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Stephen Fry on the Joys of Swearing

by gsmokeyjoe • 929,178 views

Stephen Fry on the Joys of Swearing From celebrations of Fry's 50th birthday. Please see Slang blogs related to this here:

Jennifer Bailey Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
To all you fucking prissy fucks out there.  ;)
Yeah necro'd threads are fun. And yes, people with wide vocabularies swear all the time. I trump your totally irrelevant anecdotal evidence with some of my own!
Why would someone with access to thousands of words use a played out swear that may have been edgy in the 60's but is not totally meaningless and boring!!
FUCK is the greatest word in the world.
+Doctor Turdmidget You're a prime example of why the UK has gone downhill since the 80's!!
+Johnny Brist Really? Wow, I must have some insane magical powers to cause the decline of the UK simply by sitting on my ass in the US and posting on YouTube. Also, here is the word "fuck" again, just because it bothers you, chuckletits.
You're full of it Fry!! If you're so small minded that swearing gives you joy then you're very very lame!! Try growing up!!
+Jade Sim False, it's kids who swear the most, middle and HS kids!! Are you a girl? IF so, swearing is very unladylike! If you're Chinese, most Chinese have better manners, unless you're a honky maybe!!!
The problem here is that Stephen Fry is actually good at swearing. He's creative with his words. Just look at the average internet user, and then come back to claim these people have a wide vocabulary. It's amusing when british people swear. But the over-used "you're a fucking retard, faggot" does not imply any intelligence at all. It implies a complete lack of it. 
+Ashley Mills yes I have heard wanker before, but the word sounds somehow nice in a way. While people may still use swears to disparage others or when angry, they also use them normally in conversation adding them in for no real reason. This is why they mean virtually nothing at this point!! When you hear the Fword in every second sentence it loses any impact it may have historically had!!
+Johnny Brist Then wouldn't that make swearing equal to all other language at it's complexity level? That would also make some other basic words less impactful, such can't really think of an example...fuck. Good point. Also, I'm not really sure how wanker sounds nice. Maybe if you say it in an Australian accent(TF2 sniper, anyone?) it can be a bit funny.
I love this!  Stephen Fry is GOD!  LOL  I love swearing as well.  Especially at trolls.  Then they get all bent out of shape and try to accuse me of a poor vocabulary.  No surprise, that's all they can come up with.  What's even funnier is they all seem to share the same brain cell because that's all they all ever come up with.  Not one of them can come up with ANYTHING original to say.  I LOVE IT! 
+Liam Sutton yes your "counter culture" is very important!! Please go back to eating your ho-hos, breeding pit bulls (or Staffordshire Terriers if you're in England) and watching Honey Boo Boo (or equivalent trash show in England!)
+Liam Sutton Ah you got me on that one, hahahaha. I'll come up with a better term for Jay Z!!
Well suck me filly. Wait... that doesn't work either :)
Chris Routh Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
To all you fucking prissy fucks out there.  ;)
To all loser trash morons out there who are too illiterate to pick up a dictionary (or use your crappy phone that's even easier now!!)
My brother and my Abominable Child will enjoy this.  I should probably email it to my mother as well...  ;D via +Akshay Bist 
...which also led to viewing several other very funny Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie clips.  Thank you!
Er, what I meant to say...fuckin' A!
May I just say that I was shocked to see that cushion there, it really wasn't fucking necessary.
+Johnny Brist I my point is that swearing is okay, than I am going to swear. Whether I do or do not swear does not alter the point in which I am making. And with the topic, I would doubt that usage of swearing would lesser the impact of a statement.
+Ashley Mills How is it OK to swear, when even the other swears are overused? In UK I'm sure they use all of them, in US it's mostly Fword, Mother F-er, and variations of that. But as you proved on your other post, you don't need to swear to have an impact! In fact, the use of uncommon words, or made up words that you used was in fact more impactful!! The human mind glosses over the ordinary, the repetitive, and instead seeks uncommon, out of place things. It looks for differences! Using uncommon words or made up words like you did engages the mind! Whereas, using overused swears like the Fword, shit, etc. is almost non-registered now, since many people use them in every other sentence.
