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Man in the Box - Toilet Paper

by BreakPresents • 91,143 views

Check out the Man in the Box Youtube channel for more: I guess you could say Greg wipes his ass with Bev's problems.

conserve the your business on your own time LMAO
I do the same thing at work, someone comes up to me talking nonsense - I try to do everything I can to throw buckets of gas on the fire of their insanity to get them freakin wild. Its the only way to fix it, a lot of new people and other people just as insane will start filing complaints - meanwhile I come out looking like an angel ha ha ha.
at the ebd, with the toilet paper in the bag, that ruined it :(
Bev reminds me of Bleeker's mom on Juno ? y/n ?
wow. but rough paper trains you ass to prevent hemorrhoid...
My 9th grade algebra teacher was bat-shit crazy like that,good times.
she does'nt have a square to spare.
it sounds like they work for their 'county government' LOL so funny.
ahaahhhaha! the camera went crazy! zoom ZOOM!
bat shit crazy....thats his favorite saying..but i love it!!!LOL
I frequently steal mine from Starbucks. They have awesome toidy paper!
...does it really matter? she's bat shit crazy
i bet your really popular huh? fighting of girls with sticks...talking about toilet paper you little rebel...
but u see theres a problem, NO!!!! lol
but there's a problem.."NO", yes...lolz he acted so concerned
I love how the camera gets in on the dramatic dialogue.
He reminds me of sheldon a little bit........
My sarcasometer is going crazy...
Possibly your weakest yet. I have found much humor on your channel, and I realise you can't hit evry one out of the park. Reaching seems the correct word.
Wasn't the best episode..... but I still liked it a lot!
Yes, Starbucks does have some nice booty wipe but if you're really looking to steal quality toidy paper then you should hit up your local luxury hotel. Not only can you score some great TP but you can usually get a free cookie from the front desk. ;)
nooo! yes! i love how he pretends to care
That is SO funny! I order supplies for my office & can relate. Need to keep the supplies @ a reasonable cost to keep the boss happy. We never buy the real expensive toilet paper here! We get the moderate or cheap stuff. I have had people complain when I order a TOO cheap brand of toilet paper that it "rubs them the wrong way"! I tell them that this is NOT a Bed N' Breakfast! The I make up an excuse to go out to the parking lot to get something I "forgot" in my car, so I can laugh hysterically!
i love your vids..but please get a tripod
haha funny video! Something similar to this actually happened at my work about 10 years ago.
lol nice ur one of the guys taking it home for ur oun use
Funny concept and script -- but for some reason the video didn't flow very well. Editing was a bit choppy?
hahahaha. well ty. tp isn't near as bad as some thats what she said jokes can be.... lol.
lol, I knew he was the one taking the tp.
"There are even some rumors that people are taking it home for their own personal use!" "MONSTERS!" HAHAHA Greg is amazing. His sarcasm just kills me.
LMAO just started watching these vids and these are no ordinary vids. Really takes some creativity. =)
How did he say the "NO" with a straight face? lol
aw this one wasnt as funny as all the other ones that make me crack up :( still good tho. he's a sarcastic GENIUS
lol Toilet paper abuse... Sounds like a Facebook cause. hell it SHOULD be a Facebook cause.
awesome, gotta love toilet paper. :)
LMAO! She fought for a better quality toilet paper just so people WON'T use it lol
Took a little long to get to the joke, an even that was pretty obvious. Not awful but not your best.
personaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal uyseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
It gives it more of a "the office" feel, which is great for "mockumentary" shows. I think the show benefits from a more freehand filming. However, I do think a little more stability could be good.
Aw man, the episode is so funny, but the punchline was unfortunately coming. Well, you have to blame yourselves, because I watch all your videos, so I know your humor already. So it's a good thing. I'm a loyal watcher. But even still, the toilet paper was kicking hilarious, and random to the extent worth laughing like crazy. SOMEBODY CALL 911!! THE NEW SOFT TOILET PAPER IS GETTING TAKEN HOME FROM WORK!
yeah you're right the ending was predictable. But the zooming was just awesome. Anyway, it was still very funny. I love man in the box
I agree with Big10, good concept but not your best. I thought last week's was hilarious.
hey!!! why don't you upload the new videos on iTunes??? that'd be awesome. You Rock!!!
The actress playing Bev was really good. Subtle, yet moonbatty enough to scare the shit out of me. Somebody, pass me a roll of that amazing TP!
yeh i do like his skits and the themes but does he have to act like a complete fuckwit through every one he makes...
i dont care its a fucking tv show stop following my comments
I wish i could get my manager to just BUY toilet paper. or clean the bathroom.
hate to negative but she wasnt the best actress
soooo random. i love it. this is the kinda thing me and my friends talk about at lunch... toilet paper. not ur vids btw lol.
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