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Plan B - Love Goes Down (Doctor P Remix)

by UKF Drum & Bass • 6,326,063 views

Doctor P's remix of Love Goes Down by Plan B, forthcoming on Atlantic records later this year. Become a fan of Plan B: Follow Plan B on Twitter:...

Witcher 3 MLG edition Brought me here 
that was so hard to find the musik from this video xD
Happy hardcore is the best!
+Briansimon2 I never said anything about brostep. Datsik and Excision are not brostep artists.
2:12 sonic jumping sound motherfucker!
Come back doctor p we miss you!
+Daan Commandeur Yeah artists shouldn't evolve /s lawl
i guess so i like the old and the new ,same times we all need somethings different  
Happy Hardcore + Drumstep? :D
Year 9 in secondary school was fucking immense 
nah man year 2 infantry school filthy casual
1:30 - 1:52 - Happy Hardcore? ;)
+James Kennedy ChrispyDubstep status: PULVARISED
ChrispyDubstep's status: ASSHAT
2:11 sanic ball 2 confirmed
 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
1 v 1 me rust 420 no scope only m8
+smashLC y u do dis m19 >:3 I will find doctor p and he'll noscope u
cant get enough of this drop its just so fucking sick m8
Damn son, where`d did you find this?
Why is the genre even relevant? Let alone the sub genre.. It's music.
m8 2 fast 5 me. gotta get me a scooter bag.
1v1 me right now rust 420 quikscopes only you tesco piece of shit
this song MAKES MY DICK HARD!!!!!!!!!!!
Haha listening to this and gold dust, good ol' time. :)
The memories, holy shit
Man this is the best dubstep I have heard
North MLG Korea confirmed!
dnb is a legit genre, drumstep isnt, thats why ukf posts unofficial sub genres of dnb on ukf drum and bass because they are actually drum and bass tunes 
+Jools G Dubstep You're right, Drumstep isn't a genre, it's a sub-genre of Drum & Bass, so it fits perfectly on this channel.
Faggots there is no "drumstep" just drum and bass, its just a way for dubstep kids to justify listening to it
We all miss you Dr. P! You the best...!  DOCTOR P!!!!
Most epic build up to shit drop ever.......
What are you listening to this on? This whole song is badass
I regret the shit drop too.. Could have been so mich better if the drops were at the same good level as intro.
Would prefer if Doctor P focused on 1:31 - 1:51 more, rather than throwing in a dubstep breakdown. Perhaps another artist will remix... Still a good song
Like if u watchin in 1987
nothings as good as these old school dubs
why no on spotify, and why no download? santa plox
same feeling listening to this as watching brazzers :D
I dont think the drop really suits the build up if you ask me. Idk just my personal opinion.
Awesome it like world buffy bar bit of everything all in one place
☻/ This is Bob. He started listening to dubstep and watching QI instead. That's a  /▌ better plan. / \ 
+masta bataa no im not nigel farage. He has a funny face tho
Which i would fucking spit on given half the chance
1:34 DAYYYUMMMM Who thought dat old skool detuned saw can turn you up so well!! :D
4:31 is the booooong, can someone give me songs that sound similiar to this riff?
who is from MLG pokemon
Great track! But lol it's basic pluck sound (3:42) :P
Not really D n B but I still love this remix
How is this not DnB? It's Drumstep which is a sub-genre of Drum & Bass.
listening every day....... best drumstep ever :P
classic , still playing in #2014
This came out 4 years ago... I miss 2010 DOCTOR WE HAVE TO GO BACK!
♫♩♩♫ ♩♫♫♫ ♩♩♩♩. ♪♫♫ ♫♩♩♫ ♩♫♫♫ ♩♩♩♩. ♪♫♫ ♫♩♩♫ ♩♫♫♫ ♩♩♩♩. ♪♫♫ ♫♩♩♫ ♩♫♫♫ ♩♩♩♩. ♪♫♫ I love that rhythm! /)d^_^b(\
what kind of music genre ? 1:30 +
+MrDarkentro "After that it's pure dubstep" no, it's not. Like I said in my previous comment, the whole song is Drumstep except for that part he's talking about. The fact that this was uploaded on UKF Drum & Bass and not UKF Dubstep should give you a clue that this isn't Dubstep.
rotting myndz for century(z
i miss old dnb, this is just getting like dubstep
I think only the second drop is good in this song, i mean like seriously the other drops aint even drops. But yeah that 1:51 i love that
who is from MLG pokemon
Happy Hardcore ist ( you have an interesting fan base +planbuk )
Doctor P, master of saw waves, better man.
I hate dubstepy weird sounding music like this usually, but for some reason I really like this song...
like si la cancion parece hardcore con dubstep !
anything Doctor P releases or remixes is worth a listen, this is a great dubstep song and should be in everyone's tracklist who loves dubstep. 
It's Drumstep, not Dubstep.
Still this shouldn't be on the UKF Drum & Bass
Why not? This is Drumstep so it fits perfectly here.
was about to thumbs down until i got to like 1:30 and the beat started. Nice.
lol, disliking a video without even finishing it.
don't have words to describe how happy i am for finding this song after 4 years
Doctor that healed my ears,Thank you Mr. P
Dr P's bass never fails to please :D
No one gonna say anything about how awesome the Sonic spring is?
(ง'̀-'́)ง (ง'̀-'́)ง (ง'̀-'́)ง
4:35 onwards is fucking mint + the rest of the song is still amazing but fuck 4:35 wow !
Oie zi k rykolyno (͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ °)
Sa c de la musique !
Oh look people arguing about genres on a piece of music.
Great song i really :) 
 ☻ /  / ▌   / \
when people come to terms that drumstep is new age metal and the pits will live on the world will understand.
how do people even listen to your music? i dont get it. its so boring and full of no talent. waste of 3 minutes of my life no doubt.
Try and making a track like this before saying it takes no talent and then we can talk seriously about it. And just because you don't like it, doesn't make it boring or bad. You and other people have different opinions and tastes. Learn to accept that.
haha drumstep aint a genre,course it is its branched from jump up,if it wasnt a genre it wouldnt have its own name,and been listening to dnb since 91,and that boing noise is of sonic the hedgehog when ya get ya forcefield,its a 90's thing ;)  
Drumstep is a sub-genre, not a genre on its own. Wait, what? Drumstep has nothing to do with Jump Up. They're both sub-genres of Drum & Bass.
Holy S*it That's AMAZING!!!!
I find that build up even better than the drop!
UKF Happy Hardcore UKF Drumstep UKF Rock
This doesn't have a lot of drum and bass in it o:
drumstep which is considered a dnb subgenre
High tempo is the deal 
I saw the original, was baffled.. Nothing like this...
Yeah but that 20 seconds of hardstyle tho
BassNectar - The matrix? LOL
Sounds absolutely nothing like it.
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