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Gentle Giant Darth Talon Statue (Legacy)

by TheBudgetJedi • 6,740 views

A brief look at my first statue purchase, the Legacy Darth Talon from Gentle Giant (2012)

She's beautiful! I wish I'd known about this when it came out... -_-
So beautiful !!! , can you maybe put her in a spooky settings red lights ,dry ice lol but gotta do it for a  Halloween theme video!! I'm making a Darth Talon Tribute video and releasing it on Halloween:)
Got mine, I probably over paid, but I just like the character too much.
good statue) i want it too)
Awesome review, I love to get my hand on the 3 inch action figure, its Impossible to find in the UK! I have my sideshow bossk pre ordered, and thats a figure I'm more excited about than any others!!!
darth talon's pos creps me out!
this gal looks sexy and evil sametime. Very nice for a first statue. I would like to see Kir Kanos 12 inch statue (last imperial guardsman from sw crimson empire)
Hey BudgetJedi, I am wondering where you got those LED lights that you use on your dioramas??? or if you can give me some specific information on them so I can look them up online... I want to use them on some of my Star Wars stuff too... Thanks, and I enjoy watching your dioramas!!!
Awesome!--Man it really does look great----How about a diorama with this one--hahah---Great review my friend
So it has finally arrived! Man! Looks cool and sexy! Painjob could have been better! The bad thing about high-end collectibles (along with the high price eheh) is the fact that you must wait a LONG LONG time before you actually get them! I'm still waiting for my Hot Toys Michael Keaton Batman! He's on his way! :)
Thanks for watching man, really appreciate you checking in!
...dont like the gap line on the tentacle. should of been one piece. TheBudgetJedi paying $200 for ONE figure?! you better change your name to TheHighBudgetJedi! :P
the twileks are some of my favorite but I don't know of Darth Talon cause I didn't read the comics but a large figure of Bib Fortuna or Aayla Secura would be pretty cool.
i want a full body statue of bastila!!!!
Wow Talon is the hotest Sith ever!;) I like SSC sixth scale figures they are like big actionfiguers,i have pre-order Boba Fett. Great review:)
How about an action figure of this size... HotToys Black Widow baby!! Woohoo! That's what I'll get. Anyway, a two comments about this Talon statue. 1) After you mention that grap on her twi'lek can't push in more... this really seem too noticable now. 2) I'm kinda afraid of that mean expession of hers haha. I like a more sexier approach such as the Darth Talon Exclusive Premium Format Statue with the growing lightsaber by SideShow. Then again, that is expensiveeee!
thanks for watching Leo! hell yeah, this one is more of an investment. The more famous the character, the less in demand their statues are, because so many people will make it. let's just say she made enough money for me to pay for about 6 to 7 action figures. :D I will get more for sure if I see they will be in high demand in the future, but as a collector I don't keep statues around. You should totally get a superman statue!
thanks for watching man. What lack of vids? lol. I try to put one up every week, i just put up one last week also!
hahahahah we were ALL thinking it mate! thanks for the funny comment and watching!
WOW!! You've outdone yourself again. I'm diggin it!! I also was thinking about getting the Captain Rex Sideshow piece. It's amazing!!
thanks for watching mate, hell yeah i hear you on that one. I would definitely appreciate a movable (and flexible lol) darth talon haha.
Great characters! Boba Fett I'm sure theyve made many of them. Thanks for watching!
We have this figure in the collection. One of my favorite female figures to date. We've been trying to figure out how to put her in our films.
Amazing piece, great purchase man. Pity about the minor imperfections but as you said, easily overlooked. Something about Twi'lek women, they obviously take their vitamins ;) that and they're damn fit! Great video Sir! :)
Oh dude malgus would be so epic to have, great idea! thanks for watching
when are you going to do some more dioramas
thanks for watching man, oh man anything with darth talon is sure to be exciting no matter what i'm sure!
now thats one amazing statue to rich for my blood though:) thanks for sharing
thanks for watching my friend. The michael keaton batman will be one of the best figures ever! i love it! can't wait for your review on that
a nice choice for your first statue talon has a very dramatic pose,for me i like busts cause they r easier to display and r cheaper,but if i was going to get something of this size it would have to be something luke skywalker.
