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Can you defeat Freddie at typing!?

by BrandonJLa • 3,537,819 views

Can you defeat my legendary typing skills? There's only one way to find out... The text passage is from Sherlock Holmes. The book, not the movie. Duhhhh.

This is how I type the text: I waaox woahca wjdoiascoiao haouch ax asoi aoc n jaoj oijojaksnc aoa hasllkdwjlj ljalksj lkasjd lkasjkjwoiajaslkj lksjoihjsalkjd lkasjdlk jslkcjrwjfhosjak djqwoidoj qokjdlaksj lkajdl jqoijq oqn lkqnwdowjddjgpj qpwj j; whowahdl hwqoh qwsnlfhvewoij n;qn cx ] osfjeo   =lefapoeifa lehoiaevn21= jdkjfp nfuckaosjfpA ijffoiAPeniswhaopakjsbi pshdf  oiadschj adkh ad jvakshk ahaiuhds as yours." 29.69 seconds
I paused it so I did it in 0.08 seconds... MEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHehehhE.
Or if your're on Linux, open one of hundreds of different text editors of your choice. because you can.
terminal is best text editor
I type around 112 words per minute. I am also a programmer so I am a little bit faster then most people. 
Yes I did beat you ur like a snail compared to me
+StarClan Gaming I think it's rude for religions to go around and slaughter innocents in the name of their deity. +James Maniac Subscribers has absolutely nothing to do with anything. +UK doodleyz Praise Gaben.
Try using Dvorak, on QWERTY with a decent keyboard my maximum typing speed can reach nearly 95WPM, you're typing at around 80-85WPM. With Dvorak layout, it took me a long time to learn it but I can manage to type at around 130-140WPM within that layout. It's rather interesting.
+Levi Wolfe Thanks. I tried not to sound like the stupid teenager I am. Hope it worked. :P
After 2 years, i finally beat freddie, 32.13 seconds :D
Damn.You beat 3 seconds before him
Yes I can. 120WPM here, only 14 years old, taught myself how to type. Come at me! :3 
How can you teach yourself to type? All you do is press keys...
sorry im allergic to bullshit
no bull shit i got 44 seconds because i couldn't spell ridiculously
That one gets me too, haha
+OfficialSazaj i have the ultimate 2013 its green, he has the 2012
Anybody who replies to this comment is a moron.
So when I started typing I was like no way I'ma beat him and I looked up and saw that  I was at "remarked"  while he was just finishing the first paragraph.
I'd probably be even with you if I could fucking type today. I usually get 120wpm.
I can only do this quietly because my mum hates the noise of my keyboard shes gonna slam my head on the keyboard if she heayhasuht80 ujt230vt]1u3ghfu9 rfhc 8[4yt3ht58tv[ yu43jh28g
I'm gonna make this into an mlg edit. XDD
holy poopoo i was on the last period before he said stop
i coklud nhn9t h;laughionmg at ease with which he explained ihsoi process ofd dedicrtioj wheni nbhe nbae uto0yhr reeoaseerajab iu ea gbae tbuj bf gakwatgas aooeraer sjdja adioenddienr fiqkmosnduiswnd w84idjws dwduwkjdnwjsadnwkdhb sd9wdh hwbdj JHDNBDH DIUJDOAK sudn OSJKSNOJAKOsojqosjojJKPOs SJDSJWODJWODjsoiloldiowjaidsnhidddenmessageIwaslieing butthefirst furtinwurdsurtru WOW I DID IT IN 17 SECONDS!
I absolutely suck at typing
I finished 15 seconds before u !!! HAHA!!!
I beat you like 5 seconds before you finished.
+mitaka1999 From my knowledge the record is 212WPM.  I didn't get worked up, I simply did it because I was bored.
+NukeGaming Okay but hypothetically speaking here not everything in existence is possible. For example, typing at 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 words per minute is actually, most definitely and most likely impossible. Someone at least would acquire little ignorance if that one person states "everything is not impossible."
