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Soul Dubstep Dance Skills | Poppin Off | Watch the Duck

by itsMRich • 1,268,317 views

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sin duda el mejor video marquese idolo apoyandote desde argentina :3
Super !!!!Bravo!!!!Bulgaria likes you!!!!!!!!!
dammit im mad this will for ever be my shit check plus
sounds better with 1.25 speed
All the guys of Remote Kontrol are in there, sick.
Song- Popping off- Watch the duck
what is the app or device used in the first part of the video
one dancer in this video is from step up all in :D nice <3
love the song and dance
como se yama el k sale en el tienpo 1:28
how long did it take for you to get this good at dance like how many hours of practice for this specific type
America's got talent! Love the beat, sound and feel...
video dope! song dope! GA ALL DAY!!! love it!
You guys are awesome.... What's the name of that song????
Whoever edited this video,, is a genius.awesome
I like this video! Its different, and the dancing is sick!
Nd I know somebody is gonna say it. Nonstop, chibi, nd iglide are in the remote kontroll group but they are also members of dragonhouse
Hella sic video,, everyone's in it he'll yeah.. Hope you guys make more like this big inspiration to this home ha
Love how everyone is incorporated into this video, shows everyones unique abilities all combined!! I love it, I think its great!! three thumbs up to everyone who put time and effort into doing what they love to do!
needed 8 hours to edit a video like this... trust me i know it with my own experience.
houseparty and no body shootin,,,,,,,,,,,,,I love it
I wish it wan't but where are the white people in the video ? excpet for the lame neighbors
I think I would lose my mind if I heard this live ...
Anyone else want to go party with them : p
Sick wit it!!! Crazy and I am 45 years old. Love it!!!
Wait, i couldn't find the duck :/
you guys are all amazing dancers nice crew
Can you give me The song of this video ==Dubstep Freestyle Dance | Adventure Club Daisy | MUST WATCH!!== ? Pleaase !
first time i see video wihtout dislikes
i want the audio and mixer system.
Rap Soul Pop Dubstep Rock etc.... #SWISS ARMY KNIFE
you gatta let me party with you guys. luv the dubstep with every body in it luv it
what city is this all done in?
i swear, my life would be complete if i could just chill at one of these parties.
Dragonhouse is a really good crew, I loved it!!
awsome song and much better worlds best dancers
thats the guy from pumped up kicks dub
I wish i was black, just so i can kick it with those guys
2:15 - 2:22 is my favorite part, Chibi and nonstop.
holy shit best dubstep vid ever!!!
they got howard the duck in this bitch
hmmm sooo is it a hot day outside or cold?? the pool and jackets are throwing me off..
oh shit the guy with the gauges is from that dance show he's extra fucking good!!!! whats his name?
that microphone guy is so fucking high <3
What was the app on the ipad he was using ???
everybody knew how to dance there and it look like a good ass damn time
Wow it had the best ppl in there that's crazy! !!!
Ill listen to dis allnight its sounds like pooping off
Even the camera man could not stop himself from dancing @4:00
i wanna go to one of those partiess !!
I'm motherfuckah Jones! I approve of this video.
wow the best video i have ever seen by you, you guys are fucking awsome keep up the good work bro
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