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Steve Carell and Ellen Play Charades

by TheEllenShow • 1,600,095 views

It was a summertime round of charades between Ellen and her hilarious friend, Steve Carell. Ellen might need a cocktail after this.

I don't know why but he looks extremely stylish in every interview
so true. the man knows how to dress.
its part of the "package".
Steve, Ellen, and Amy Poehler HAVE TO make a movie together
and tina fey. amy and tina are a package deal.
This was one of Ellen's best guests.  They have great chemistry and are both hilarious as hell
Dear Ellen, There is a very charming American youtuber known as Connor Franta. The Franta Family would be very grateful if you made his dream come true, and brought him on the show. You could talk about his youtube career, his new coffee, how he has come out as gay on December 8, or his past with a youtube group known as Our2ndLife. Connor is a sweet boy and would make you laugh until you cry. Leaving you with something to think about, Katie xoxo
Steve is actually the best human being ever.
I adore Steve carrell
she should invite him on the show more often
"rooster drink" Oh he so fucking knew, I love this man ahahahah
hahaha  o my gosh they r soooo funny haha
steve during popsicle: "oh man ellen i know you get it, hurry up and put me out of my misery, don't make me go ther- okay fine i'll go there"
I laughed so hard at this, & all the way through - I had to keep stopping & rewinding to hear what I laughed over. Had tears coming down my face, too. I love him! He's so naturally funny, & good at off the cuff stuff..just like Robin Williams was. "Rooster drink"..haha. "WHO eats a popsicle like THAT?!" TFF!
Christ. I think I got a facelift from laughing so much.
Steve Carell is the best guest on ellen for sure
Can't believe how much i cried of laughter at this oh my god xD
I want to be on Steve’s team for charades. I got his clues instantly and did not get cocktail, so I feel like we have the same thought process and would rock through the clues.
christ my face hurts from laughing so much 
Ellen, please, consider Steve as a permanent guest!
oh my goodness I love you Steve Carell , yall made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt, especially with the, "OH yeah if I did it like that, you would have got it".
I had to stop from laughing to hard 😅😅... I share a room so I can't make much noise or I'll wake the beast!! ( the beast is my sister ☺😢)
Why is he not my friend? why? haha
I'm actually crying of laughter. Omg so funny
I absolutely love the Ellen Show, and Ellen. Makes my day every time.. I wish I could meet her...
Baaaahahahahahahaha.....OMG I can't breathe!!!! Hahahahahaha
Steve has to be on talk shows more often. it was just proven with his "rooster drink."
Oh his that actor in Evan almight and Bruce almight! 
he is in a lot more than that... 
Can you bring Steve Carell on the show like everyday?!?!?!!?
He reminds me of a teacher of mine, except nicer
I have a six pack now.
I seriously do not understand how there are any dislikes on this video. 
Rooster Drink hhh ! Fucking helarious hh !
oh god they're hilarious i couldn't stop laughing
oh my word i cant breathe this is too funny
I nearly choked for laughing so much... For real!
I'm laughing so hard it hurts!!
i love these two together, they're hilarious! 
I love this guy. Personality is awesome
"It's delicious!" Full-on Brick mode
Two of my favourite people. So funny :-)
that was the hardest i've laughed in a while lmaooooo <3
I Love steve carell
is it just me or does some of those moments remind me of Mr Bean? hahahah xD
omg lol crying, they're genuinely funny
i like ELLEN'S laughing. its amazing.
Just died of laughing.
Can someone please give me the full interview please i'm been looking everywhere and i'll can't find it please. Thank you. xo
oh my gosh this is hilarious!!!!!!! lmfao
i'm laughing so hard i'm crying!
He is my No.1 favorite actor in the world. Always entertains me & brings a smile or happiness.
Awesome combination. I almost die over here.
Ellen and Steve need to do a film together.
I agree they're rally funny togther but.. Ellen isn't an actor.
She played Dorothy...
There so funny together! :D
This is by far the funniest haha
Oh man I love Steve's voice so much
I wish he had a talk show lol
where is the one with steve and ellen talking about christmas and playing charades: winter version ????
His voice--------------> So Damn Sexy!! 
Steve Carell is a legend.
busted out laughing in the library! laughing so hard my stomach started to hurt hahahahaha
+mssaraleah Then how're are you typing this?
Federal Governent: "Ban Marijuana!" YouTube Ad: "Fight for Cancer! Donate Today!" $$$$$
Almost died there, laughing so much ! Steve Carell is really the best!
they can be siblings!
can't stop laughing
Omg the part about the rowboat was so hilarious
hahahahahahhaha my god...!!!!
Steve & Ellen my fav comedians I died laughing!!!!
what is he doing with his hand at 0:50
I had to pee so bad before I watched this video....not anymore.
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Lol! I died watching this!
Lol Ellen who licks a corndog??
Can we call it "rooster drink" now?
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