Fuck this, my keyboard is made out of ice.
my results: rhfpqdsjkhvnaj ekrovma[o'jweqvq]oejv['oierjbvoiajrb]slerhbviwsjrhbkl[f[aoh[ohblvkjnoghbapkjbf[osjjboiwggb vqadfnbb'[adfijnjhwrijofbjw[ofifjgjwfivbnjwerpoigjhjwe\9u1ueruerfhrwigh[9whghogibhatefrjbh[owogibh[ouboqfgjglwhsrguhhodrtubhjwo[iuyghweouisrughbh3p3rjnwnvpiwujrhegjoihu3trg[jo4rtgkjinww45ooviuohutbfvi3ughgrrpbhwefvgolo
I beat you by literally a second
Lol my 15YO cusin types faster then that...troll! 650 to 700 caracters per minute  ;-p Fair enough she has autism...there fore not really a fair match VS her.....she is a testee for several keyboard manufacterers....why?...ahe beats most 10 rollover keyboards on a good day....too bad i cant name any fabrcator brands ;-p She is so proud with her sponsors and testee programs  ;-p
Damn, the commas just before the quotation marks really slowed me down. :(
72.9 hours due to lag JK
Wrote it like this... I could not help laughing at the ease with which he explained his process of deduction. "When I hear you give tour reasons," I remarked, " the thing always appears to the to be so ridiculously simple that i could easily do it my self, though at teachsucessive instance of your reason ticafmier. Typeknight!
I could not help laughing at the ease with which he sexplained his process of deccution. "When I hear you give your reasons, " i remarked, the thing always appears to me to be so ridicuclously simple that i could eaislly do it my self, thought at each successive instance of your reasonining i am baffled until you explain your process.
I could not herlp  laughing at the ease  with which jhe explainexd his peoceess of eduction " when I hea
you can beat that by copying and pasting it
"Baffled"... I think my hand cramped up in the middle of typing LOL
I was on the period. I attribute the delay to not knowing where the text box was going to pop up. I win.
I was halfway through the ending "yours" when he told me to stop. >.<
Gotta love how Freddie always tries to prove he's better than everyone. My record is 23:56
Yea! I beat this fatty guy! In like... 3 seconds before you finished and this is my first time racing :D Proud
i was at the last word sucker
Assuming that you learned the text in before the video, you have an unfair advantage. But I've still beaten you with a time of 00:00:13:67. I'm using an 'Advantage Pro' Kinesis keyboard and wearing my leather coding gloves. I'm even faster with other texts, going to 250 WPM dimensions. Also I prevented me from getting CTS. Guys, just switch to Kinesis keyboards, you'll code so incredibly fast without making mistakes. Also there is a difference between typing down an existing text and coding a priori. Typing down an existing text takes large advantage of intelligence / the speed of your brain. E.g. if you have an optical eidetic memory, you know which words to type next and if your brain is fast enough, it will know, where to direct your fingers.
all i heard from this block of text was "im a massive virgin"
34.16 after getting my new keyboard. I beat freddie with a single tick of the clock left. Wipes sweat off of forehead
I am 12, and I almost beat you :|
pics or didnt happen
i was on the fifth word when you finished XD
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Try race against Reckful or Chanman on typeracer and see who's the fastest.
I have a also have a blackwidow but it's only regular one and it's a 2014
+Aki Gell I also love the sound it makes, and the weight of the keys. Some people don't like the weight, but I think it helps me as I make more mistakes on my CM Storm due to the lighter switches.  I'd imagine that the CM Storm QuickFire TK would be about the same as the QuickFire Rapid as far as sound and feel goes. They're both using Blues, and the keycaps are probably made the same way. I prefer the Buckling Spring for typing by a mile, but I find the Cherry MX Blues better for gaming, which is the reason I bought that CM Storm keyboard.
i was only at reasons.... at second paragraph.
your insane. sweetr typing speed. but one thing though, razer peripherals suckkkkk
nice. I wish I bought the blues. i got the reds and they work well for gaming but not as good as the blues for typing. either way I'm happy with my mechanical keyboard because it is wayyyyyyy better than those shitty ass rubber dome ones
+Shinji Mikami Haha nice, but that is probably because you have had more practise with the reds though?
Omg can't believe I defeat Freddie! I memorize the keys in the keyboard long ago so I just gotta look at the paragragh and type without looking at the keyboard!
