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How to Play: Super Mario Land on Piano

by Exaiphnes • 719,623 views

Watch in HD! This is a compilation of songs from Super Mario Land, played in a program called Synthesia ( ). You can find the midi over at ( ). My...

This game has the best music. My favorite video game music of all time
When I first got my hands on this game first thing I noticed is the awesome music
Seriously though, this game is the best.  Different from any other mario game but i dont see why people always think its a bad thing.  And this music is just outstanding.
Everyone's like: Feels and memories!! and I'm just like: I've never played this, or even see what this game looks like...
Sunshine is still my favorite! But super Mario land is still badass!!!
117 people will be Killed DESTROYED
Is that FPS chugging from like ...3 notes?
Comment removed by KING OF THE KOOPAS.
Super Mario Land 1 is still my favorite Mario game and one big reason is the music.
Fuck.. All these feels... So many feels...
Ha one piece background nice
Lol the one piece wallpaper XD
Nice desktop picture, One Piece is awesome.
I need a tutorial for these tutorials...
These tutorials really aren't hard, just learn the basic notes and then try learning Chopsticks (and don't give up, my five year old sister can play it). After that, you will find these tutorials seemingly easy. The hardest I learned was MK8 Rainbow Road, and it really isn't that hard.
Zap! Lightning just hit Gnm!
Please please please !! Give me your One Piece wallpaper !! pleeeeeeease !!!
this is awesome! i used to play this game as a kid and could never get past world     3-3 :(
Can somebody please tell me where I can find the sheet music for this? The description only says where I can find Synthesia and the midi file.
Cristo Gomez Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Why do i feel nostalgia while hearing this music, when i am only 11?!?!
+aaron Jordan SNES?, you're thinking of Super Mario World
Fifteen and nostalgia for this, N64 games, NES games, Pokémon Red and Blue, etc.
Quote of a pessimist: "You cannot play Super Mario Land on a Piano, it only works on a Gameboy".
omg that one piece desktop background <3 
Brayden Robinson Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
This is frikin amazing if you know super mario land
Had to stare at his desktop backgrojnd
Please say im not the only person here who sped this up and slowed it down to see how it sounds like at different speeds.
smg4 Buy me pasta rite NOW!!! Smg4:Nah get it urself. mario:fuuuuu
smg4: MARIO WHERE IS THE PILOT! Mario:ummm... he is learning to fly Pilot:(falling) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH
My childhood in a video
1:07 i think of banjo kazooie!
I have a question about Synthesia. I got the demo version a while back I think, or whatever the free download was. Is there a way to place all the notes hand by hand? Like is there a way to make custom songs on it with just your pc keyboard and mouse? I'm looking to make some songs for a game i'm making and this program looks perfect. But I don't know how to use the program at all. 
I think this is just a player. It isn't that easy to make songs.
by making songs, can u explain what kind of depth your willing to take to get into this? I have lots of program ideas you could use. FL Studio Mixcraft minecraft (yes minecraft) Ableton  and a few others that ill have to look up again.
They say Asians can so things far better than "normal" people. Well.....I happen to be 25% Asian.
+TeenChampion I completely agree with this, but I do want to make a correction. Cultural differences between races can actually mean some talents are exploited better than with people of other races, but these differences aren't based on the races themselves. Furthermore, physical differences between races mean people of some races are better at certain physical activities than others. This explains why running tournaments are dominated by black people; they are apparently capable of running faster than people of other races.
It was a joke. I wouldn't be able to play this within the next few years.
geil ab 2.44 habs geliebs ach herlich schöne zeit
I didn't know this until seeing this but the second song is used in brawl.
What is the song called at the very end of this video, its sounds so familiar?
2:08 Is that even possible for a human to play that o.O
You play all three parts with three fingers, not hard at all if you're an expert :D
am i the only one who still plays super mario land DIE hard??
Kaworu Nagisa Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
do a how to play song of storms on piano
I just keep singing Brentafloss in my head while this plays. They're beautiful together.
Also, quick question: Which order do the soundtracks play?
ok that is fine. :) but, did you at least try the other video? You won't know until you try!
dude your background is the best
Dude cool one piece background. Link?
WTF DID YOU JUST SAY ? you don't know about Mario ? WTF are you like 5 ? even 5 yr olds know about mario because of wii games -__-
Does anyone elsa think of Brentalfloss
Why not run into him while having star power. The touch of death OwO
I respect the classics and classical.
3:51 brb, let me just play 3 1/2 octaves apart with my left hand
whenever i hear the princess part i want to cry but i hear the second part and i feel like a boss
Can somebody give me the piano sheet music?
What's the code for this song? I have the program.
learn the correct ways to put your words together then come back
The fourth song sounds like the can can who agrees? Like if u agree
wow nice video ^__^ and on the topic of gameboys i'm sure everyone knows what a gameboy i'm 13 and i had the gameboy advance when i was little and my first game i always remeber because it was "Hamtaro: Ham Ham Heartbreak" i used to love to play that game as a kid :) then on the gameboy sp i had i believe super mario and spyro? i cant remeber my gameboy sp games :( i played on a gameboy color before and played donkey kong even though i never really got far in the levels though, and wow this com
Nice initiative, but "not wrong"? If this is "official" I'd like to see the source... VGmusic midis are full of mistakes and aren't close to official by any stretch of the imagination.
I am learning this... :) almost done!!!!!
NOSTALGIA.... boy do I miss those simple days with Mario.. :')
Hehehe, "One Piece", I get it. :D
I see why he is dead....and if he wasn't.....he would have been.......soon
Its so cool! Super Mario Land! Yeah!
What Did This Guy Say Anyway? the comment dosent exist anymore
It's the music that plays in levels after every boss level.
i have this downloaded in my 3ds
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