He even swears politely
Warning: Essay Incoming It's hilarious how swear words are really more catchy, compact ways of expressing acceptable meanings, yet people are shunned for using them, being more efficient and passionate.  Fuck can mean sex or extreme dislike and annoyance.   It all stems from inequality.  Rich higher class people use a certain set of words, poor people another.  Rich people look down on poor people, and thus their language.  Some poor people language sticks around, and remains looked down upon. After a couple generations, those words are taken for granted to be bad, no questions asked.  That's what those people grew up with.  If I walked into a room and said,  I AM EXTREMELY ANNOYED AT ALL OF YOU, a few heads would turn from the volume, but I wouldn't cause too much of a scene.  Now if I said FUCK YOU, the room would attack me.  Same meaning.  Different sound.  It's better to just not swear to cause less of a scene, but if everyone understood this, things would change. *exhales
You may notice how writing classes ask you to use strong, visual vocabulary when writing a narrative of some kind. Doing that will help to suck in the reader and keep his mind involved in the story. Swearing is strong language and can help listeners better catch on in much the same way from my experience. On another note; we need to at least start determining whether or not a word is a swear word on whether or not it actually contains a fowl meaning of some sort. In this case, "Shit" and "Ass" are by no means swear words, they're only as bad as their synonyms. Stupid being such an asshole towards people just because they use words that bother you. That makes you worse than them.
Catherine Prickett Shared on Google+ · 4 days ago
"'It's not necessary.'  Well, neither is this cushion."
Magda Pender Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
To all you fucking prissy fucks out there.  ;)
Swearing does not reveal any personality of ones other than the fact that he swears. Think about it, you can be intelligent and cuss, you can be rich and cuss, you can be very kind and cuss( maybe not at people). See people who read this and once disagree or still disagree will realize what assumptions do to them.
+Johnny Brist 'there are thousands of other words which can convey your feelings perfects' That's the point - there aren't. Swearwords exist because they are uniquely expressive. No other words express certain emotions as well as swearwords. Sure, other words may have the same definitions, but to quote an article I read a while back, 'taboo words are perfectly constructed for emotional release'. If you accidentally hit your thumb with a hammer and involuntarily said one of the following, which do you think would get your anger out most effectively: 1. 'Oh, bother!' 2. 'Oh, dammit!' 3. 'Oh, bollocks!'?
+TranscendentLion but you have missed my point. Fword for instance isn't reserved for accidents and extreme anger situations anymore like it used to be. Now it's used indiscriminately, for positive meanings and just plain non-meanings sprinkled into sentences, almost the way Canadians use Eh. So it's been rendered meaningless, and what's worse it's overused and irritating!! Remember when valley talk kids used to say Like all the time, or Dude all the time it gets irritating. Plus it's a crude word that makes it even more irritating. Like if someone kept saying Shit all the time (which a lot of people still do) or someone says bitch all the time it's a lot more irritating than if someone says, eh, or yah, or as others mention "and" these are so small words you really don't notice them.
Sorry to disagree with you Stephen (and the sweet lipped Jennifer Bailey) - I agree that swearing adds colour and expression to language and use it quite a lot myself. However, some words are specifically meant to be offensive, otherwise we wouldn't have a special category for them called 'swear words'. It is therefore unfair and unkind to condemn people as 'fussy' or 'over sensitive' if they are, indeed, offended. Believing that we are all at liberty to swear whenever and at whoever we like is selfish, and if I can say it again, risks being offensive. Swearing should be used carefully and reserved for those occasions that demand it (eg hitting your finger with a hammer). Casual overuse of swear words in any case diminishes their potency. 
If a word can offend you, then you are a fucking prissy little shit.
+mike112769 It's not so much that it offends me, though it could if someone swore directly at me in an offensive manner of course as Peter states, but it's just really irritating!! It's like people who used to speak Valley Talk in the 80's!! After a few months it gets really old and irritating hearing OMG, Like, etc!! Same thing with the Fword it's played out and irritating now because of constant overuse. I know your IQ is probably very low so it's hard to understand any reasoning, but try and you might!!
When you say a word too much it loses its meaning. On that basis I reserve swearing for when I really mean it. I also try to mix it up a little, so I usually pick less common words.
+Lauren Lynley OMG is that the best "argument" you can come up with, hahahaha. You totally sidestepped all my valid points!! Fry is a John Cleese wannabe! He'll never be as funny as Cleese!! And if he's so smart, why not enlighten us with vocab we've never heard before? Why fall back on a played out swear? Anyone with true intelligence and a wide vocab would never use the Fword on a regular basis. Why would they? They have thousands of words to choose from which would precisely match the meaning they want!! Why would they use played out swears that basically have little to no meaning at this point??
