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The Minecraft Files - #122: Outhouse - SPECIAL POOP EPISODE (HD)

by ChimneySwift11 • 146,497 views

4,000 LIKES? Swifters show your powah!!! :) Special thanks to xxaliciavsxx for sending in this request! HOW TO STALK A RUNNER: "HOW TO" SHOW PAGE:...

LOL- 15:42 "because I'm a very hygienic person"...jumps down into the poop hole and collects a wool turd 
I think this is my favorite so far!
put a trapdoor in the hole and make it to a base entry
Eww why do u want to do this stinky thing
8000 likes! That's double the amount he asked for! :D
You have a lot of cake | | |______|
woo!!!! just liked and subscribed !!!!!!
i think i have a good outhouse design.
only the natives that, people say "o all canadians say eh!!!!" well thats not true its only the natives im from canada and i dont go running around saying ehh not to be rude or anything im just saying so ya
isn't there supposed to be water in the toilet????
cuz saying eah every 2 seconds is a lot more funny
He should of put a cactus on the bottom and then poop the the pop will be vanished aka flushed down the toilet
chimney, real life is more important, when me and my boyfriend hang out, he gives up playing Xbox, and I give up minecraft, but its worth it.
I suppose that spider in the wall is your alarm clock
Convenient hah I had to poo when I watched
"How to Stalk a Runner" sounds like something from The Last of Us. :3
i dont know how to leave a like:[
I started watching season 3 about half way through and I can see the stuff he's gonna build
You want 4,000? You get 7,000!
Cleanliness is next to godliness
I think he needed water in the toilet :D
turn on the captions its funny
im sitting here with my 9 week old puppy and shes watching it like wtf
Dear Chim, I'M CANADIAN AND WELL, YOU INSULTED ME AND MY FAMILY you just lost a hole bunch of your subscribers. Bye! ;(
Tha the shittest out house ever get it JK.
creepers..... I hate creepers, they may be worse than the taliban..... alitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaalitalitaal, Almost.....
when chimney said he was very busy he was like sitting on the toilet :). 13:01
Why are people still commenting on this no offense chimney and all his swifters
chimney i haz question: can we see miss swift?!?!?!?!
is she like your girlfriend? Is that why you did'nt make video?
in australia the outhouse is the pile of dirt behind the bushes.
chimny swither d aka dallas swith 12
when you sead fuck me the word fuck meens sex so no i'm not going to fuck you
74 people take a dump on the sidewalk
I like all the videos it is the boom
@Simonatero because we Americans (at least in north texas) have the same obsession :P
I Was Going To Say That 15:30 - 15:37 Should Be A Highlight But This Isnt TobyGames
*laugh* chim laughs COPIER!!!!!!!!
9:44. that offended me!!! im from canada, and noone here calls an outhouse an oot hoose
spend time with the ones you love well said chimney well said
people who dislike look at the dislike at your difference...wait you cant see the dislike bar coincaidnce i think not
Who would have a stack of stairs
Its amazing How you can talk about a bunch of stuff other than what you're doing and still get the job done.
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