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WTF Blanket 4: Failure Pants (Forever Lazy Parody)

by jacksfilms • 1,014,922 views

"Your Grammar Sucks: The Rap" on iTunes! TWITTER:!/jacksfilms FACEBOOK:...

She's crocheting. And because grandma stereotypes
Call on 1800-Your-Parents-Never-Loved-You. I died XD. I'm officially dead.
Hello, 911? Yes, I have a woman here who is officially dead. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
"That proves god has stopped caring" "THE PAGES ARE BLANK" "He does not deserve your oxygen Made me laugh the most
thumbs up if jacksfilms brought u here <3
Now put them all together.... XD
Wait... the actual product name was "forever lazy"?
"god damn it america" I FUCKING LOST IT
Damn. A lot of this shit applies to me. Except instead of failure pants I just sit here naked tepidly touching my semi-erect penis. Failure fapping.
Never to completion. Always just half way, myself, blueberry and buddy.
or chugging bleach, you can always rememeber, you WILL die alone
three colors of never, getting, laid huh? well I guess i'll get laid
I like that they put 4 black people in this one to compensate for the complete absence of them in all the other commercials
so if i get the black version then its called a laid?
My grandma bought me one of these...
+Lord Lopez And he died alone, chugging bleach.
i am taking the laid colour , that way people will know
"Margret looks like a genetic mistak- wait. The pages are blank. THE PAGES ARE BLANK". I lost it XD
I lost it at "never, getting, laid"
i lost it in chugging bleach , you will die alone
I didn't lose it im waiting until marriage
Better than the original.
Its funny cause these are essentially onesies and one of the most popular trends of 2013-14  /palm
I have literally seen people walk around in these at my old school
I like how not a lot of people mentioned "Failure Pants come in 1 size: error".
I love how every single comment is a quote from the vid
Except for yours cue inception noise
1:27 Grandma is just poking the crochet hook into that store-bought afghan and pretending to crochet. Is it any wonder her family "reads" books with blank pages?
"Grandma sure looks happy! We'll never know what she's plotting" XD
at 0:52 i thought there was a fucking earthquake. damn these headphones.
I want a video of the actors reacting to this.
once upon a time, when pop filters didn't exist 
Wait, why's that grandma crocheting a blanket that's already got a fringe on it. Isn't that usually the last step in making a blanket?
5 is coming... (5th Anniversary of Snuggie)
Wow, honestly this looks like a good offer but........wait a minute...(0:26)....The pages are blank......THE PAGES ARE BLANK!!!!!!!
failure pants come in one size. ERROR
Hahaha these failure pants are trendy right now under the name 'onesies' :')
If you are going to pay for humor, pay for these jokes XD "that proves god has stopped caring" "...or chugging bleach, you WILL die alone" "THE PAGES ARE BLANK" "he does not deserve your oxygen!" "yeah you have to BLOW UP the pillow before you can use it!" "call 1-800-yourparentsneverlovedyou"
That was hilarious!!! What Douchebag in a boardroom came up with this gem? But wait, no say it ain't so! Another product that is even you take requests? If so, please do a parody on the COZYPOD..another marketing disaster unleashed upon the American public.
Is that your real name? :O
Do aliens really exist? :O
Can I get laid? How much
desiree notHannan Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
WTF Blanket 4: Failure Pants (Forever Lazy Parody):
The pages are blank... THE PAGES ARE BLANK! 0:26
We will never know what Grandma is plotting...
i lost it at "drinking bleach" AHAHAHAHA
I lost it at the pages are blank!
"From this angle, it looks like you're wearing a hoodie. But don't be fooled, you're still unfuckable." ahahahha
Ah, the prediction of the onesie.
"He does not deserve your oxygen." I LOST IT.
desiree notHannan Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
WTF Blanket 4: Failure Pants (Forever Lazy Parody):
I like laid but I think never is better
But... any of these are no longer blankets... more like jumpsuit.
"From this angle, it almost looks like you're wearing a hoodie! Don't be fooled, you're still unfuckable."
he's like a nerdy eminem? .... You might want to say he's... a smartie.  It's a.. rip off of M&M's just in case that wasn't funny.
I'd fuck a guy who will wear this for me . . .  Let's get kinky ;-)
I like how every word of this video is so funny, the comments can't get any better than just saying what the video did.
i thank god for your existence Jack
Oh my god they came out with another thing SNUGGIE BRIGHT EYES SNUGGIE BRIGHT EYES PARODY PLEASE NOW
1-800 Yourparentsneverlovedyou
I miss when your parodies used to be like this :(
The plotting grandmother finally got me a real lol. Good parody and I didn't know they were around when you uploaded in 2011.  WTHey
I laughed so much I couldn't breath and my throat hurts
Dont be fooled your still unfuckable XD
You nailed it but anyone who bought these failed it.
"Makes the genocide so much easier"
trying to remember your name XD
my plan is to 1.laugh 2. get laid 3. buy this.....I'M UNSTOPPABLE
This one brought tears to my eyes. I LOVE it! <3
Call us at 1(800)-yourparentsneverlovedyou
the.. The pages are blank!! Wtf!? Lol
It's like long johns but for the outside? Giant footie  pajamas without the feet? 
Nailed it so hard, you skipped parenthood and went straight to grandparent status.
i cant breath ...  :D!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is the single most funny video I have ever watched on all of Youtube, and I watch a lot of funny videos.
Bethany G Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
I called the number but they said there was an error, you might want to fix that.
i laughed so hard watching this! XD
I laughed so hard that my neck started to hurt.
The origin of the onesie
SO FUCKING SICK! I just lost it...:))) TY!!!
Thanks for making me spit my Gatorade. Hahaha this is funny as hell
The plotting grandma looks like Ursula.... :/
Hahah Trying to rememer his name.
haha 1-800 your parents never loved you
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