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Review: NEW Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation + Demo

by Nicole Guerriero • 460,208 views

Everything you want to know is right here... Products Mentioned: Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation 32O Warm Golden: $10.99 - $16.99 0.8 fl oz * I was on the Vegas strip that's why mine was so...

Usei essa base pela primeira vez no dia da minha formatura e foi um desastre, pois parecia que ela não grudava na pele, e ficou muito artificial, tive que retirar toda a maquiagem e fazer de novo, resultado: me atrasei! hahaha Mas testei de novo e continuou ruim, vim assistir seu vídeo e deu vontade de testar de novo, pois você diz pra usar com os dedos e eu estava usando um Flat Top Kabuki. Vou testar e volto pra contar ♥
You are by far my favorite makeup artist on YouTube. You're so beautiful as have taught me so much. ❤️
Lol I got this foundation for $1 on sale
Lucky,..I had to buy mine at Wal-Mart for 13.99dlls. The price has gone up by two dollars,I remember it was 10.99 a few months ago. If I was you I would of bought three more.
+Ehrika 1981 I just got one at Walgreen's for $6.99, a few select colors were on clearance.
Here in sydney its 35 big price difference
Hey!!! If you still like snd use this foundation, i just got it a week ago, and i hate using my fingers for make up too! I use a re techniques stippling brush to apply it and just tap the brush in the top (probably not sanitary, but i clesn my brushes very frequently) and its flawless and beautiful with a brush. Hope ylu try it and end up loving the fpundatkon as much as me!!
So Tori, I see you are on Google+. I have a few friends on this also, but lately seem to be communicating with Facebook. Also I have a blog on blogspot and need to update it or delete and start over. I never was pleased with what I created a couple of years ago. Oh well. Have learned a lot about creating websites and blogs sense, so it is onward to new ventures. Love, Grandpa
no honey this foundation makes you look ashy. 
Si lo das con mofeta nena queda genial!
Does anyone else mix the revlon colorstay liquid foundation with the revlon colorstay whipped? Just curious, because i started doing that and it gave me a beautiful coverage. 
Hello can somebody tell me what color of lipstick she used?
Gracias! yo tengo el fushia fever 140,y me parecen buenos lipstick los de maybelline.
De nada chika👌 igual ami me encantan 💄
I'm wondering if maybe I got a bad batch of this because it doesn't cover anything for me and I have pretty good skin little to no breakouts or dark spots but it doesn't even cover the little redness and discoloration I do have. It's more like a light tinted moisturizer has anyone had a similar experience with this? Because most say this is a medium coverage foundation
Is 330 the colour true beige? Is that darker or lighter than warm golden?
does it cover the blackheads too? 
I have dark hyper pigmentations from acne. I was wondering if you could suggest any products that could help me get rid of them and/or even a DIY. I'm also looking for a foundation to cover these marks so I want something that will not break me out. And will last me the whole school day (including gym class lol) thanks
+anhkay Lemon is good if you are NOT going out into the sun; going into the sun with lemon or peroxide on your face is never a good idea.  The facial skin is delicate and the sun is not usually a recommendation for hyper pigmentation.
yes I know. but thank you. I don't use lemon on my face. my face gets irritated
I bought this instead of repurchasing my mac studio fix foundation, only because I found I looked extremely cakey with that particular foundation, anyway the revlon whipped foundation was good until the packaging decided to break down on me and made the foundation a mess and I also find it quite unsanitary due to the fact that your dipping something in rather then pumping it out without touching the rest of the products.. Well I'm also pretty OCD and that's pretty gross lol.. Other then that it works extremely well for my dry skin never had an issue with the constancy, like ever also it is medium to buildable! But I won't re but the product due to the awful packaging!
Does it have SPF? How does it photograph?
OMG u talk a lot
I have very very dry skin and this is the BEST foundation that works for me. Usually foundation sticks to my dry patches, but this Foundation is amazing!
How do you generally apply it?
