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Man Lives in a Tree Stump

by Dino Delarentis • 296,487 views

An intimate portrayal of a man who lives in an old growth stump in Vancouver's Stanley Park and how he ended up there.

You live in a stump, suck cocks, live out of a garbage can and then decide to make a documentary out of it? No different that a druggie prostitute living out of a urine soaked carboard box. Get help. Can we sell Vancouver to China?
Well now... That was almost interesting until he said he sucked cocks for money... I mean why not GET A JOB???? Fucking weirdo... Acting like you don't conform.. Pfft.. I'd rather conform to the government than kneel down and suck somebodies dick for cash... Try living in a stump in the forest where you can hunt and gather food instead of sucking dicks.....
Observing this man life, I am thankful for the fruits of my life.
lol we should b grateful wat we got all he  got was meth and dick lol hopefully hes better now and droped the cock and meth sad story yes  but I lived on the streets lol and never sucked cock lol   we all deal with our breakdowns in life  but doesn't mean grab the nearest cock   im sorry     but this guy cracks me up
+empirex lol  I should do a documentary of my life on the street   with mental and drug issues loll   that's the real truth   we should b grateful we don't have to go through wat they go thru everyday or living in the balamoral  lol bed bug central  lol first night I stayed there  I asked if the had cable  the guy replies theres no cable here just watch out ur window  hookers getting fucked druggies doping up   and   people getting beaten lol and I stayed in that scence for over 20 years  im 8 years clean now I go  down once in awhile as a wake up call people like me fall between the cracks society  walks away from the injured and hurt  we need more help with these people  like giving clothes or hot meals pay it forward my thought in life
+empirex buddy i am from the other side of the tracks fought with my demons for 20 years total regretion into the drugs i lived in brideview surrey whalley and hastings all tough areas ive been kidnapped tapped to a chair and beat sad circumstances yeah i could blame the poverty in my family or my parents beat me black and blue or my dad drinking i dont blame none of it u choose u no 1 else chooses ur future or controls it i finally figured that out 8 years ago im not here to make a war or anything
He lives with the smurfs They feed him meth as long as he blows them
fuckn  aswemome  lol hes gargamel lol
That tree stump was actually pretty beautiful , I thought . I sure hope he was able to stop taking that drug . And I hope he is well , in general . That park looked so pretty ! I don't feel the need to judge him otherwise ( writes the woman who is Catholic ) . Yeah , after reading a bajillion depressing YouTube notes I had to add that bit of personal information
meth, dick sucking and ciggie butts nah pass on dat brah.
wow he's the living peter pan
The fag that lives in a tree. Watch yo kids in that park
gay does not necessarily equal pedophile, dumbass
Living in a tree and offering blowjobs just to avoid a job and fees, damn now that's a disgusting life right there, any dog is smarter and a hardworking lad than this guy for sure hahaha
buddy i am from the other side of the tracks fought with my demons for 20 years total regretion into the drugs i lived in brideview surrey whalley and hastings all tough areas ive been kidnapped tapped to a chair and beat sad circumstances yeah i could blame the poverty in my family or my parents beat me black and blue or my dad drinking i dont blame none of it u choose u no 1 else chooses ur future or controls it i finally figured that out 8 years ago im not here to make a war or anything
Who interviews these people.Gives them the idea that their story is interesting enough to make a documentary about how terribly fucked up they truly are.Trueth is they are FUCKED UP! Not interesting just fucked up.The interesting thing would be if they cleaned up and helped other who are fucked up.?????Interesting!!!!!!!
Dick suckin' stump hippy!
 this guy would love prison .. and that way everyone wins 
Frodo gives bj's? WTF
That's a pretty creative idea, what he's done with that old tree stump. I wonder if he still lives there?
+Dino Delarentis I have a solution: forced soft labour camps and re-education programmes. That's it. Problem solved. 
no shit nothing wrong with living off the grid in fact the stump is nice but drugs and dick's come on
Due to a series of tragic events which left me hollow and stunted, I was once a sad, suicidal teenager. In the summer of my sixteenth year I met a group of youngsters who would forever change me. They were full of passion and life and gently pulled me from my dark place and helped me to see beauty in the world. Without even realizing, they taught me to seize and love the moment, stop and smell the roses, sing and have fun, play and laugh. I'd forgotten what joy felt like and they reminded me. They helped me salvage what was left of my childhood and heal enough to face adulthood. Matt was one of those people. I owe every happy, love filled second of my life to Matt. Shame on every person who would dare to speak cruelly of him..... you know nothing. Matt was an angel to me and deserves an angel who would help him up just as he helped me up so many years ago. Matt is golden. Bless him.
lol   buddy I never did im from surrey
This was awesome, until he blew wangs.
I know Mathew and he is a great guy.  The tree is still there and currently there is someone other than Mathew living there.  Great video Dino.  Mathew showed it to me when we met years ago.  Thanks for sharing.  And to the haters; screw off!  You might find yourself in this position one day.  You never know....
rumpy pumpy mr stumpy 
The tree stump is cool, but sucking dicks for 50 bucks? Come on bro.