+Johnny Brist  Comedy is subjective; no further commentary on this point is necessary or useful. I enjoy both Cleese and Fry - my mind can hold more than one simultaneous thought and enjoy more than one brand of entertainment. BTW: I just saw Bill Maher interview John Cleese on Real Time where he let the "fword" fly so if you think Saint Cleese has a virgin tongue you may want to reassess your view. You repeat the same few phrases over and over again in your posts and then lecture others over their limited vocabulary. What a hypocrite! The use of the term, "fword" as you put it is in its nature the exact same thing as using the word "fuck." You know in your gut if not in your muddled brain that when you use the "fword" every human being who speaks English will read it as "Fuck" so your half-baked piety fools no one but the truly foolish. Fry, like Cleese and most of the other Pythons, have Oxbridge educations. Both Fry and Cleese can quote reams of Shakespeare, Wilde, Homer, Plato, and other classics off the top of their heads. Both have made numerous successful tv programmes, films, authored books, and are beloved worldwide. So, all-knowing enlightened one, please point us to your vast array of accomplishments so we can bathe in your illuminating light of wisdom. After all, you want to free us all from the "old and tired" uses of "low class" profanity. Right? I am waiting with bated breath to read of your earth-shattering endeavours.
Oh, and swearing is not a really important part of one's life!! IF it is, you need to get a life because you're really really immature!! Working, playing, having good relationships these are important part of one's life, not swearing. Swearing is a repetitive, tired, meaningless and played out endevour (if one could call it that)!!
Oh for Zeus' sake. Crawl up in your own rectum and smell the fumes of your own self-importance. Of course this is probably easier said than done, since your original remark indicate a certain tightness in your behind. The only way your first comment could be anymore ham-fisted, was if you included "the pursuit of happiness".  Work isn't meaningful for billions of people and your other poor attempts at defining universal meaning in existence are equally vague as they are; tired, meaningless and played out concepts. We don't curse because it's controversial, we curse because the smacking sound and impact of a well placed "fuck, spices the sentence far better than saying "very". We curse because it's far more entertaining to call people with sticks up their asses for "cringy conservative cunts" rather than "boring".  Good cursing is lingual aphrodisiac and the sound equivalent of fine winery.
+Snobby Gamer Wow you are really trying to spin a low class vice, if you will, into a high class trait aren't you? No it's not like a fine winery!! A wine takes years of dedication and craftsmanship!! Swearing takes no intellect, no vocab, and no thinking so how can it be equated to the craftsmanship of a winery? Hahahaha you losers crack me up!! So you're telling me you go around in public and swear at people calling them "cringy conservative cunts" Please post a video of your public swearing at people I'd like to see if they punch you in the face, which they should, hahhaahaha
Swearing can make anything you say more expressive! "I fucking love this" sounds better than "I love this". It adds more excitement and expression!
+ZamfirChannel you show just how only losers use that term, bravo!!