hahaha boshek sculpt would be awesome. and aayla would just be perfect next to her! thanks for watching mate, really appreciate it!
I'm gonna just come out and say this, but I feel this really is the true definition of 'Star Wars Porn' in every sense! lol I wonder if she ever slid up to a Jedi and uttered the immortal line 'is that a light saber in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me' Great detailed review my friend! Super super piece! Cheers Fuzz.
Thanks for the kind comment bud, really appreciate you watching!
Thanks for watching, legacy was one of my favorites too! i wonder if they'll ever make a darth krayt. Thanks for the comment also!
Oh hell yeah, i'm sure maybe you'd want to start with the hot toys predators? thanks for watching matt!
I enjoyed the humor (lol). Why the lack of videos? That's a sexy way to start up a statue collection :D. Great review man!
Looks great, I saw this character in some comic covers, but don't know anything about her. Would have been great a character like this in a movie.
Man,i love Lady Twi-Leks haha-Thanks for the overview of her my friend she's really impressive.Think i would like statues such as Aayla Secura or Cantina Aliens OR even a Boshek sculpt LOL
Awsome statue!! Love to get this one or the sideshow one... They look so good and I <3 darth talon! Great video/ review!!!
really great look at this amazing piece, these statures are so much better than the hasbro figurines and I cannot wait until I am older to start up a collection. I have a few high end star wars items so the next one I would love is a sideshow collection Darth Vader.
thanks for watching mark, I'm surprised you don't have any luke sideshow figures they make him really really well nowadays ! thanks for the comment also
lol TOTALLY she is the hottest right? haha. I absolutely can't wait to see your fett statue. Thanks for watching!
YES, and you out of all totally understand the feeling! thanks so much for watching good sir! I can't wait to see more of your awesome collection vids!
So you've taken your first step to the dark (and expensive!) side of high end collectibles! Say goodbye to the bank balance my young apprentice! Seriously nice figure though! Top video!
right now she's in her own corner, I like things displayed one at a time it's more focused and interesting that way to me. old ben kenobi is such a perfect one to have too! thanks for watching bud
I have been doing dioramas actually, just put up some recently.
Interesting.. not the most famous of characters and yet you bought her :) I thought you might have gone for Vader or Luke :)Guess your a fan lol.. I don't have the room for DC statues but I prefer the figures :) Maybe if I find a DC that can't be copied in figure form I might get one..:) color looks great :) Will you get more bro ? Thanks for sharing and congrats on getting her :) I would get Superman of course :) Statue of Choice: Boba Fett, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Jango Fett, Han Solo & Chewie.
nice video, but the paint spillage is case by case bases cause there all hand painted. just putn that out there. oh and Twi'lek's are the best!
thanks for watching Jesse! was just telling someone that twileks are just so eye pleasing, I would love to have an aayla also!
This is just too cool! Talon kicks major butt and that's an impressive collectors item <3
Awesome review. Darth Talon is very attractive.
I love this one and yes I'd fork out the cash for it and the sideshow one. I'd love to see an Ahsoka Tano statue that's less cartoonish.
hahahah I would procrastinate on that one just staring at her LOL
Oh dude Aalya next to her WOULD be epic indeed one red one blue hotness! thanks for watching and the awesome comment as always man!
Hell yeah! thanks for watching PJ! If you get it you absolutely must review it. thanks!
Gentle giant statues are kinda hit and miss, i love this one though minus the weird hand
hell yeah time to make another channel with that name! lol. thanks for watching!
I love the fact that the company who made this had such a high opinion of the US Postal Service that they felt that they needed to extra protect her lady bits! lol Seriously though great statue!
maybe one day i have some other statues and a bust.
this is pretty good for a first high-end collectable. are you displaying it with your other SW figs, or does it have its own place of honor? if i ever get to collecting these type of thing, my first stop would be sideshow's nomad ben kenobi.
Awesome review mate, seen this in a local shop. I am more obviously the sideshow moveable ones, but this is great too. Keep up the awesome videos.
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