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Quantum Conundrum Ep. 1 - Getting Started (HD)

by ChimneySwift11 • 274,509 views

Charge the Swifter lasers -- let's blow this video up with LIKES!!! Subscribe & become a Swifter! Twitter: Facebook: Official...

Now posting this on the RIGHT video!  Yes, I am a moron and it's 1am here. XD Anybody get the joke?  William Miles from Assassin's Creed is also voiced by John Delancie as well, and his son is named Desmond.
why hasn't there been a sequel yet
The professor sounds an awful like Discord from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
yes he is also the actor who played q in star trek next generation and voyager
@10:53 I see what you did there, John. 
wow this game sure is better with that blur...
you could try slowing time and ride the underside of the conveyer belt
my bad the list restarted on 16th vid when I started typing this
The professors voice... John de Lancie... Q from Star Trek...
I love the voice actor. My god, his voice. It's just like, holy god. fangirl squeal
I feel like the voice actor for the prof. also did another show I watched.
+TheTimeWulf He's John de Lancie, voice actor of discord and also had a part in Breaking Bad
Q, John de Lancie... I think...
Uncle: "a sister took pity on her brilliant, prolific and incredible brother" me: and modest too
My internet sucks I'm watching in 144p :(
i am eating spray candy it is sour
I think every mlp fan would love this
Q = 1st leter in Quantum. duh lol im not trying to be mean
Yay! Hugs for Discord and Chimneyswift!
i can't believe i underestimated this game
I watched this just to hear john de lancie. I love discord
I'm dissapionted it took me like 2 hours and it's going to take him 24
i just checked and chim got 3,500 subs in like and half and hour
Is this game as cool as portal?
i literaly smashed the like button didnt work
At the ending i facepakmed for 12 mins then bought the game
how do you think ike got up thair
GG you suck lol ^^...but i played games like portal.
02:09 Oh SNAP ! Best voice ever xD
I knew from Duncan's videos that you could do that
asdf movie fan =) or desmond from assassin's creed 0_0
People are still bitching about this? Get fucking AdBlock, it came out 3 years ago.
says the person who has a roblox username and icon
Look at my account. Look at the date I created it. Now back at your comment. Then feel like an idiot. I made this account when I was younger. Plus, I have 4 subscribers and 203 views, how much do you do? Now stop bashing and go watching.
Something tells me discord is behind this
Want to watch someone who actually knows what they are doing? Check out my channel! I appreciate it.
He said he wanted to go into space when he is older, so I said, why wait? And kicked him into space!
The kid dosn't have a cape but he does have a cape but he does has perfect hair
i was like o my god its so overuse through it over
kim swift chimneyswift there perfect for each other
"Who knew that you could throw it over the wall." I did for like 5 mins. I was just facepalming there.
i saw this on gameinformer and pre- ordered it in a heart beat
-.- An epidural hematoma is when you hit your head so hard you basically get a bruise on your brain and it swells up until you skull either pops or implodes. Billy Mays died because of an epidural hematoma because he didn't buckle up when turbulence hit an airplane. So next time you hit your head and feel dizzy or like you're going to faint: GET MEDICAL ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY! They have to drain your skull of the blood or else you WILL die within that day.
You are annoying and very bad at solving simple puzzles. Please post a walkthrough without commentary or direct me to a video that does.
you could tell it was a copy of portal when you see quantum and portals in portal are quantum tunnels
jst saying, prof. qwadrangle sounds like the narrator from sgt. frog
No you throw the safe I said when he stacked it
nossa tu é burro mesmo né! na primeira sala eu consegui em 1 segundo!
hmmmmmmmmmm hm hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
144 People are retards because they dont like chimneyswift playing this game :D
I love de Lancie! he is hilarious
why dont uou post anymore happy wheels
PewDiePie Should play this... So he can yell at the statues xD
the profser voise is frome assassins creed and desmind is also frome assassins creed
The uncle sounds like Desmond's dad from AC3 and Desmond is apparently a bird in this. Oh reference I love you so.
kim SWIFT!!! hahaha i thought that was funny
Last time i played this,my stomach hurt,and i got a major headache.
What in the HELL did he say at the very beginning??
u should play more puzzle games like portal 2,keep playing with different custom chambers and u should be good to go on this type of game
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