+Clarestovold I like that, appearing and saying "Hey Man, Not Cool" bravo!! But it's more amazing that losers post useless comments on Youtube, mostly just swearing cause they have low IQs
If we all start swearing and ravingly insulting at each other then chaos will follow. Social disorder and political will soon follow as politicians won't argue, but say how of the opposite side fucked his mother and how he is a man-hoe!  And yeah, swearing is ACTUALLY a lack of EDUCATION. In fact because English language is so extremely poor and incomplete and Stephen Fry clearly exploits that I will explain in it in Greek in brief. In Greek there is a clear dinstiction between truly educated people and pseudo-educated like Stephen Fry. "Εκπαιδευμένος" is someone that is being school-educated by the system and repeats that education in real life. "Μορφωμένος" is someone who is TRULY dignified-educated and knows the that swearing is in fact a cheap dumb-cunning(κουτοπόνηρος) way of getting the upper hand and winning. A μορφωμένος avoids swearing and insulting as much as he can because as soon as you insult you actually lost the debate. It's difficult to explain to you animalistic barbarians that built your poor-minded civilizations upon that thing to get the upper hand and you deny it everyday. You overepeat the uncivilized words "stupidity", "retardation" and "ridiculous" to barbarically insult the others when you left out of arguements and you can battle back, but here in Greece we don't do that in debates because we are the most civilized and most intelligent people in the world. And we call those uncivilized persons "κομπλεξικούς or παλιοκομπλεξάρες" meaning full of different complexes like inferiority complex, go complex and full of problems like misery, depression and so. And also people like Stephen Fry "ψευτοκουλτουριάρηδες or κουλτουριάρηδες"  meaning pseudo-intellectual snobbish inferiority-complexed people full of sciolism, of superficial knowledge, of low level and lack of true wholistic education. So, we are more far more highly all-intelligently god-made advanced than you little-in-significance ανθρωπάκια think. :-) People who swear a damn lot are the ones who don't know how to communicate and Stephen Fry is one of them. They communicate like mindless barking animals and not human beings. P.S: Stephen Fry doesn't approve deep inside of a society that makes uncotrollably free swearing because then he would have no influental power. He manipulates the sleepy inoccent tolerating society to say his massive stupidities.  From the massive stupidities he say, he doesn't even understand or listen to what he says. He just let's the alarm clock and says whatever comes to his head without philosophising or thinking it first.
+Snobby Gamer I will not dignify the gibberish in your post because they lack seriousness and it's out of reality and here what's DEAD here is your brain!!  "English got the largest vocalbulary in the world," Keep dreaming !!! GREEK is the most beautiful, smartest and RICHEST living language in the world. You should be listed on the list of YouTube's top idiots for thinking it is dead and English has the largest vocabulary!!! This was completely stupid you said!1 And if I fail expressing myself my stupid friend you fail to live!! Go close yourself to a psychiatric hospital while reapeating the gibberish fairytaile that English has the richest vocabulary for the psychiatrist!!! GREEK language has 5 million words while English is mainly GREEK, but English from jealously and misery they lie and make up evidence to hide the truth!! Without GREEK you would still be monkeys up to the trees taking blowjobs from the trees and not knowing how to speak.
+Trismegistos Giwrgaras Without greek? What? The greeks didn't even read before civilizations in india, egypt and persia were flourishing. The only reason why we hold any substance to greek culture, is because more succesful non-greek cultures liked it. Greek would have been a mere footnote without the macedonian Alexander or the romans.
In my opinion, this video was immensely offensive. I really can't believe that people would allow a cushion to be on that sofa!!!!!!!
One of my English professors swore quite a bit (including hilarious Scottishisms such as "I can't be arsed"), and he obviously had a good education and a wide vocabulary. I wish society would pull the collective stick out of its collective ass when it comes to swearing and stop paying attention to the prissy people who want the English to go back to the 1950s. It's just another method of expression and way of adding spice and color to the language.
He's got Alan Bennett behind his shoulder. Need any more be said?
Which program is this from?
I use the word 'Cunt' as a term of endearment ;o) 
+Johnny Brist you sound like a cunt ;o)
6oodfella Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
"The swear police are the most miserable people on earth." -Jess Hall
I think the UK sounds funnier. But a man from London said he likes how we do things. I guess what you're used to isn't as exciting when you hear someone else say it.
It was a great video but...What was up with that unnecessary cushion?
+Johnny Brist I would, at this point, point out AGAIN why using the word 'necessary' is so fucking pathetic and demonstrates your total fucking stupidity, but I don't care anymore. I just do not care. I'm not continuing this pointless conversation anymore. You're a repetitive bore with limited understanding a huge, ill-earned ego. Don't reply to this. Just fuck off.
+Thomas McDonald OK sure I've proved my point that it's not needed or wanted!!