Fingers is the best! You can build.
A question: the song playing during the demo, what was it? And by the way, you're gorgeous:)
Midnight city by M83 (remix)
Omg I love the song that there's a remix of in the demo portion of the video... aaah <3 Just bought the foundation, and I really like it! I have dry skin, but under a nice moisturiser/moisturising primer it works wonders :) I use Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrait underneath. The finish is soooo nice!
I have dry skin and I just bought this foundation recently and I love it! Absolutely 100% without a doubt replacing my Covergirl 3 in 1 foundation. I apply it first with my fingers and then just go back over it with my Real Techniques Sponge.
Weird that you say you can only use your fingers to apply it, I use a compact powder brush and it blends really well. When I use my fingers I don't feel like it blends as good and will leave darker spots. But we are all different [= haha
i love this foundation also! I use those regular triangle sponges that you can get at the drugstores and it works great
hair tutorial!!!!! LOVE this hair style
What part of florida do you live in
you look really pretty in this video :)
Is it for dry or oily skin??
I really love this foundation. I have oily skin with acne and I highly recommend it for those who has same skin type. It works on my skin very well. By the way, you are so beautiful without make up! Moreover i think without make up you look better :)
I bought mine in Toast and love it
$20 in Canada and money well spent, one of my favourite foundations!
You're so perf even without makeup im jealous you're stunning great review & demo ;)
I love that foundation but it has a heavy stench of chemicals.
Love this foundation!!!! I use my fingers. Feel that's the best application. Can't say enough beautiful foundation!♥♡♥
Omg I found my fingers were the best method too ;O
I have been using this product for a while now and I actually use a brush the stippling brush from elf and it works perfectly I only dab like the very ends and spot it on my face then spread it all over and it does a great job you should try it
Lol, I just wrote the same thing, and then scrolled down and saw your comment. I really love the stippling brush for this foundation. I might try it with my fingers just to see but with my big pores the stipple brush really helps fill them in.
ohh man I'm glad you wrote this bcuz i wanna buy this foundation but i don't want to buy a new tool to apply it
I use a sponge and it workes really well
Ita looks beautiful on you this is my fav foundation too!
So glad I purchased this foundation! I was skeptical, too. I have dry skin. I use the MAC 187 brush to stipple it on for a airbrush look. Love this foundation! I have no problem with this! I feel like it takes a long time to set but I love it when it does and all through out the day! It does look better after a hour. Really digging it, it looks luxe and reminds me of that Estee Lauder foundation.....totally high end results!  MAKE SURE TO MOISTURIZE AND EXFOLIATE FACE 3-5 A WEEK, LESS OR MORE DEPENDING ON SKIN TYPE.
Love this foundation so much !! And it's not even heavy it's amazing ! Medium to full coverage
I absolutely hate this foundation. It feels way to heavy, it seems to never set! Its always "damp". Throughout the day, I would get so oily on my nose! And over the littlest touch to my face, this foundation would come off. It was ridiculous. Never purchasing this ever again.
Set it with a powder? Or setting spray?? Helped me a lot! :)
Love the music.  Will try this foundation when I find my shade;-)
I am so glad that you did this video! I ave been wanting to buy this. You have convinced me, Thank you so much! xoxox Keep DOING VIDEOS! 
Love the dark hair on you Nicole!! :)
I just bought this! Only difference is in Australia it's $37 D:
I've had awesome results using a duo fibre stipple brush. I just dab it lightly into the product, swirl around the lid and then I push it into the skin with a stipple motion all over the face. I really, really push it into my T-zone where I have massive pores. And then once that is done, I gently swirl the foundation all over to blend it.  The only thing I noticed so far, is that for me, I have to set it right away in my t-zone. Because my skin is super oily if I don't set it right away, it will settle into the creases on my forehead.  So I set it right away with the Maybelline Dream Matte powder. in those areas, and then all over after I'm done my eye makeup. Foundation does NOT last on me, I can go about 4 hours and then I need to powder a bit in the t-zone. But with occasional blotting/powder touch up, I can get thru a full 10 hour shift (hot lights and lots of walking at my job) and still look good at the end. (I also use PoreFessional for a primer). So far its the best results I've had out of all of the foundations I've tried for full coverage makeup. 
