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Minecraft: Quad Mountain Survival w/Nova Ep.27 - YURTLE THE TURTLE...

by UberHaxorNova • 421,290 views

Leave a like FOR QUAD EFFIN MOUNTAIN Map:...

Bell peppers diary entry no.4 Turtle the turtle a new prisoner no wait what NO YURTLE NO! Master SAVE HIM master you son of a- AAAAAAAAAAHA HELP US! The ground is moving around AAAAAAAAH is this heaven wait I went down its hell no wait the others are here I see stank turtle in there I went to comfort him master picked me up and threw me it hurt Is it I can't have friends I mean first T-Dog now stank turtle :( save us
What episode did james find out he had fire powers?Or did he already know before he started the series.
T-dog dies by a walker...resurrects as a turtle
nova are you lonley it looks like it because the amount of god damn turtles you have god damn
YOU BROKE THE RULES JAMES!!!!!!! 13:07 13:14
He should have made his garden closer to his house. Save himself the trouble of going up and down a mountain and having to fight monsters on the way.
hey nova do you have ocd?
Waiting for the day they make a Herobrine Creeper...
Hey Nova, have you ever thought about releasing a modpack?
'cough' tnt 'cough' take crops out and blow up the spheres
like if you think Tdog will live the longest
why didn't nova just put down yurtle when he has getting crushed by the reverse creeper?
dude that'll be a fucked up creeper lol it would be an ugly abomination
Reverse Creeper!!! that son of a T-Dog ruined your hardwork!
The life and death of Yurtle the turtle.
Why yes i did, thank you for educating these youtubians
The Corn is Steve High by the Fourth of July
Hey james what was the mod wear you can throw the fire from torches?
""It is said by Dr. Seuss himself that "Yertle the Turtle" was modeled after the rise of Hitler. The book explained his feelings about fascism, and Nazis in particular. As a matter of fact, the original drawings of Yertle had him wearing a Nazi uniform and a Hitler moustache.""
alot of things that he did was about wars like that one with the wall and each side did they butter different or something like that
I would just Goo-Goat-Donut the monument if I were him.
@lemonpledge114 Fraps records sound and video
Dude, use tnt on the fucking monument.
If Nova had common sense, he'd use TNT to clear the monuments.
man 2 things 1 i didnt know that book was that old and 2 hes right hitlers stupid and thats good way to explain it with kids
Take off the up side down creepers!!!!!
He didn't spell Yertle right ;(
I wasn't rude at all, and if you thought of that then you should of simply not reply. It's his comment, he can do whatever he wants with it. But like I said, as soon as you scroll down to this comment section you'll see the person he's supposedly reply to in the top comments.
why don t u move the crops instead of cleaning it up
That's the Succubus from the Succubus Minecraft mod. I don't know if I've seen it in this series, but the Succubus will hinder your jumps and make your character look at her. When she attacks, she drains your health to make herself more powerful. Also she will vaporize other monsters when see sees you so its only you and her there. There are 2 versions, the Over world and the Nether Succubi. The only difference is that the Nether one is blue skinned and is straight to the point of killing you.
"Mr. Yurtle the Turtle" "She shall help with my escape"? so is it a guy or a chick turtle?
did i miss something? why does this have 4863 likes and only 47 dislikes?
Excuse me, but how are getting that I was being a prick? I honestly do not understand
call another turtle maxyboy please nova will you please
Should've named one Squirtle.. :3
Ehhh nova why dont you just put your farm inside your house and if you dont like the creepers just lower the pawn rate.
Manatee, stingray, same thing.
i love these T-dog diary entries!
If someone had sex with you they would get aids. Do you really want to give someone aids?
Yes, I had thought of that. That's why I was polite and did not use rude and coarse terms, unlike you. I simply politely stated that the person he reply's to with the "@" does not receive any information from it. Good Day to you sir.
Nova... you spelled Yertle wrong. :P
My heart goes out to Rick #3 and 4,bell pepper espescially the new one yurtle god bless all the turtles that have died in this video all but t dog
@Stephanie Sanders Oh God that would be a major suckage moment then O.o
wtf it just shows the thumbnail :( i dont remember wat to do about it
he should just forgot about the crops and make tnt and explode it up
Nova man after 27 episodes why didn't you fucking move your house to a safer location, yeah sure seeing you battle mobs and shit is fun, but after dying hundreds of times it got a bit boring
6:14 if only past nova knew.... of Herobrine...
Well, on the bright side,he won't hunt for glowstone for a little while.
What does the Belly Bitch do ? xD
i have answer to the monument problem : TNT
Have you heatd the turtle and creeper conspiracy! It seems the creepers are trying to free the turtles! This is popular news in the quad mountain community!
thats what iv been thinking... we have nine episodes to find out
LOOK AT ILOVEIPODTOUCHS's comment, he made it rhyme, and caps'd the rhyming parts
T-Dog Diary Entry:Well my shitty owner Master Nova made fun of me and said he doesnt care about me.The only reason why it took so long to get me is because i wasnt hungry.
It would of been cool if he used TNT too destroy the dirt creepers mess!!!
LOL! 6:16...SAME DAMN TIME!! Anybody get the reference???
what sound capture is he using for his voice
After reading all the T-dog diary things I was WAY too happy for that reverse creeper blowing up.
click the reply button, this "@" business does nothing
Just don't read when it says T Dogs Diary before the video =/
If you find a turtle name it windy
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