Aditya Yadav Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
To all you fucking prissy fucks out there.  ;)
This is a load of bull!! Fry hasn't made his living swearing, he does comedy and swearing isn't allowed on network TV! Similarly to Monty Python, who can rant on with inventive phrases that may sound rude and simultaneously funny, but never use actual swear words. This shows use of vocab and inventiveness, not falling back on swearing. This is why Seinfeld says swearing in comedy is the easy route!!! And that's completely true. You could put down someone using inventive phrases that would be way more effective than using the Fword 20 times!! Swearing especially the Fword has been so overused it DEFINITELY SHOWS A LACK OF IMAGINATION AND VOCAB!! In fact it's been so overused, you can't tell if it has a bad meaning or good meaning now!! What does it even mean? It does show lack of vocab as well. Take a look at Lil' Wayne who uses the Fword, bitch and ho over and over. Why does he do it? Because he can't think of any other words he's stupid and his mind of fried from drug use!! So is Fry saying Lil' Wayne is smart? The repetitive use of Fword is tired and old. Heard a guy on the bus one time telling his friend about going swimming in the ocean. Even line he used the Fword. "Went to the beach the other day it was Fing awesome. Got into the water and it was so Fing cold. Then I started to think there could be an Fing shark in there." etc. etc. etc it was so lame I felt like telling the guy he sounded like a moron and that was the lamest story ever, hahahahaha!!!
+Johnny Brist Arguing with you is pointless you clearly don't get it. Everyone swears get over it, I imagine great minds like stephen hawkings, Attenborough and Dawkins swear all the time. Again I ask, where is your evidence to show that swearing is lower class or trashy, you just think you're upper class because you don't swear but you're just a very overly touchy prude.
+adam whitelaw Not true, not everyone swears! Even if some do, they likely don't do it in public, and for stupid purposes like others do. Have you ever heard Hawking or Attneborough swear? Didn't think so!! The evidence is that the only people who used to swear were convicts and sailors!! So how can it be high class?? Of course it isn't, it's low class. Do you see the Queen swearing like these losers do today? Of course not, she wouldn't demean herself they way these trash losers do!!
David Stroe Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
XD "Uh, I told him to mind his fucking language m'lord."
The younger generation (and some of the older Trailer Park crowd) have overused the Fword so much it's become utterly meaningless, tired and old!! If you think you're cool using it in every sentence, think again!! You're about the biggest loser you can be!! You're simply following the crowd in a pathetic attempt to be accepted!! Oh, and PS for the younger generation, SELFIES SUCK!!
Ellim Sluouf Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
FUCK MONSANTO>>>>>>>>>>>> FUCK THE TPP >>>>>>>>>>
+Dave Witham Baloney we have more than enough food to feed the world right now, stop drinking the Cool Aid!
+chebob2009 Begging someone to please please learn scientific principles and accusing them of lacking adequate references based on a post found in a thread of comments related to a video about colorful language is not debating nor reasoning. It is predatory attacking. He is not proposing a thesis and trying to convince you of it in a scientific forum. He is expressing his frustration with his reality. One is expected to be brief in comment threads, which I am not being in the interest of injecting a comprehensive view, and the other one can Google it if he wants more information. You have not offered one iota of evidence for your assertions. Rather, you continually refute his points with more ad hominem attacks. Your theses: "What, and let the world starve?" and "Science has not proven that." And you accuse another of baseless assertions? Ad hominem is one of the most common and cheap of fallacies employed by bad debaters. Constantly jabbing at someone's further offerings of links to studies (and since when is Harvard spearheading an invasion of the world by proponents of health food?) is the work of a pest, not an intelligent debater, You may win one by wearing your opponent down, but if that is your m.o., it will never end for you. You will never be satisfied, and you will never learn anything. The purpose of scientific enquiry is to learn, not to establish dominant, unilateral theories. You are misunderstanding science as well as debate. You are also forgetting wisdom and logic, which keep science in check. The wisdom here is that millennia of trial and error have given us a clear view of what works and what does not work provided mostly by people who understand the big picture vis a vis reliable nourishment. It has been a science experiment conducted in the complex arena of reality with reliable results. There is evidence in the success of permaculture and the failure of monoculture. Failure? But Monsanto rules the world! Well, Monsanto still exists because of the vested interest many powerful politicians have in its profits. They are subsidized by tax payers who have no interest in inedible corn. The inedible corn is channeled into bloated ethanol campaigns and into the bellies of cattle, who die from it. Google it. Monsanto also hedges its bets, a fact known by few. They have a whole department that certifies organic farms. They are no more confident in their developments than you are. Let's define "what works." For the apprehension of nourishment, what works is to grow plants that also nourish the soil, which will nourish other plants. As Thomas Berry wrote, "If it is good for the valley [the ecosystem] then it is good. If it is bad for the valley, it is bad." That is common sense. If you kill the crops that feed the bees, the bees will not be there to pollinate and no fruit will come. What good reason could one possible have to ignore the laws of cause and effect? And by good I mean Good. And what is the value of winning an argument if you do not contribute something good to the world? Having goals beyond just winning is what separates the men from the boys.
