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The Vlog Where Lee Takes Over

by Philly D • 954,659 views

Happy Tuesday Nation! :D Oh and if you haven't yet. Watch todays PDS:

Good for Steve losing all dat weight.
Steve must be related to Jack Black :P
+Samual Iam holy shit man youre the fucking troll u dick he was just saying that Steve sorta looks like jack black and i can totally see that but u had to be the asshole thats like fuck your opinion cause my opinion is that steves a total ass and my opinion matters more than yours like honestly just cause u dont like Steve doesn't mean you can be a total dick to someone who just metioned him
Holy shit, just watched this video and didn't realise how big steve was back then, good effort for where you are now steve
I forgot Steve was fedoracore 
Wish I could meet a girl like Lee....funny + great personality + attractive as hell.... <sigh>
Lee is so freaking cute!!!
Who are you people? You know boxxy
Well Steve, I can see that the rubber band diet worked. 
Lee Newton + hand pigtails = Jessica Nigri apparently.
Steve looks like a different person now.
Wow Steve looks so much better now like what
Going back to these old videos, Steve has lost a lot of weight!
Wow, I didn't realize how much weight Steve has lost. Good on ya, buddy!
fucking love this 
this vid randomly popped up in a suggestion & OMFG.. steve big ups to you man you were super big! lol GO STEVE!!
We get it people Steve is thinner now
Lee needs to meet Emma Blackery
I would love to have job like there's 
What type of office environment is this? They just sit around all day and make youtube videos ?
Not to come off rude, but holy Steve look how far you came buddy! So proud!
lol, complements arent rude =p
The cover looks like Lucy from Fairytail haha
once i read this i totally saw it!
yes yes she does omg i did not realize this lee should cosplay as lucy next time
"I need to have a kid so I can be a sexy mom" I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!!!!
omg steve is so much skinnier now
holy cow.... Steve. Was. HUGE.
Steve's lost a load of weight since this
Jesus, Steve i never noticed how much weight you lost until i rewatched this video good job!!!!
All I heard was "the goose" lol. Yeahhh
na imma stay. Lol. thats what i though namaste meant at first
Oh my god!!! Pigtails lee is adorable!!!!!
Wow Lee used to be a lot thinner.
TIL Steve doesnt know the difference between decibels and frequency ^^
I was interested then I saw the challenger in the background
Yo phil, was lee on tosh.0 i swear i saw her
Lee is gorgeous. Love her soft looking beautiful white skin. Absolutely stunning. Try something like that next time Phil. ;)
Wow i had no idea lee has been around for so long with your company.
I've been a fan of Mr. D for ages but have had to rely on other people with internet to watch his vlog is there any way I could find the Philly D show in chronological order??
Thank sir that helps a ton. Also I now wonder how I missed that detail??
+ruste shackleferd Its only cause you didn't ask sooner ;)
HOLY SHIT Steve has lost a ton of weight.  Literally. Good job !!
I like the voice she does when she talks about lolipops
Lee is adorable.  Those pigtails made her too cute though.  No one should have that much cute power. Just not safe.
This should be renamed to "Where everyone observes Steve's weight loss." We know, we were there.
Steve is the musical beard
steve has lost so much weight
Wow, Steve, you've fixed yoself gooood
1:49 "Namaste" Then Lee was like "Nahh Imma Leave"
Lee looks a lot hotter here than she does now!
Steve's a boss miss the beard though
Love you lee :D very attractive and a wonderful personality
Wow, Steve lost some weight...... still you all are amazing, doesn't matter what year you filmed a video. ;)
congrats btw u & linzy getting engaged and all
man steve has really lost a lot of weight since then
i so this video the day it was posted but i swear i feel like i so it a week ago
Two things. 1. I want to hear Lee bring back "Woof". 2. Wow Steve awesome weight loss, have you been carrying around lollipops?
OMFGeeee you so pretty Leeeee!
I could cut the awkward with a knife. Love it!
With pigtails, lee reminded me of Harley Quinn.
she reminded me of jessica nigri for just a second.
i carry mars bars in my in socks 
I love how they piss around with people working in the background
Whoa I totally see Steve's weight loss after this video , go Steve!
i want to have the hand pigtails as my desktop image..... but at the same time i dont want to be creepy.... :( what a dilemma.
holy shit Lee at 4:11 wow fuckin sexy!!!
Hand-pigtails Lee.... absolutly beyond cute ;O
I'm 5' tall, and I have some classmates ranging from 6' to 6'7. The end of the video is was basically a description of my life on an almost daily basis (I get it from anyone above 5'4).
it's funny, Steve lost loads of weight and Lee's put on a little bit I think. She's still hot though
@under82 sir that's not a Nissan that's an old accord
steves like josh from drake and josh look at him at the beginning of the show at now
Lee, I'll give you a child. I felt creepy just typing that, but I had to do it for the sake of hilarity.
Lee try capoiera its freakin amazing ;)
People call me Panda. . . I'm a dark mexican man lol
Phil smokes cali bud and owns sourcefed. I want that life
How did I not know this channel existed? Phill, your channels are starting to overload my sub list.
dB is loudness steve, not frequency
So, I'm calling Steve the Goose from now on
do you own the orange dodge challenger outside the door
Я ничего не понял что они говорят, но ребятам явно весело в офисе :)
can we call steve gozer the gozerian from ghostbusters?
Is this the first ever Table Talk?
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