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Green Day ¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tre! Billboard Cover Shoot

by Billboard • 59,858 views

Check Out The Cover Story: Go Behind-The-Scenes at Green Day's Billboard Cover Shoot. Photography by: Jill Greenberg

It could be sexual tension... Could be sexual tension. Did I say sexual tension? Lol, I love Billie Joe xD
THIS LOOKS SO AWESOME, can't wait for !unoi !dosi !trei!!!!! ;)
they are such perfect people, i can't fucking wait for these albums
He only said y'knows twice :')
mike looks old now, billie looks young again, and tre just looks fuckin cool
Oh,, they are so sexy ! they are not good for my sexual tension! I love them !!!
TRE! Y U NO be funny anymore!?!
But first you have to buy the fountain of youth and then you'll be amazing! You'd look like a 25 year old forever!! ;) XD
Gosh I just love them so much. Everytime they smile my heart jumps... I can't wait for Uno! It's gonna be fucking Epic! :33
It is!!!!!! LOL You gotta love how they keep secrets XD
Billie did not use the eyeliner on both eyes lol
billie must always say FUCK YOU :-D
"and it's a big FUCK YOU to everybody at the same time" :D
Gosh Mike, Do Something With Your Hair!!!!
Billie's Hair Gets Better Everytime They Do New Albums
KILL THE DJ at the beginning!!! I could listen to that part over and over again and again and NEVER get tired of it. I almost feel lyrics will ruin it lol. It's so good on it's own. I haven't heard the live recordings, that's why. But my god I love it. I can already tell it'll become one of my favourite songs
What i meant by that is that hes finally gotten old, maybe hes decided to be more mature which sucks, don't get me wrong, Tre's wackiness defines who he is. So calm down.
Yep, green day definitely found the fountain of youth.
I think he's starting to get a receding hairline, so he has to grow it out to make it look...presentable.
*facepalm* That was such an awesome pun until you mentioned it...:L
holy shit this is gonna be the most epic album they ever done... serious
Green Day - одна из моих любимых групп.
OMG! Just when I thought they couldn't get any sexier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Billie some gray hair is showing :) 1:52 but they all still looking fucking amazing XD
Lmao but there's something that DIDN'T change. He's still not paying attention to the camera xD
I think old age has finally caught up to Tre
XD When I get older I wanna look as great as they do. It's a challenge I'm willing to take.
You say that like he's a dog who's about to die. Just because he isn't being silly one time doesn't mean "old age has caught up to him."
Billie Joe get older and hoter
These guys are awesome as fuck!!! Long Live Green Day Forever!!!
Why is Tre sitting there looking sad? O:
I have really noticed that Billie Joe has matured so much even if he doesnt like that term. If u compare early 90s interviews to ones now he is so much more talkative and polite. He seems so much more passionate.about everything.
BJ looks like 25 or something like that, but absolutely not 40 xD
Okay seriously, They have drank all the water from the fountain of youth.
Billie looks better with black hair rather than blonde?
he's like Jon Tron, hes just keeps evolving with each new record.
"And then.. It could be sexual tension.. It could be.. did I say sexual tension?!" Hahaha <3
"Did I say sexual tension?" Hahahaha! Billie <3
yes,you said "sexual attention" twice!
I like how Billy still wears his wedding ring :)
I don't know what to say, this is amazing. I just love those guys so much ♥
2:06 Y'know, when you're about 40 years, photoshopping isn't a bad thing.
Seriously tre just be quiet for one second
i must agree. But i also am straight... i think...
What is the name of the song from the beginning? :D
DAMN. How in the hell do they all still look so young? And sexy. and so perfect... What are their secrets....
I love how each of them have their own unique hairstyle :)
Its cool how billie joe irons his hair to make it straight. his hair is awsome
OMG i knoooow!!! He isn't how he used to be, he used to be sooo crazy but when 21st Century Breakdown came out he stopped being like that :(
"could be sexual tension,could be living for the moment,because you don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow,umm...sexual tension.oh wait did i already say sexual tention" lollollollol i love you,billie
The hotness of Billie is overwhelming *o*
Ok I know their fucking secret its easy.. THEY OWN THE FOUNTAIN OF FUCKIN YOUTH!
They all are sexy.But Tre The Really Sexy one.TRE IS 5'5 AND IM 5'4.IM A KID THATS IN LOVE WITH GD AND TRE
I love how Green Day have a different sound for everyalbum they do... It makes them so, y'know, unique; so Green Day! ^^ (oh no, I've stolen Billie's famous "y'know"... xD)
0:28 is that Mike or Duff Mckagan?
Love kill the dj and it's f..k time plust green day uno dos tre a.k.a billie joe mike dirnt and tre cool
alright mikes sexiness has reached a new level
Meeting Green Day is on my life bucket list :D they are so amazing!!!
0:16 - Mike Dirnt hair-flick. *DEAD*
Is this the only video where tre is not messing around? He cannot of matured can he?!
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