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Short Game Instructions: Phil Mickelson on 50 Yard Shot

by Callaway Golf • 954,281 views

Watch Phil Mickelson show you how to properly hit a 50 yard shot close to the hole. Visit _____________________ Talk to us on Social Media: Facebook:...

GolfDash Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago · Shared to Golf
Excellent tip from Phil. ALL players can benefit from this one! #golf   #philmickelson   #shortgame  
Phil is a great golfer and teacher to boot!
What Phil meant to say was "Accelerate with a short backswing....and don't forget to hit 4 million of them to make it look this easy."
I do this and biggest improvement in my game now , phil is right those golf instrustors who stink at golf shouldn't be telling people how to golf if they stink too unless they mad and want everyone to stink like them LOL
What if I can't hit sand wedge without full swing? Do I take extra club?
I use a 54 degree for anything within 100 yards with good success, just find which wedge you are most comfortable with and use that same club for all short shots. I could not handle using a 58-60, too much loft off the fairway for pure feel shots and not comfortable for me. 
Phil, I just want to say this is very good instruction. Now do you have an extra ticket to the Masters? Your bestest of the best buds, Mike
When's someone going to make a "how to lose man-boobs" video for Phil?
Phil,  Need to put up how to hit 60 degree wedge off the concession stand as you did twice at Ridgewood. That AstroTurf must be hard to get spin on the ball.
Idk how many times ive been told that acceleration is the key to hitting good wedge shots and basically any shot at all. You'd be surprise as to how much that helps. If you decelerate, your either gonna hit it fat or thin.
Phil can hit a 60% wedge 50 yards, but that is a 9 iron for me.
+Dirt Baggins gotta get your weight forward, you are sliding under the ball, the other issue is Phil is a pro, his hands are quicker than ours, it makes sense to use a sandwedge or PW from 50 but short back and accelerate thru impact does work
I know you're right.  My shots go straight up or in the worse case I blade the ball have a line drive 30 yards passed the green.  I have no confidence in a 64 degree wedge.
Isnt this about how not to hit a 50 yard chip shot? Concentrate Phil!!
NO. he actually hit it on the spot, most people's pitch/chip swings are way to long the shorter the more concise you can be  
DealCaddie Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Struggling with your shorter pitching shots? Watch Todays Practice Video presented by Lefty and Learn. #golf, #golfpractice
biggest problem with miss hits is an unsteady head position, keep ur head still and u will start striking the ball more consistently.
"hey phil.......quit yelling at me"
@Tech801 While calling other people idiots you might want to both spell the word "you're" right and recognize when they are kidding. But other than that great comment....
I have no chance to be consistent or successful no matter what I do.
Accelerate is the word.......:)
@BOATRIGHTGOLF Thats just setting up for a terrible shot
I'm a 36 (max) handicap and I can stick a 50-yard pitch with my 60-degree. (BTW: I'm not a high handicap because I can't strike the ball well. I'm a high handicap because I can't do it all - drive well, approach well, putt well - in the same hole or on every hole. If I could putt, I'd drop to single digit overnight.)
Preach. Always accelerate through the ball.
thanks alot phil.. i tried it today and shanked 17 shots in a row.. i hate you
This is very informative. He should mention the CLUBnGO for bringing clubs to the practice range!
Bro, why are you so out of breath?
I take my normal 60 degree wedge, and blade it 50 yards over the green.
hands down my favortie golfer hes fucking awesome! thats crazy!
me too, my roommate gave me this tip about a week ago and im doing much better now
his enthusiasm alone gets the point across. confidence is the life blood of good golf.
Takes a lot of balls to do this kinda of chip. I don't don't this kind any more the % of success is just TOO low. I rather use a pitching wedge even 8iron with super small back swing and long finish
@fanofreyes Great point. That must be his 64 at least.
tap 4 repeatedly for the phillyMac shuffle
My sound is on the fritz, all I heard was him say, "I have no chance to be consistent or successful." Well that wasn't very nice Phil, it's true but still not nice. I'm never playing golf again. Okay sound is back on never mind I'm back baby!!
@Lumbergfucther Because he ISN'T one of the most talented short game players ever at all.
Don't take the club way back, THAT'S CRAZY!
The majority of golfers can't control a full driver nevermind hitting 3/4 shots
you're probably off-plane when you take downswing, which could be because of an off-plane backswing. i had trouble with short pitch shots too
learned this tip over one year of the few videos on the internet, that REALLY improved my game...thanks phil!