My granddaughter tried it after watching your video and loves it. We're really white also and have had trouble finding a color light enough for us. Of course, I'm probably 50 years older than you. You're definitely a cutie!
Just bought this today! So excited about it!!
Is this full coverage
Have you found that you need a primer before you apply the foundation? And what about applying a powder on top? If you do use these items, which brands would you recommend to go with this foundation?
So wich one is better then? This one or the original colorstay?
This is the first foundation I have tried that doesn't sweat off me in like an hour. I absolutely love it. I sweat so easily & even BB creams tend to sweat off me. But this works great. I love it :)
you've gonn a long way girl 
Wow thats a good price in Canada its $21,99 :0 
I'm so jealous!! In Australia it's $37 haha prices over here are ridiculous!
Absolutely BEAUTIFUL xx
The beauty blender works beautifully for me with this foundation. I loove this stuff.
I bought this a couple of days ago and I am in love!!!!! When I first saw and felt the texture I knew that a regular foundation brush won't be a good idea to apply this product. I used my fingers and it was good! Although, I tried MAC 130 brush and [to me] that was another great way to apply this foundation! I believe ANY synthetic brush would do! :) :)
Aww I miss you playing this song!!! Bring it back plz!!
I absolutely love this product I am color 400 early tan I love love love it! Where I live I am blessed to be able to get this product for only 10.98. I recommend this foundation to everyone.
You're so funny & adorable. Love it
I really need to start doing youtube videos, I have so many products that I have big opinions on, like this product! Not worth the hype!
Your gorgeous! I love how you put everything in the description bar ! Holy it's 20$ in Canada
I use 410- Toast $40.99 XCD in the Caribbean :)
You don't even need makeup, you are so gorgeous without it!
You do not even need to apply foundation. Your skin looks great!
I agree!! I hate using my hands to put on make up!...i have to have my brushes!
You don't even need any foundation!!your skin is perfect!!!
its just a heavyer feel, it's a personal reference. but I recomemnd it :)
I do have dry skin extremely dry but it's still wonderful and I have no issues
Hello! what kind of camera do you use and what program you edit your videos with
@sildhi1990 The outdoor one or the indoor one?
omg we even have the same dimple in the same place. I swear twin!!!
i got it for $26 a week ago and i live in sydney ...
Wow!!$17.00-$13.00!!I just bought it.Normal price I see it for $10.79 with coupon it was $8.79.Shop around ladies.
Try using a stippling brush! Tap the brush lightly in the pot and then tap it on the lid to get the excess off and then keep tapping and lightly buffing it in your skin! It works for me!
Revlon face products smells so unpleasant!
I get my makeup at Walmart or target since foundation is like 3-4 dollars cheaper than at cvs or walgreens
your skin is flawless! I might go pick this foundation up at Target soon :)
I was really waiting for someone to point that out. I always see these comments and I'm like well imagine what your paycheck looks like vs ours!
Wow where are you buying it from? It's only $29 in priceline and chemist warehouse
I love this foundation. I apply it with a flat foundation brush and it comes out so nice.
i got this for 6 bucks from CVS with all the coupons they gave! so far love it!
i noticed your door close at around 5:40 lol it creeped me out im sure someone or a pet closed it lol it was just funny to me that it kind of caught me off guard
Btw what was the song you were playing while you were putting it on?
There's really not much of a difference, I'd say this feels a bit thinner on your face and is easier to work in. I had been using a stippling brush with the original type and it had been so hard to get out of my brush that I gave up. I like this version better.
WOW! You look BEAUTIFUL without makeup ( and with ) :)) You hav a new subscriber ^.^ you're really funny/
cant get this in the uk im so upset about that:(
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