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The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D Premiere w/ Josh Thompson

by timabad • 12,432 views

The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D Premiere w/ Josh Thompson. Interviews with Jon Heder, John Lasseter, and Marilyn Manson. Shot and edited by Tim Abad

I saw today the movie. Not bad, thinking it was not originally shoot in 3D. There are some pseudoscopic errors, and every now and them some ghosting. Good experiment. Franco
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@cartoonmarc Seriously? I only heard in "The PIXAR Story" that Lasseter's classmates were future directors Tim Burton, Brad Bird, and... someone else.
Did you see anybody else from the original cast?
poor Skold, nobody talks to him :( he deserves better
Oh yeah, Burton and Lasseter met in Cal Arts and are still good friends. :) Burton co-directing with Lasseter and Brad Bird... Can we say "Animation Holy Grail?" O_O
Did anyone know that John Lasseter and Tim Burton were CalArts High School classmates? It's true.
John Lasseter power to the max.
Hehe "Thankyou Disney *thumbs up*" Manson is the best. Tim should get to talk once in while though! =[
Oh right, good idea. With Lasseter in the mix, there's a high probability of Randy Newman doing the score. Burton + Newman = BAD IDEA!!! *lol*
You see corbin blue in the corner at like 4:15
I saw this was comeing out on blu-ray ...does anyone know if it's going to be released in 3D as well
Its exactally the same except there is more of a realism to it, You can tell how far away say jack is from a house or hill
i went to this premiere, marilyn manson is nice! and tim burton is a crackhead acting dude
Are there any interviews with Chris Sarandon (voice of Jack)?
So Lasseter is a friend of Tim Burton's? That's fantastic, and of course some of the original animators at Pixar worked with Burton on "Nightmare Before Christmas," Wouldn't it be cool if they could all make a movie together again? Tim Burton Style, Pixar quality and if we dare hope, a bit of the energy of Brad Bird?
was the movie exactly the same then, or were there some differences?
Tim Skold looks pissed.........LOL
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