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How to win Mario Bros in 5 minutes.

by matiaslaporte • 759,638 views

This is a video of, where a guy won Mario Bros for NES in 5 minutes.

Liar, you said you'd show a guy beating Mario Bros. in 5 minutes, but you showed Super Mario Bros.!
Yeah. Mario Bros. IS a different game, if you don't believe us just Google it.
I bet this took a supur long time!
bro can u give me the link to download this game
I can get to 8-2 with my feet, following the almost exact same path, then I pass the controller to my hands, haha:)
My heart was pumping so fast just by watching this O.O
I cannot believe this is real game play.
i swear to friggin jesus those fucking piranha touched him 1:20
ooooh shit... my eyes.... they tired...
minute 4:58 and 5:00 im sure those fires in the water touched him
Man o.o this is unhuman!!!
fuck man thats the hell bulshit
That looked fake but I'm not even focused on that...I've never beaten that game so I now realize...WORLD 8 ONLY HAS FOUR LEVELS?!?!
Thats super mario bros nitro version!!!! Da fuck! Best time ever if not perfect!!
+Tompa A Not sure if being sarcastic ...
Incontrei um warp zone no new super mario bros pro DS tem um warp zone na torre do Bowser jr do mundo 1 que te leva ao mundo de neve
Yes Miyamoto Shigeru would be proud of go get laid.
Can't believe people are still saying this run is fake, not only its real, it's no longer the WR. And andrewg has retired momentarily from speedrunning
NOT FAKE!!  I did this when I was a kid too, but as a fire Mario and under 6 minutes
Ezte juego yo lo termino en 4:54
And yet here I am, 22 years old and have never even beaten the first mario game..
Dude I also use that on Facebook
While I like SMB in overall I do still think it's just a fair game. It revolutionized the platformers but it has it's flaws. Story is a mediocre thing (saving the princess :)) and the controls are too slippery. People tend to criticise games like Home Alone 2 (NES) for its bad controls but here they are sometimes utterly awful and unresponsive. Music is awesome, gameplay is good for its time but SMB is overrated. It haven't done as much for platformers as Street Fighter II did for fighting games.
Mario receives news that the Princess has been kidnapped by Bowser. Around five minutes later Princess has been saved. That was one quick adventure.
L0L Fire in water WTF?
Well, here is Mario beating Sonic speed :(
I remember playing this in elementary school.. trying like hell to leap the flag pole.. damn I wish the internet was around back then to tell me it wasn't possible.. I could have saved a lot of precious time
what the acutal fuck man
Are you playing this on the original machine? or just pc?
For people talking about the disappearing piranha at 4:30  The last level (World 8-4) is a maze level, all sprites except Mario disappear so the maze will restart. You can see this also in World 4-4's maze with the firebars and Bowser's fire breath.
HOLY CRAP!  That was awesome!
One fact in 2:02, he was an old plumbah...
Fake. How you touch piranha plants , fireballs and bowser's hammers  don't klling you.
+Liam Alman God damnit ,you can go through the top of piranha plants. Play the game and try.
He's just got brilliant fingers and hand-eye coordination.
it's not 5 minutes, it's 5 minutes and 19 seconds :p
Чтобы пройти эту игру нужны железные нервы.
look at this 4:47 dafuq? he jumps into the pirhana plant and totally not dies
Going to call bullshit on that one...
It's like he was in star power mode all the time but you just couldn't see it. Still, some pretty sick speed jumps with ridiculous accuracy even though something glitchy was going on.
I have to say am very skeptical 
Despite many TAS runs out there, this one is legitimate. The guy on here is andrewg.
Wow very impressive!
wow this is impressive 
nice hacks.. THUMBS DOWN
Not bad. I beat it in under 5 minutes years ago.
Holy crap, especially with them pipe plants. If I was rushing like that, without any Stars or killing them, I would've died many times to those things. Awesome run!
Not fake ive done the same thing but as for the piranna plant and the fire balls not killing him is luck cuz thats as close as it allows to not die ive done that several times but good timing i think for mine was 6 mins