To me, swearing means I'm comfortable enough to not watch my language. That's a beautiful thing.  The mask has dropped a little.
I cannot agree more with this.
Oh man if some of the people i regrettingly know saw this video, their worlds would be turned Up-side FUCKING down! hahahahahah just tooo good!
I love this man. Comedic genius.
i love Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie
I fucking wish fucking cunts would stop fucking swearing!!
It's so fucking unnecessary to fucking swear all the fucking time.
+TranscendentLion yah it's for losers who are illiterate!!
Overuse of the Fword has rendered it meaningless, pointless, tired and old!! Please people try and GROW UP and use adult words, hahahahaha
+Poo McPoo yes it is overused but not as irritating as Fword is!! It screams trash, and tells the world you are a trashy loser!! But that's the decline of society both in UK and US which were once much better countries weren't they?
GG then. I would just copy and paste comments that I put on your other comments but can't be arsed. Also sorry for the bulk reply as I just discovered the notifications button and have replied to none of my replies since 2012!
I haven't seen some of these sketches! I want to find them now.
No one fucking said it better.
+Johnny Brist He isn't a joke. He just makes a lot of them.
+thedoctorand Would say he's a John Cleese wannabe!! Will never be as funny as Cleese, the other Pythons, or others like the Two Ronnies!! To see someone who speaks well swear totally ruins his persona. Fword is so played out it's just annoying at this time!
anyone know what that last scene is from?
Shantha Bunyan Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Love Stephen Fry!  Fry and Laurie was awesome and Jeeves and Wooster was so great. And if you live in the US, it's worth making the effort to get a hold of a copy of the British English version of the Harry Potter audiobooks he narrates, rather than the US version available here.  They're amazing...  (No offense to the Jim Dale aficionados.)
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Chris Fink Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Profanity is the crutch of the inarticulate? Fuck off! :)
The 1st amendment isn't designed to protect Mickey Mouse, it's designed to protect people like me, so FUCK YOU!
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Why swearing is important - according to Stephen Fry -
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Stephen Fry... Swearing... I can only but +1 this!
Ok I'm starting to see what your point is. I still dis-agree with your proposed methods, however I actually understand why you feel the way you do now. I may get criticism for this, but rather than your proposed Authoritarian Regime, I think there needs to be a global crisis of some sort. Something to stimulate people to take some sort of meaningful actions in their lives.
My state is probably average. Many many kids here cannot pass the state exams for minimum mastery. Perhaps Boston is different, but I'm talking about the majority of states here. People are literally so lazy now that they can't get of our their vehicle to bank, order food, or get a prescription. They are getting fat and unhealthy. Majority of ladies here are really overweight. People text and talk on phones while driving.
high birth rates are, since people don't take the time to educate their kids just expect the school to do it, and many don't have enough money to raise 4, 5, or more kids. Plus, it overflows the schools and they have to use portables. Plus, where will double the jobs needed now come from in 10-15 years?? This is abusing freedom for sure!!
That sound bite starting at :56 is just beautiful.
You evade every point I have made. Number 1, people don't use it like they did in WW2 do they?? Explain to me how it even has any meaning anymore?? Number 2, when I say character I'm talking about moral character, self control, etc. not character like oh he's a real character. And I do not believe you can control your swearing, once you start it's pretty hard to stop, just like smoking!!
1) No, the same argument is not used for all. And, yes, you did put forth a slippery slope when you said that it leads to inciting fights. 2) No, it doesn't matter if it offends you. The supreme court has been very clear on this. You DO NOT have a right to not be offended. 3) Sounds like a good plan you got there, Hitler. Eliminate those you deem to be inferior to you. You should just stop. You're not doing yourself any favors and are just exposing your idiocy.
Nothing. However, it is being replaced by the term "comfort zone," which is why I made the above joke-thing. A better question is why must a bathroom be called a comfort zone?
people text and talk on phones while driving. Again, another example of too much freedom. Even though it's against the law in my state, no one pays attention. The punishments for this and enforcement is too lax. Fact is, punishment for many crimes is too lenient. Child sexual abuse is shown on the news all the time. Why? If the punishment was death, do you think there would be so many child abuse, gun homicides, etc? If possessing a gun was automatic death, do you think gangs would carry guns??
you did not hear anyone swearing during the punk era??? please please do be quiet,you talk some amount of shite for the one guy, and for your information BONDS ENGLAND never EVER existed! you fucking head in the hollywood hills arsehole, I am from Scotland and guess what we don't all live in castles and walk about in our kilts,just in case you were confused with your cinematic education.
