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Supercar SOUNDS: Porsche GT3 RS 4.0, Diabo VT 6.0, SLS AMG, M3, GT-R, Turbo S

by Gumbal • 26,415 views

Last year I recorded many supercars during a car event in The Netherlands. You can hear and see some great acceleration sounds, drift scenes and many more! Here is a list of all the supercars in...

Die smily die aangeeft of je te hard rijd, geeft niet vaak een blij gezichtje :)
Yes some video shots, but this is a compilation of all the cars of that day. I didn't have uploaded the M3, SLS AMG and GT-R before.
5:43 that guy needs to turn off the car get out and go look at what he just did let someone get in turn the car on an run him over
I wish I would live in Monaco, where I wake up every morning with supercar sounds! :)
i could listen to tthis all day... awesome video
Blijft een super evenement!! Lekkere video ook
Awesome video, Hans - takes balls, to powerslide there :-) That Ariel Atom is FAST :-) +1
ziet er veilig uit zo achter een hekje
It isn´t a Ariel ATOM V8? atom v8 had 500bhp and 550 kg, that´s a nice car
Weet iemand hoeveel vermogen die w201 e190 heeft toevallig? mooie video trouwens, kwaliteit 10
Didn't you already upload this video before?
It's actually a standard Ariel Atom with a Supercharger. It's not a V8, but it has now 400bhp. It looks like a V8..
Awesome sounds and fantastic footage!
waar was dit en wanneer wordt dit weer georganiseerd?
I wish i saw as many supercars as you did.
If you did live in Monaco, you'd probably own a super car yourself.
is the merc w201 the 2,3-2,5 16v, or is the engine swapped?
Really wished you would have showed shots of the R8 (Its my favorite car)
Daum that lambo and ///M3 sound the best!!!! Porsche's are hella quiet
0:14 Crazy driver :D Nice vid as always Hans!
Hello! I want to visit this place.. May I know which country and where it is? And what is the name of the event? :) Thank you!
Wow, I wish they had events like that here in the states. Looks absolutely amazing!
there are way too many automatic, white e92 M3's in the world.
Diablo and Porsche RS 4.0.....AWESOME! - DT
Zieke beelden man Hans! Leuk dat je dit nog upload!
An Ariel, now that's a rare sight!
dude its amazing how quiet the porsche turbo is. its taking sound away from the environment almost
Fucking beautifull challenger at 2:04
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