. That fun-loving attitude to it. I've been noticing this more and more, and I'm just afraid that our boys aren't as happy as they had been. Zayn in specific- watch how he looks in the Up All Night Video compared to Steal My Girl. That smile is not the same
Every time I hear this song I just cry! It's so sweet and beautiful and sad! ♥♥♥♥♥ DIRECTIONER 4EVER
still crying still my fav song
Listening to this in 2015 and my 9 year old brother comes in crying and tells me exactly what this song was about (a girl dying and her boyfriend committing suicide because he can't live without her) and I just sat there in awe and then he asked why I wasn't a big fan of theres anymore because he missed there songs, and Im currently crying 
I hate One Direction and I hate how much I love this song.... This song was wrote by Ed Sheeran. 1D didn't write any of this. That's how pathetic they are they can't even write their own songs
+Sean Dos Anjos Moreira that's why I said most ed sheeran songs..... Read properly. Moments is really the only exception
After four years, I still think they're the gorgeous boys on the stairs
Liam looks like Connor Franta at the start😂
Anyone watching in 2015 and is currently bawling. Why can't all guys be like them?
Ed sheeran and 1D are truely talented tho 💖🙌
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Yes Liam, the tears r streaming down my face right now. :',(
Hace dos años mis amigas me dijeron q escuche One Direction, yo busqué un video con la letra y estaba este... Gracias a mis amigas y Ti por este maravilloso video, ahora soy Directioner; eso si, sin contar con el apoyo que ellos me dieron a nivel emocional... GRACIAS
I absolutely love 1d. I've probably got all the 1d things that they've ever sold
Q hermos cancion la ley en españols y puss llore la entiendo 0 0 ° ° ~~~~~~~
0:47 Describes how I feel right now.
Ed Sheeran wrote this song! :) <3
Still the all-time best One Direction song, period.
Goosebumps to the highest level... my lachrymal gland is not cooperating with my brain.. I ORDERED THEM NOT TO ... BUT WHAT THEY DID... Y_Y..T_T
This song is sad enough without knowing the meaning, and when I found out the meaning I was sobbing.
"Its about a girl that died and the boy committed suicide because he cant live without her" Moments is about a boy who wants to escape the thoughts that the girl he loves has killed herself, the only way he can get the over her death is through death himself. The lyrics in the chorus are like a desperate plea from the guy to the girl he loves, wishing he could turn back time and tell her he would be her everything so she didn't have to die "You know I'll be your life, your voice, your reason to be. My love my heart, is breathing for this, moment in time, I'll find the words to say, before you leave me today." Then as this boy is so desperate and sad that he has lost the love of his life, he ends his life by jumping off a building, you can see the thoughts and memories that flash before his eyes before he jumps. "Flashing lights in my mind, Goin' back to the time, playin games in the street, kickin balls with my feet, theres a numb in my toes, standing close to the edge, theres a pile of my clothes at the end of your bed, as i feel myself fall, make a joke of it all." i foUND THIS ON TUMBLR IM CRYING.
Zayn's solo get me every time because it's at the part where the boy's life is flashing before he jumps....
You know I always find a way to connect every single one of their songs to Larry!
Making a video for this
Just I love Louis' part in this song ?😍😍🌟
I am crying because guys look how far they have come four albums tons of awards I mean it's crazy to even think it's going to be five years soon it all went by so fast.
Ed Sheeran wrote this song because shitty one direction can't write anything good themselves
The memories! I haven't listened to this song in forever. Literally the best One Direction song by far. I have stopped listening to them..but oh my goodness, this song brings so many memories. 
So many feels while listening to this! :')
The fuck this is my irst time to here this song. OMG i cri im a directioner since WMYB video is released. Im stupid. I know, judge me now. Say that im a carrot or fake fan
i love this song so much its still my fav in year 2015 <3
i cry the most in this song XP i honestly wouldn't know what to do without the boys. when i feel like crap, i just listen to their songs and its beautiful. i love it<3 i love you guys <3
When Louis sings I literally have trouble breathing omg
most emotional song ever
geez I still cry bc of this song
Love How Ed Sheeran Wrote This For Them! :)
I think that Louis ( Louie) solo made me cry the most because it was "was the harrrrrdeeeerrrr and the tears rush down my face " made me cry so bad it was the voice the every thing omfg
Why us Liam always the first person to sing in each video ??????????
idk man its been 5 years and I still get wet when Louis says "harder"
hands down this is the one song i bawl hardcore to man always
it isint that catchy but i like it #1d
it sso emotional watching these videos and listenign to all the older albums i love theses huys so much im so proud to be a directioner i couldnt ask for a better fandom
Did ed sheeran write this?
+Reem Fardan +Amir Shabir  He did write this, he first just wrote it but then when one direction needed more songs to their album "up all night", ed sheeran gave this song to them as in a song he was never going to use himself. 
Ed Sheeran wrote this song!
This song always makes me cry💘😔
What the hell, it's 2015, i miss this so much.
I think this is the saddest one direction's song that i ever hear.:(
Theme song namin yan ni Zayn....
this song seriously makes me cry. So many memoies. and this song really gets to me, my ex commited  suicide and i tried after he did because i couldn't handle him being gone . I still miss him now.
+Hana Sahr I'm really sorry sweetheart, I don't even know what to say. All the love for you. I wish I could give a big hug. .Keep strong. Hope you're a bit better now
this is my faveorite song
One of my favourites!I love this song!!!<3
i was listing and it tock my bereth away almost
The chills I get when Zayn sings those high notes the feels I get when they sing together it's like I'm not even breathing
watching this video just make me cry. i love u guys :(
why louis's solo kills me?
I still cry when u hear this....
ike if your watching this in 2015 <3 1D forever<3<3
this song. never gets old <3
U made my tears stream down my face
Great song but...yawns...does it make anyone else tired?
Who's watching this in 2015? :')
Me lol,still makes me cry :'(
This is my favorite song one of my favorite member is niall james horan
even after all these years,this is still my favorite song
If this is qbout that man suciding bcuz his luv sucided how did 1D know about it ? Btw nialler solo was awsme . Whole song was heart touching
The song was written for them by Ed Sheeran.
Liam 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘😘😘 😘 😘 😘 😘😍 😘😘😘 😘 😘😘😘 😘 😘 😘 😘😘 😘😘 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘
Larry will never be together im crying now😭😢
it might...maybe....hopefully
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Hoy Cirehs Wirey Fired Lovelovelove You Birey day pirey
madeeha ali Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
This song is so touching:::
I miss fetus days....But I love them so much.
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