@Taylor Russo you're not that smart.
ABSOLUTE DRIVEL. You know i used to smoke,gave up around 10-11 years ago, i have great self control/will power. I started smoking because i wanted to,I stopped smoking because i wanted to! If i chose to use profanity in my comments it is because i want to and i will not stop just because some other persons thoughts on the matter are contrasting towards mine,my great grandmother told my mother "it would be a funny old world if we were all the same"
you are obviously young and uneducated or a bigot of some sort
I know a number of actual engineers personally, as opposed to simply speculating vacuously about them, and most of them possess language skills that are far in advance of the average person's, owing to their intelligence and education.
you must not have a lot of control if you can't even control what comes out of your mouth. and comparing vocabulary to a physiological addiction? lol that's a bit flawed
go read your bible... i'm sure it makes more sense to you than reality
No, but he says those that swear tend to have the widest vocab, and that it doesn't show lack of education. Both are incorrect. Why use a word like the Fword that is so overused, is actually has no meaning anymore, instead of using a choice of thousands or words from a dictionary?
Well I'm not a comedian and the people I know who swear are far more educated and intelligent than those who don't. But then again, the people I know who don't swear are mostly religious nut jobs so I guess the the point to be taken from this is that swearing is absolutely not connected to ones vocabulary or intelligence.
If I ever meet Stephen Fry, I will hug him and tell him 'You are fucking amazing!'
@masterblend100, what is truly amazing to me is the amount of effort you have expended here, arguing about what other people should or should not say (or worse, be "allowed" to say). It seems that all of that time and effort could have been directed toward something that has some value. If this is truly a cause you feel deeply about (it certainly appears to be), hashing it out on YouTube with people who certainly appear not to care, seems a fool's errand at best.
I love swears... I find it's a really efficient way of expressing emotions. Like if I said: "I can't fucking wait for the QI K series to be aired". That shows you I'm actively waiting for it.
Another example, people are way overweight here. Why? Number one, people are free to eat WHATEVER they want! There is little regulation of food here. Also, companies are free to sell whatever they want, even if it's filled with preservatives, corn syrup, and too much salt. So the corps sell crap, and the people eat it!! Why? Too much freedom!! The Corps are not regulated as to what they sell!!
/watch?v=yntUfDxfJXk stephen fry made a grindcore album
I have no idea. It's probably another euphemism that just popped up because people wanted a nicer word than bathroom or restroom, which is ridiculous.
He doesn't say that EVERY SINGLE educated person swear you need to chill.
Took you a couple of months to come up with that witty zinger didn't it?
No. House isn't in there. Hugh Laurie, is though, and little wonder given that Fry & Laurie have done signifcant amounts of comedy together and are very good friends indeed.
first of all, this guy can't compare to either of the Two Ronnies or the Monty Python crew. He's the poor man's John Cleese, is clearly trying to emulate him, but isn't as funny so it doesn't come off. Secondly, he probably made it big in spite of his swearing, since comedians aren't held to the same standards as other professions. Thirdly, funny words or non-words are what make things funny. Check out "Ronnie Barker - Mispronunciation Sketch" or any John Cleese sketch they kill this Fry!!
They may or may not be facts in your state but it still doesn't make it the rule. I will say this, to a point I agree with you. The world is becoming over-populated if it isn't already. I think you are right and wrong about the military, I have met hard-working and intelligent members of the military. I've also met a lot of...Stupid ones. Whether you're right about the parents priorities or not, I will say that sport and activity is just as important as school work. For a balanced lifestyle.
@Steve Sauder -Well YouTubers do tend to display an ardent sense of hyperbolic superfluous. It's a rare find to engage in stimulating discussion on this site.
hahaha good one. Sure the punks swore at bars, but they were teenagers. I lived in England in the 70's and everyone wasn't walking around swearing. Bonds England was based on a lot of facts it was written by a guy who worked for the government during the war!!
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