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1917 Fiat Botafogo Special - Jay Leno's Garage

by Jay Leno's Garage • 238,471 views

1917 Fiat Botafogo Special. 21.7-liter aero-engined behemoth! Check out this amazing car that was lent to Jay Leno. » Subscribe: » Visit the Official Site:...

the beginning of that was a little odd in fact you could call it the odd couple. You have car  guy Mr. blue denim then the other guy walking in with his sleeveless sweater and cream slacks like he just walked in from the golf course country club.
Best part about this car is the styling. It just looks so damn cool. Those colors really make it too. 
I agree. Wish we saw more copper/bronze accents in modern cars, i'm sick of chrome.
Fiat's share is getting high with every day passing 
Jay, buddy, you gotta let us hear that thing with at least a glasspack! 
I don't think he wants his cars to run poorly with how quickly glasspacks degrade. Properly built exhausts are his thing.
Hate to tell Mr. Leno that he is wrong, but the last worldspeedrecord that was set on a puplicroad was actually the Mercedes Benz W125 "Rekordwagen" from 1938, witch set its record on January 28th on (where else) the Autobahn between Frankfurt und Darmstadt. And the record that was set by Rudolf Caracciola at 432.7 Km/h (268.87 Mph) is still there to be broken up until today. 
Hate to tell that is in 1917 no in 1938 and what was doing in 1917 Mr Mercedes maybe the handjob
Splendid commentary right there.
It is Adolphe Scandroglio the creator of this monster on 4 power-driven wheels of plane. Really brilliant the duplicat of the model, thank you Jay!
Did he say "Metastopheles"?
You need to get the calculator back out Jay - 6x 350 small blocks does not make 22 litres
another fifteen minutes and each piston would have only been as big as a 283
How does Jay remember how all of his cars work when he goes to drive them? Fascinating!
Wow that thing is really quite. 
thank you - I like you reviews because of detailed information and detailed views with constructions
I love air plane motors! Great Video!
Fiat came from big to small.
it a fiat aircraft engine fiat did not make the car
I love it when you exhibit "Beasts" like this car. Also the Tank Car sitting next to the Fiat. More like those please. 
Aguante Argentina ! 
James Alexander Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
1917 Fiat Botafogo Special - Jay Leno's Garage:
Hey that looks like a single Lucas p-100. Hey Stan Mott !!!!!!!!!!! 
It should be used at every school for Drivers Ed 
Amazing how quiet this monster engine works.
Igor Canavarro Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Fiat Botafogo: O único carro que já vem rebaixado de fábrica. #HUE  
Is there a diff between the chain drives? - or does it rely on torque and skinny tires to get round corners?
It was freezing in Burbank. The needle on the thermometer had plunged all the way to 62 degrees!!!
That thing is a beast, it's like an early workout machine.
Jay - a rich guy who KNOWS how to spend money !  -On cool stuff I like !
Interesting...OHC, 4-valve, and still has exposed valvegear.  A curious contrast.
I am proud that Pur Sang is an argentine company.
What a crazy and awesome car!
WOW!  What a visually gorgeous and sleek looking classic!
Very keen to mentioning american cars like they are good, but still the very best american car reviewer (can it be called like that?). I love videos of historical cars he is making.
+Norbert Pešek Why, every time someone says something nice about America or American things 30 guys like you feel the need to disagree?
+Norbert Pešek right thats why ford dominated lemans in the 60s, gm made the fastest car of the 80s, and now cars like the z06 and the gt350 are eating up roadcourses.
really enjoyed this one Jay. I like that you described what it would be like to actually have geared up to drive this beast when it was new. 
Kept waiting for Jay to get pulled over for not having...well, you name it, this car probably doesn't have it.
Amazing sound from that beast engine. Very cool car and piece of history ;)
these old cars ! are awesome and HUGE ! i mean it´s like a TANK ! 
I want to hear it with the muffler off.
What's the name of that song? lol it was pretty catchy.
I wish you had a program on TV but, I love the unusual items I have seen on your youtube. show. I like the down to earth attitude of Jay!!!!!!!!
Love the show.Could watch   classic machines all day.Hey Jay,live in Bakersfield.I  am prepared to come and  help look a t the cars for you.-lol