lol its funny people are saying he hacked the game... what you think you can download a hack put on the nes do you lol think about it for a second... dumb fucks
First of all, it's not his vid
+Claude Frollo Starting your sentence with "first of all" implies that you have more than one point. 
that was because the pirhana plant was gone when he hopped in idiot
...and I see you have never played SMB
Guys it completely obvious he hacked
Never thought of that
Mario: wake up, check. Get Breakfast, Check. Save Princess, Check. Get Lunch, in process.
wow. that's f**kin hardcore man. :P
Ben McHone Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
+Doug McHone Think you could do this? 
Challenge accepted.
Bad hitbox detection in the game. Top of the plants can't kill you. Which is easily noticeable if you play the game, and try jumps such as those in 4-1, they are really easy. You can also watch this video to see the sizes of these boxes: watch?v=hoUmUs9PeI0. Running over holes is standard in all 2D games, intended thing, just hold B and run.
dont worry.... he got this, he proceeds to then throw on a blindfold and ties one hand behind his back, only needing the music to know exactly where he is in the dungeon
No cheat codes were on. This old run is real.
this is what happen when Chuck Norris try to play a game
Hacks. You touched a lot of piranha plants and fireballs and ran across gaps.
Again. This time, ...blindfolded.
Yeah, but as said, top of plants can't kill you =). Here is a video displaying the hitboxes: watch?v=hoUmUs9PeI0. If you go to like 1:25 you can see how small they really are for the flowers. You could also ignore this old run and watch the current WR. watch?v=m_G-ErpZaFU. Which was streamed live on Twitch with commentary. And there is a lot of proof for that runner to be legit.
I would agree with top comment, just that if I hate this guy so much for actually beating the game.
This guy could have saved the princess before getting 50 coins in the Nintendo world championships.... Wouldn't have won, but would have been beastly
i try this but only get to like the fourth world and i die every time
it just shows my sun loves mario games and my pet cat likes her fish when playing my sun is like oh mummy look i want a 3ds so bourght one today and.he bourght mario kart 7 and so i am playing on my psp .and i keep.failing cant get eddy to the candy. my sun is. going to thorp park on a roalarkoastar
Here is the WR for warpless: watch?v=s04Qaz2vKqo. That person also has the WR for this category, about 10 seconds faster than this run.
Thank You! This is the end of your quest! *SCREEN GOES BLACK, GAME OVER* That's what I call a dramatic ending!
To all the people arguing about whether to use warps or not: People buy games to have fun and it's everybody's personal choice what playstyle or self-imposed challenge is the most fun. You play how you want. To people wondering how this guy is so good: It's a tool-assisted speed run, which means the person is using save states/rewinds to simulate the fastest the game can POSSIBLY be beaten if played by a hypothetical perfect player.
No game genie or other cheat devices were used... That last fireball has hardly no hitbox detection, as simple as that. Same goes for top of plants. Just play the game and test.
In the original version of the game, which he is playing, the Piranha Plant's would kill mario only when he touches their orange stalks, so the player could jump over and touch the head of the plant without getting hurt
@ 2:28 "he/she" hits a plant, that would have killed them therefore something is a bit off in this video, also I didn't watch it all but glad to see they didnt hurt the people of the mushroom kingdom and by that I mean the blocks.
but it's nice to see him or her not exploiting every glitch possible like wall-jumping - I mean, he or she does use the bad hit-box for piranha plants.
Very impressive my friend.. I'm the owner of TeamBlackoutGaming and I congradulate you. Just shy of beating the world record..hope to see you beat it soon man good luck!
No, this is normal play speed. The reason why the in game timer is going so fast is because it is always doing that, easily noticeable if you play the game.
They guy hacked the game..... Not very impressed...
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