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assassins creed brotherhood fails

by LEEZ0NE . • 227,911 views

This is a description: FAIL,fail,f4il.Fail,fAIL,FaILFA!L,FA1L.

haha is the only word to discribe this video
he lost his cape at the begining of the game(revelations)
do jump up stairs like run and jump
y didnt they keep that cape on ezio in revelations??? i LOVED that fuckin cape!
hahaahhahhahhaaahahahhaahhaha nccc
1:30 I'm glad I'm not the only one who does/did that.
1:57 OK! OK! dont hit me here is your money !
#12 was so funny XD "I CANNOT DO IT. IM ONLY ONE MAN."
Number 3 is also a text fail. LOL :) good video anyway though
dude its very surprising you just have to blend and theyll just walk away LOL
Sorry, just that this video was recieving a lot of hate overtime. I'm glad you enjoyed it, If would like to check out some of my other stuff and subscribe, I would really appreciate it.
lol the rowing the boat and dancing and stair ones are so funny!!!
nice video:D but even if it has some bugs and problems the AC series are one of the greatest in my opinion:D
@Catie501 Is the "row row row yur boat" part from a movie? In case which one? It sounded funny, I want to see it :P
@Vladivostokification How awesome was that though i never knew you could do that
8:19 he's ridding a horse in water :D
1:35 this is sparta!!! (aaaaaaaa in the well ) lol
why cant I use the like button ? was going to like it
i think they should make it were the guard catchs you they put u in jail and u have to find your way out but the only way you can get away is if u kill them or run. that what i think . o and great vid smosh out
Assassins Creed 1- Failure to swim.
la versione italiana di assassin's creed (italian version of Assassin's creed)
From 8:18 He's just head-banging :)
3:38 definitely the funniest :D
Wht was the song of that song when he fails to dance
I thought I was going to die at 6:13
i ve done all of this when i finished the game hah
Fail to speak italian my favourite
lol the rowing the boat and dancing and stair ones are so funny!!! and the throwing down the stairs
@LEEZ0NE LOL! PERFECT timing with the THIS IS SPARTA! moment! XD that cracked me up and left me laughing for 10 minutes :P
Why disable ratings? I was gonna like it
at 1:05 "QUIT bitches im tryin to be sneeky"
Haha, I would have liked it too! This is a funny vid, man! Described 50% of my gaming experiences on Ass Creed :P
LOVED the "this is Sparta!" part, and the row row row your boat :D
My friend and I were playing this game a couple days ago, and I accidentally killed a citizen and I said, "No wait, I just wanted your money!!" XD
lol, would also be funny if Ezio just sat there on that bench till Assassin's Creed Revelations XD 'I'm not goin' ANYWHERE 'till that new game is out, dammit!'
1:35 LOL . . . THIS IS ASSASSIN!!!!!!!
because he had a new set of robes made for his travel to masyaf. he had them colored grey to blend with the clothes that everone else there wore
The people on the benches are restless bastards.
u no on ps3 and its has a square wen u hold it u pik up dust and it goes in peeps eyes xD
its funny when if you chuck 10 florins on the ground ezio chucks like 100 coins
You sure this is Assassin's Creed Brotherhood,because this doesn't look very Assassin's Creed Brotherhoody to me. #3: failing to control age.
hahaha my fav fail was watch your back lolz
i found out how to tea bag on assassins creed, press and hold the high profile button and legs button(right trigger and a or x depending) he gets into a crouching position and you let go of the high profile button thus tea bagging
0:50 Ezio's like: ;_; *forever alone*
lol ezio sits the woman try's to "activate him" then the man comes and try's and then he smiles
I love that whenever you throw a woman you can see directly up her skirt, same goes for caterina sforza, you could always see up hers too as her skirt was strategically torn in the right places..... hehe
#13 is not true remember THIS IS SPARTA?
the leap of faith was blind faith in the player. player fail
is it possible to walk super slow on pc?
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