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bushcraft skills: how to make a bow (just a very basic one... yet effective!)

by bushcraftmyway • 979,294 views

making bows is a fine art, but one can make a crude bow in a very short time and with little effort. i used hazel, wich is imo the perfect wood for this kind of bow: soft enough to be easy to...

+Anonymous Animator OMG KYLEEEEEEEEEEE Wheres jack?
Instructions not clear, got dick stuck in ceiling fan.
I think I've read this comment before. Hmm, where was it. Ah yes, the other two hundred tutorial videos
I tried shooting my bow and took an arrow in the knee.
I use to be a random guy on the internet like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee.
Is there any type of wood I can use to replace that wood? I have evergreens oaks and willow trees.
I wanna be Katniss..
I WANNA BE A GUY that shoots arrows
I wanna be Malcolm Merlin....:P
what string do you use TELL ME AND THE PEOPLE OF YOUTUBE!!!!!!!
What kind of string did you use? And what household string do you recommend?
idk, I heard that some kind of stringy-thing from a deer can be used, maybe rope, idk try to experiment or something. Hell, try to tie some pubes into some rope and see if that works.
Thanks all the other videos that i've watched for this you have to have all these different thing witch would cost a lot but i can just get this stuff from a hardware shop
Or just get it From a forest? That's the problem of today's society, no one wants to be self resourceful the just go out and do it the easy way.
what material for the bowstring would you recommand ?
Ohhh I love it !!!! Its perfect for what I need,very usefull 👍
What knife were u using???
Reminds me of oleg in sr3
Where are you from? Italy?
I use 550 paracord and only leave four strings it will get stretchy after while I made a bow like it made my own arrows and every thing shot a squirrel would of had dinner
I can see this being very nice for the amount of time used, I'd definitely recommend using full matured wood ad fire hardening to dry it or let the wood dry manually if you are patient, or find some good bow quality wood already dry at a hardware store (make sure there's no knots/breaks in the grain and such)
+Javi d C yeah and he can shoot you with a bow
Thank you for showing me how to make a bow, surprised at how strong it was and your homemade arrows are awesome. Look forward to seeing more vids keep up the good work.
stop rubbing the stick like it is your girlfriend dude
in a survival situation i would make a bow like that. harder thing to do is to make a really viable arrow...
wow how good is it.....
that guy is stupid and he lives with his mom
im guessing your his mum??????
the wood is of which tree?
I need to learn how to make one so I don't perish in any deadly situation. Thank you
Thank you for the video. Very informative. As for the trolls leaving negative comments and being foolish, they are the ones likely to perish first in a survival situation. Ironic, no? Cheers. 
If you have straight wood how do you bend it so its not so straight ?
Straight is better. (Unless you're trying to make a recurve bow obviously)
is it strong enough to kill someone?
you should make the one Arnold used when he took out the predator!
Anything can kill anything in the right circumstances. Even a ping pong ball can kill you if you have your mouth open and someone zings it into your throat.
I would really suggest against using green wood for bow making especially if you want it to last. Most of the time unless the drying of the wood is controlled and slow down the wood will crack within the first few days or it might warp an it would no longer be straight. For a one day thing it's all right but if you want to do it for real invest some time and use proper dry stave.
nicely done all the string questions bank line works or inner parra cord braided some any nylon string at full tension 
nylon rope, nylon string is what gets put on guitars....
What kind of wood you use ? :D
I like the end. You are fat, like me !!!!! :)))
Fájl speaking Hungarian
this is frm which tree plezz tell me
martel hinds Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
And this could be useful
good vid going to make a bow just like it what string you use?
he couldn't past the 4th grade
"As you can see, this is very long, and very thick" JUST LIKE MA DICK!
I made my axe of out stone and wood...
What kind of cord is that? It's paracord?
What kind of tree is that tree?
this is really good
Thank you it worked I think he is Cuban
Far from perferct!?!?!? You put holes in that tree almost an inch deep!!!
all my sticks are bent can't be reshaped :(
Good video, Thank you for showing that you can make a simple bow and arrow that is capable of killing a rabbit, squirrel, bird, or fish.
What kind of string did you use?
I've always wanted a bow!
whats the best type of string to use 
i am working in my bow :)
how powerful did the bow end up being?? # wise
where did you get that wood?
What would be the best type of wood for making a bow? And what should I use for the string/wire/nylon etc?
what type of string did he use?
if you were lost in the woods and making that bow would the bark be good tinder for an emergency fire?
That was very creative and very cool
Awesome! I shot my sister in the butt 2 times everyday! When I shoot her, she does not care
once (and i was grounded)
Thanks for the simplicity of the video, it has helped me a lot! I'd like to ask what kind of rope you used on the bow cause I'm not sure enough which I could use. Greetings from Europe :D
Poor tree at the end lol
dude u earned a sub.
he's really fat make me laugh LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yeah but he can lose weight you're stuck with all that ugly!
which string is used for a bow plz fast ans ??
i'm not sure exactly, but i know a kind of string that you could use, search up Dacron bowstring. It's effective.
great video :D haha loved simple. well done :)
The limbs looked a little uneven to me. As you probably know, that can cause an accuracy problem.
you saw him do it. he's not a fake.
And it is kinda fresh, so it is easy to carve
I dropped my arrow. And stabbed my foot
I wish i had a foot joke but i don't but watch your step :3
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