@pgatourprov1x you can't have too steep a downswing otherwise you will definitely shank it
I think Phil is working with Dave Pelz, who promotes this accelerated follow-through (Short Game Bible,1999,P. 62), BUT he wrote: "I don´t teach acceleration through impact. I´ve tried that and it doesn´t work ... There´s a better way to be sure to make an accelerating swing: Make a short backswing and a longer follow-through. This assures acceleration without muscles, and stability in the dead-hands finesse swing." No active hand/wrist action, only rhythm & control distance with length of swing
I take my normal 4,700 degree wedge
Yo Phil, I almost broke par the other day. "THAT'S CRAZY!" .......well gee thanks Phil :/
He's so right you cant gauge your swing when you take your club all the way back to much momentum you will hit it 100 yards!
@peoplethatare@ingme i was just kidding about shanking the ball. But thanks for the concern lol.
well...worth a try I guess...
Ya, he's right. And he knows a little bit about the short game... ;-)
great video but the audio is only on one side....
You can download half the DVD on the Apple App store. Thumbs up so people can see.
haha damn, tht last sentence was rough. but very true
One of the better instructional videos I've seen. Unlike Phil, I only hit my 60 degree wedge 85 yards on a full swing, so I'm going to have to take it a bit farther back than he does for a 50-yard shot. He can drive it 350, so of course you're going to need to adjust based on your ability. Not many of us can do that. To you guys who can....lucky bastards!!! Just kidding...use that length to your advantage and hit it hard!
im not going to argue with phil on these kinda things...
I agree that Phil is all that BUT I disagree with him about shooting down the clock method - golfers who have full time jobs and kids who can't practice nearly as much as they would like may find it difficult to control distance? I use the clock method but I never stop short-example - I know that my 56 degree wedge travels 50yrd when I take it back to 9 o'clock (right handed golfer, 6 is address position) my follow-through to 2 - you still accelerate and this method helps with distance control
people please check my golf swing
3/4 can be just as easy. It need only be done in repetition, just like the full stroke. Instead of a 9 iron for an amateur at 140 out, a 3/4 7 can roll up to a front pin location, and is less likely to be bladed, pushed or pulled. A 64, that is a full swing 70 yd club can be swung 3/4 to give 55 yard shot with neutral spin. Besides short game (within 55yds) only two swings are needed, full and 3/4.
Phil is gonna win the PGA this week
I like this guy but I'm sorry as a PGA coach myself, to tell people too swing short and sharp for a pitch is just not right. Maybe for a good golfer but for most amateurs this will result in thins, skulls, tops and shanks! sorry Phil, still love you!
Makes sense but the only problem is you can take a full backswing and full finish on 50 yard shots and slow down the entire swing without declerating it will take some spin off the shot though.
@watson442 Wow, you're gonna preach to one of the greatest short game players in the history of the game? You must be one hell of a crappy coach.
A ton of practice also makes you better at this shot :)
all about feel....just like putting!
Accelerate Into the finish!!!
The S word should never be spoken anywhere near a golf course or golf in general. It's the most dibilitating, humbling "mis-hit" in golf.
you need to read a couple dr. bob rotella books. can get them cheap on seriously, golf is so much about attitude. you can thank me later
I take a 5 or 6 iron and run it up to the hole, those 60 degree wedges are poison for 82 year olds. Bobby Jones would take a lofted club only if there was a trap in the way.
@Joshman775 no.. as i clearly stated, phil is not a good teacher
@MrJoejayw aggressive contact. confidence basically.
OK, I gave it a try... I see the mechanics behind it, but this type of shot is not recomended for higher handicap golfers. I make very solid ball contact and with the acceleration it is VERY easy to hit it thin. Also, you better be REALLY good at knowing your distances on your clubs because if you don't, the net effect will be no different than any other method.
@pgatourprov1x Try swinging right handed instead. :)
this is an excellent tip, tx pm
BS. A 60° club is no for an average amateur.
tap 5 repeatedly for phil the pig
When i want to hit a 10 yard shot i blade it and it goes 50 yards, and when i want to hit it 50 yards it hit it fat and it goes 10 yards, so now all i have to do is try and hit a 50 yard shot for my 10 yard shots and vice versa, not just a pretty face :) hehe
he says it with the enthusiasm of a gay man talking about fashion "INTO THE FINISH" ha ha jk phil is awesome
when he said it sails by the hole he must have done that 30 times
just take your pitching wedge and bump it up there.
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