each cylinder is more like 3.6 litres than 5.7....still thats basically 6 porsche 911's under the to get the torque figures for this car
Awesome engine and car !!
Thanks for this great series Jay, good to see these fabulous machines demonstrated. Shame we don't seem to get your shows here in UK.  More strength to you, Sir!
Good show, a 2200 cc engine, that's extra big. What a rich history for an old car, very interesting!
yeah, that car had some history! wow
2200cc is only 2.2 ltr
Jay Leno is a Car Saint
Magnificent...a beast of a car. Love it!!!
splendid faster than a deusy in 1917-no wonder it's dangerous hee hee.
1324 cubic inch's OMG that's big
Jay, love the sound of that exhaust!
Haha, would love to sit in that cockpit.
Such a great looking car, ridiculous shape, like a cannon on wheels.
I drove this thing on GT5. Horrible! :D
Thanks again Jay!!! We all love how you can share this great knowledge and history.I really do appreciate these videos and always look forward to whatever your showcasing.I just cant explain to my friends and family the Rich history and automotive experience you provide.Amazing !!!!!!
Joey Buttafuoco really should own this car.
Thanks Jay , simply wonderful !
OUCHHH what a dent he did on the car when flipping the gascap open...
People used to say, this is the best car show on the internet and quite honestly I used to be skeptical of that when competing with top gear, motor trend, drive and the sorts. I see the light now, this is THE BEST car show on the internet! Keep doing what you are doing Jay!
Was just thinking how steampunk the engine looks too, quite amazing. Looks like it would run on whale oil or something.
A 3,6 liter cylinder ... craaaazey
Dale Earnhardt Sr. Woo! Yeah! (sorry, could not help myself)
I've seen videos of the Mephistopheles car and how much it smokes. Other than there being some sort of particulate filter in the exhaust I can't figure out how this one so smoke free. Just amazing.
That's not a car...that's a bus with 1 seat
I was expecting alot more drama from that engine when he started it
Jay please test Fiat SB4 Eldridge alias Fiat Mefistofele
6:05 More like each cylinder is equivalent to about a 3.6 litre (220 cid) engine.
Ah i see :) so it whould have been a look alike, Cool :) hell im dreaming op something as crazy as this
For those that love this stuff (ME!) theres a NEAT set of films out there that Shell Oil did called, "Shell History of Motor Racing". There's a lot of this stuff in the film, footage from back in the day. :)
If you want to learn you watch Jay Leno. If you want fun with the occasional tear jerking you watch Top Gear.
amazing to think that each cylinder is the capacity of a 350 Chevy! Amazing car! Amazing Collection! Amazing man! Shout out from North Andover,MA! We love you Jay!
If Jay wanted to drive a car which is absolute excess, then he should talk to the BMW museum at Sinnsheim. Maybe they'll let Brutus out. A 35 litre V12 BMW aero engine meant for a Heinkel He111. Drinks gas in a way that makes that Fiat Botofogo look economical. Needless to say it isn't quite road legal as there's virtually no brakes. You don't need a drivers licence, but brass balls the size of Berlin are essential.
i continue to be impressed by leno and his desire to pursue the historic accuracy of the cars in his garage. A true enthusiast honors the history and the Heritage - Leno is that - he makes all his cars come to life and for the younger generation, we can begin to understand why there is such an appreciation for a particular car.
I love aero-engine cars. This Fiat is cool, but my favorite is the Napier-Railton. Its 24 litre W12 engine cranked out 500 bhp and 1,000+ torque in 1933. (some sources say 530 bhp & 1200 torque) Still holds the lap record at the Brooklands race track.
Love the sound of the non-syncro straight cut gearbox.
The engine was probably designed to have propellors directly attached to the driveshaft, without gearing. Fixed-pitch propellors really only work right in a very narrow RPM range, and most (certainly all from back when this was made) don't like high RPM at all. Kind of makes your average diesel seem high-revving by comparison.
I love how Jay's laughing at the last dude that died in it.
now that cool car air plane motor
Jay Leno has sex with a 1917 Fiat Botafogo Special.
i think i saw a honda with that same exhaust before
You know its going to be good when you have to "unbuckle" the hood.
those engines powered Caproni bombers!
Just for fun, i wonderhow many mpg it yould do
i imagine the owner impressed sayng OMG MY ENGINE IS RUNNIN 1300 RPM IM fast as fuck lol
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