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by jacksfilms • 789,786 views

CONGRATULATIONS to megangore! GORGEOUS Symphony by 42TheCube: CLEVER "Country Solves Everything" song by...

Haha at the last huge comment. You can't "forget" to pay for cigarettes because they always keep them behind the counter. He must have grabbed them and jetted before paying. The person often hands them to you before making you pay. 
When he does the wired voice thing he sounds like castiel from supenatural
I love how religious people are some of the most sinful people on the planet.
I don't quite like the Spanish breaks, some of them are actually well written, also "jajaja" in spanish sounds "hahaha", just getting some stuff clear
Some of the comments are clearly from British viewers because when we say something like "well stupid" it's British slang for really or very stupid :D
am I able to see those videos that ppl sent in. some of em look cool and I know I'm a couple years late lol
Sum peple just cant spel XD
Cheescake is love, cheescake is life. It's all ogre now...
+The Potato mmm cheesecake, but its not ogre, its never ogre... Cheesecake is love Cheesecake is life
You're great with Spanish. 👏👏👏👌
Your adam's apple was going up and down quite a bit.
so ugly i wanna through up..... lol XD
Pause as as meme
Congratifickilations biches
1:27 I decided to drink water .. I heard the comment and spit everywhere. My family is laughing at me. Sigh.
Man, I say puck. How do u say it den? Jcncjfncjdjcnjdjcjd 1m s0 M@d 😡
0:50 that was scottish, that wasnt a mistake
He still said "you're" instead of "your."
I was going to make a joke about blind people and broken pencils, but I couldn't see the point.
+Mariah Oke I was gonna tell you a joke about a fly, but flew by me
+MusicLyrixproductions  I was going to tell a joke about ladders, but that is just rung
2:48 is that Robby moth to the left?
i don't understand how so many of these are top comments
Common lack of grammar and spelling knowledge.
0:50 nothing was misspelled
it was because he misused you're "you're kid has"  
+Adam Colbeck Dialect doesn't make it proper grammar. I'm the one who submitted that comment and I'm American and nobody says that here. 
He never really were too sharp. Sounds Like UK Yorkshire dialect to me :P
Jack, I was wondering if I can send you a gif animation. I've been working on one of your "sophisticated man" gag for the last couple days and it's turning out really well so far.
Wow, the Angles (a Germanic tribe) must be really good singers.
I love The Beatles too! :D
"There's no need to be ruch"
Wait, so is he alright?
I still wonder what happened at 2:40 ....
love the little "what a fooke?" guy :P
people really need to learn to stop saying jajajajaja and say hahahhaha or better yet, just say lol
In Spanish the letter J makes the H sound.
can someone bail out case out of the jail... 1:06
wHt* WeN U wAtC V0D U DY*e cUZ i W0LL K1LLu 70NITGHT% aM UR Fr3nDD 0R JuS7 DY333333!!!! ^ for the good of everyone, never type like this
Man people don't know how to spell.
Wow those girls are good singers :)
Dat Beatles t-shirt doe!
The Pikachu in the background XD
1:47 giant comment but end xD
Everyone has a YouTube crush... right? Ohoho~
You sound like deltron 3030.
The last one is so funny.
What the hell is "jajaja" I never understood it.
"j" in Spanish is pronounced with an "h" like sound. Like the "j" in "jalapeño".  "h" in Spanish is silent. Therefore, for Spanish speaking people, "j" is more suited to make a laughing sound.
I wouldn't say YOUR GRAMMA SUCK I would say OUR GRAMMA SUCKS
By Gramma he maybe means Grandma
So he says that my grandma doesn't suck. But our grandma sucks?
I never knew this (channel) existed until NOW! I'm in love! ...and I can't breathe LOL
True, but it's missing commas surrounding the word well. Not to be a Nazi, but... yeah ^_^ The More You Know.
Lol I like when he says, " WHO WADUFUK!?"
Is it just me, or there are lots of religious people who can't spell?
I was going to make a kidney stone joke, but it wouldn't come out right.
Especially when the top comment is already something in the video. Unoriginal pieces of shit..
2:30 I'm trying to picture a courthouse judge saying "No. u is join to jail."
I was gonna make a joke about a broken knife,but there was no point.
I would care, but I realized I had better things to do. =P
Looks like you •_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) Forgot the T
i wasn't blaming anyone, i was just letting people know
Was gonna make a joke about narcoleptics.. I'll sleep on it.
i was going to make a chemistry joke, but i was afraid there would be no reaction..
Lol at 00:23, I hop he is dead! Lol
I dont understand why you even took the time to read and count them all.
i'm sorry, but the way he read that last one made me want to vote for them.
The Great Pun Revolution of 2013 has started, and there's nothing anyone can do to stop it. We rise.
When Life Hands Your Lemons, You Make LemonAids
I was going to make a gay joke but it'd be a pain in the ass
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