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from yinyuetai

Sahar Nirvana Shared on Google+ · 3 days ago
Sunny 江 Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
I have always had Disco in my heart since the very beginning, so when Korean Disco like this came along, I said HELL YEAH! Come Back, ϟ ϟ ϟ T-ARA ϟ ϟ ϟ
I love ....... T-ara 
It is simple. T-ARA is LOVE.
i love you ....... T-ara
T Ara Quebec Shared on Google+ · 3 days ago
Eunjung looks so beautiful. well always
I love k-pop it puts me in such a positive mood = ) so happy.
I love lee min ho and T ara
Tan ricaas laas chinitas
티아라 내가 티아라 ... 티아라를 사랑 너무 지나쳐 화이팅!!!♡♡♡
hyominnie always looks cute.
The only problem is...i dont really knw who is singing what part _"
boram, qri and hwayoung didnt have a part in this song, its just eunjung, soyeon hyomin and jiyeon.
Gorgeous Girls Overload!! My eyes are popping out of their sockets!! Great cover of such a fun song & great video!!
young soo Shin Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
how many Girls are in T-Ara? sometimes there are 4 sometimes almost twice as many
+HitomiCOD2 you mean a sub-unit? I don't know either. But what I've know, a sub-unit group done different style from the usual group. In T-ara case, T-ara as a whole group are known for catchy dance songs, while T-ara N4 unit want to show hip-hop or another level of dance within the group. As you can see, members who belong to the sub-unit are the members who are the BEST DANCERS within their group. In SNSD case, their sub-unit is called TTS which is known more for a VOCAL (they want to show on their sub-unit a band composed of members with great VOCALS). That's what I thought about it.
love so yeon & jiyeon la nhat
.O. love the dance movies >.< different and cuter  
지금얼굴이랑 너무 다르다 얼마나 고친거얔ㅋㅋㅋ
tôi thích bài hát này
I have always had Disco in my heart since the very beginning, so when Korean Disco like this came along, I said HELL YEAH!
아 ~ 우 ~ 아우 아우 귀여워 ~  안무는 살빼고 싶은부분을 중심적으로 움직이요 ~ ~  : )                {    ~              ~ 8   }
Why Qri and Boram didn't have any line
this seems old-fashioned, it is nostalgic and nice somehow
well it is a cover of an 80s korean hit
I want to you in Korea) I love your girl)
Hwa young looks sooooo good in short hair.
i luv t-ara but this reminds me of the band from the suicide circle
Chất lượng hơi kém
Bài này là ca khúc phụ của Rolly Polly, chủ yếu để khoe gọng khủng là chính
(haha I love more U-kiss's Bingeul Bingeul  XD ) cute!!
No matter what happen, keep support 100%! ^^
definitivamente.... tengo poco de conocerlas y traen un espectáculo increíble de super calidad
This song just makes my soul happy.:)) And the HwaYoung-HyoMin-EunJung scenes.♥
T-ara is beautiful <3 <3 <3 the best
They can pull equally well any concept. That's why they were, are and always will be my number 1 :')
remind me of girls day twinkle twinkle
Dafuq did i just watch
This song in sunny movie...i come from malaysia
Từ sau khi HwaYoung "bị" ra đi thì tình cảm của mình dành cho nhóm này cũng giảm đi.
An incredibly talented group !!
#ToNewQueens Watch T-ara's official music video only at #coremidas and #kt_music .LOEN no longer distribute T-ara's new MVs (no contract renewal) New distributor is #kt_music .Also please subscribe to T-ara's official company youtube channel--> #coremidas  
Phan Hằng Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
Sounds so 70ssssss. I really wished T-Ara kept going on with their 80s and 70s concept. Roly Poly, their greatest hit was a period themed song too like this
Well this song is originally by Nami I don't remember when but it is a pretty old song
jiyeon kute hết chỗ nói lun rùi
i love so yeon home T-Ara
so this is where I can find Hwayoung
i respect your very ANNOYING comment :D 
باحال بود مرسی
hwayoungie <3 miss you!
No , tía is in the group "Chocolat".
Good Shaking Round and Round.. ><
This group doesn't know how to dance man !!!!!
go watch their others m/v's please.
+mariana sanchez a hwa young (gemela de hyo young, de coed school/five dolls) le hicieron bullying y se terminó yendo del grupo
ko hiểu sao hwayoung lại bị ra khỏi nhóm
After Yayaya... I always find a good song of T-ara... now this song !
孫斐文孫 Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
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