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GANGS (Do's & Don'ts #8)

by Shut Up! Cartoons • 1,641,531 views

Subscribe to Shut Up! Cartoons: The Do's and Don'ts of being in a gang. Get more wildly inappropriate advice for impressionable youngsters every Monday on "Do's & Don'ts:...

those two cool looking people are GAY
what they lack in socail skills they make up for with Transformer Powers
agree sucks u cant figure out what dey were gonna say
Sceley thay can fly why thay don't fly at stoped but the kid is if can fly why thay can not fly at us ok that's a secret
This has made the most sense to me in a long time
This is like Jailbreak from garys mod.
Ohhhh.... MechTards...
The intro gives me nightmares the laugh
why don't you just fly... WHAT WERE DEY GUNNA SAY?!!
Wtf happened to my comment it under this one
I went to that prison for a school trip! Its
Why don't you just fly right ou-
gang warfare with dancing old school 50's and 60's yo
This series has some of the best dark humor in cartoon history. I'll definitely try to let my little brother watch this.
i read creepypasta before going to bed... biggest mistake of my life
Fun fact, thats the prison from ac3
Rule 34: If it exists, there's going to be porn of it. Example: My little pony
atleast its not only 10 episode like othere shows
Fml lol plus this is a stupid chanale
; l ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;; ; ;; ; ;; ; ;;
"Gang warefar used to be determined by danceing" What.. the... FUDGE?!?!
Are you sure this is chocolate I don't even know anymore
"and secondly, if you can fly, why don't you just fly ou-" lol
Do get a girl pregnant and end up on the Jeremy Kyle show
Lol I bet what came out of hiss ass was shit
They don't fly out because they're retarded... ^_^
Why at the end does the guy from episode eleven start bullying him again.
0:49 look at the comment at the bottom lo
Did they find Jimmy's body or something?
This series has helped me so much :')
You obviously broke rule #2 so you must be new to the internet! welcome you hillbilly, you must finally believe in evolution now so good for you!
Im like her except not with the clothes and stuff im still goth
ok I'm sorry I gave that girl rabies LOL!!!!
the purple haired girl is called Vicky. She first appears in Veganism.
Seriously? I think that was a bit degrading to people with mental disabilities. It is funny, though(?).
Wow bebeson u really disrespect girls how saf
um y r the meptards in there in the first place xD
this show is like south park but less pop culture references, and it's on the internet, so it can get away with a TON of more stuff :D
It's fine if you don't like things, don't be a dick about it.
If you can fly why don't you just fly right out of here
I likes these but that joke u made on Epilepsy was not funny people do have that and die from it every year
Am I the only one that thinks that when the word 'Suitcasing' (2:17) is on the screen, the 'U' looks like an 'H'?
This cartoon series is interesting
Anyone else tired of the theme-like thing at the beginning?
Good job on this, but you missed a few facts. Oh and btw, if you're a skilled YouTuber you can take on No.2, i've done it before and defeated the retards and got praise from others. 5. Don't be number 3. Being a retard will get you hammered, these rules or not. 6. Try your best not to cross the thin line between someone you don't even know, and other video comments. You don't wanna know how many times people have believed squids are evil and try to smart-mouth me because of my avatar and SDM.
so they should do more do's and don'ts but they should not do more do's and don'ts?
Whatever happen to do's and don'ts
I keep getting fuckin kick ass 2 ads
to bad this show only made 20 episodes :(
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