+Bary TheBadger I type so fast I dont even need a keyboard
139 WPM , programming 15 yrs
omfg that was so fast i cant even keep up and i am a fast  typer
I tried beating u Freddie but your typing skills were so awesome I sharted myself
yours finished 2 minutes before you
what mouse is that?? LOL
i was still stuck on the first one
137 WPM beat that braggers
This is just edited... I saw how freddie types when he is in resident evil DWTS he is slow in typing
+Karmick I dont mean i type like really really fast everytime, but I try to type fast, always I dont know why, but I just like to type fast.
+I Say Wurf *cartoony voice* gottah type fayast
Um I win. Copy and past
When i heard you rock i was like ''Nope. im done''
'my eyes are' but you didn't rank it?
I made a typo on the ," but other than that I stopped about 1 or 1.5 seconds before the guy in the video. Yay :D Razer Deathstalker user here. Love the shit out of it.
Did it again and beat him by 5 seconds.
I'm in 7th grade and I only lost by 2 seconds...
Hey fuck off !!! :)
+ImYanqez :D Okay whatever you say ;)))))
i beat you! MUAHAHAHAHA
I'm like 5th grade and I beat you
i did it 20 secends get rekt
he got rekt by me my time was 00:00:01:04
+Anas Freag yeah 1 minute 4 secs. He did it in like 32 secs.
not really i minute it is 1 seconds and 4 milliseconds bcuz i went to a website it had the text so i copied and pasted it into notepad
35 sec and 38 milliseconds
i was on the word baffled
I beat u I was at 31 sec
I beat him by 10 sec
jipæzHØAohxuuaikdfsDBGLVCSØYIhgSAD Ikfucyu gqwiupjfd ghfiou  df aeodsgil dfgwuidfgbdha kAS GVasdegfytudqgwegyu fdcq tyuciWE KVDCF GU vkuCEVKGTadc gyuvcWQ GYBOqedcyukl coDGVBO YUdacvgyuQCGVBCqebvyguthlkcW V CVGUCsdtv uiADWFV TGCqdaukit gvceQVGTYUCD gbbyweqdi pø gEGIUBC JOP efå dgvbd HUOLYGVKF VC UOGLKVCADTUGYc  fvYTG vtgyu ckolvfqedtguc gvfAWSGTY VCFTUDsa  fvcSATYIK<sa CVAft7uysad vcftysaixkfvcaSQDTGYU DwsqavtcsaxGVFQWTYUIK CYTR  VCFTYJ DFCTRE ZYUTERJDFAsDFCYICWSXary dfic as yours." I did it in 11,56 xD
You guys are all idiots.He said to type in the comments what word you were on.He did not say to type in the comments how long did you finish the passage you idiots.
I have actually be needing something like this to practice my keyboarding skills. I can type fast but I do not know the keyboard enough to look at the text and then spell out each word. I got speed 38 WPM
It might seem contradictory, but the best way to improve your typing speed is to type slowly.  Getting a high typing speed is mostly about muscle memory and efficient (rather than fast) movement.  When you type at a slow, deliberate pace, you're more aware of what your fingers are doing for each keystroke, which helps to develop that muscle memory.  And it's especially important if you're still learning the keyboard layout.
you cant beat this i got 25 seconds TRY NOW FREDDY
So he can type really fast and he was really good at guitar hero and he is really good at editing WHAT ELSE CAN HE DO!!!!
He can't not be Asian.
I thought I was 100 wpm but according to Freddie. I'm only 91. I used I wonder if this link comes out or not.
Why did you put a link to Jordans?
I can show off too: I type Dvorak and have a keyboard with no labels on it.. Beat that!
I saw in the Slow mo guys water balloon fight with 1,500 people.
lol! i beat you freddie xD
dude i finished 10 seconds before he did 
i think its called darude sandstorm
I was on 'of'... I suck... (only 11 so...)
done at 13 seconds take it +8BitBadger 
xD Honestly Hard to beileve. But anyway, Gonna watch gotham imposters now.
+bluecraft2000 I don't want to be a grammar Nazi, but what?
+Jack Hill I do not want to be a grammar Nazi, but wooooot?
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