Here I thought this was going to be a video about this guy's awesome tree stump house... I would live in the tree stump by choice, because it's really cool, not because I was "desperate.". PERSPECTIVE is everything. 
Judging a book by the cover did you. Are you aware of the plight of many humans? Did you know that there are currently 29 million slaves in the world? Did you know their enslavement creates $30 Billion dollars in revenue for someone or for alot of someones?
Oh yes, I am aware. That's why I post videos on living free from the land, without money or technology, and have never charged a dime for the information. Anyone willing to be inspired by my vids can live a better life without having to become "fortunate" or "lucky." They do have to have access to a library computer though.
and the award for the most misleading video title of forever goes to............
Smoke weed its cheaper
Living in tree = Cool Being a drug addict and selling yourself sexually = Not Cool (I hope he gets help, he's someones son) 
Maybe you could direct him toward the help you believe he needs?
so wait, he lives in a treestump and sucks dick for a living? HAHAHAHAHA 
Although his story and this video has surprising twists it doesn't mean this guy is a bad dude idk why yall are raggin on him so hard
so he is a druggy prostitute living in the woods
This should be titled, homeless gay prostitute drug addict gets thrown a wonderful curve-ball. 
The first few moments of this made it seem as if it was going to be great. Cool even.....then it quickly turned to be nauseating and icky. Sorry.
I was totally up for this video till he got to the homo prostitute part. Ugh.
Precisely how do his choices negatively impact your life...your choices?
I thought he was just a chill dude who lives in a tree stump, but turns out he rails stimulants and sucks mushroom tip.
+Mike Wagenblast No, he told the audience that he's addicted to stimulants, and that he sucks cock; 0 assumptions made.
How can you be a chill dude living in a tree stump?
I was hoping for a surprise twist in the story, like he lived inside a tree with 2 elves who baked cookies...Oh, Canada! Come to think of it, scenes from the pilot episode of Millennium were shot in Vancouver where men "lived in trees," AKA had sex in the bushes. Bring Back Frank Black!
If you live in a stump and your friends wear a crash helmet to cook eggs, it's time to rethink your lifestyle.
Well well Dante Jackson...judged any really good books lately? You can read can't you?
I believe that was a very moving story. I really appreciate this man sharing his intimate journey with us. This could be anyone at anytime. People that say negative things are very young in their spirit and have never walked a mile in someone else shoes. I am honored to have heard this story. Thanks Des
Some People are narrow minded and just can't understand that this could be anyone of us. I see him as a over comer in the face of adversity. I understand he has a drug addiction but sometimes I wonder how different it really is to playing video games all the time. All the money spent on games and the machines. Electronics it a major addition for this generation. They would not know what to do if they were faced with a situation of not having a home or money. We as a whole are so used to having the government take care of us. What if it collapsed we would have to fend for yourselves. Our society is so disconnected from everything today. I wish the man the best and hope that he can get help with his addiction because who wants to have something else controlling you. I know I dont and it is very hard with additions. But he seems like a fighter.. 
people are always so quick to judge anothers situation, ok its not something he is proud of, he isnt  boasting about it. I hate drugs and what they do to the body and mind. I think its unfortunate for him to be on drugs, needs to get help to get off them, and still live in the stump
I can't stand him either. He's a spoiled dirty brat. God gives him the coolest home in the world and look at how he repays it with evil. 
Now all the fags, are queuing up, theres a new sign hes got a new name for his house its called " HOME-0 HUMP-STUMP" I hear business is picking up 
Tragic to use your own situation to kick another while they are down. Perhaps you might consider using your energies to wage civil unrest toward the banking cartels who have us all by the fiscal about channeling some energy toward the corruption in politics or the corporate cartels? Thoughts for the future...Peace Out.
One of my favorite books as a child was "My Side of the Mountain."  It is about a teen-age boy who leaves home in the city and journeys to a mountain to live in a hollowed tree.  It becomes a story of survival and ingenuity.
tht was my favorite book too
+ASHLEY TONELLI Cool!  I remember the way the boy built the fireplace, knew which plants to eat (especially grinding acorns for flour), and how he planned for the seasons, fought loneliness and hunted and fished with only what he had at hand.  Like to read it again.
I think he's afraid of life. Used his "I was thrown out even though they gave me 4 months, i'm a victim" story as an excuse. 
Are you aware of the victims in our global village today? Did you know that there are 29 million slaves generating $30 billion dollars in revenue for someone? I think we should use our collective energies to wage civil unrest toward the banking cartels who have us all by our fiscal throats...or maybe the corruption in our political/corporate cartels. As long as we continue to bash one another these aforementioned cartels of corruption keep up their horrific games. Thoughts for the future. Peace Out.
I think that was a side of someone we could never predict.  I think that what he said, desperate times call for desperate measures.  You do what you have to do to survive!
+TulsaProject Yeah like a company is dying to hire some druggie who lives in a tree stump.....
I admired this guy up to 2:15, that burst the bubble for me! :(
If you've nothing nice to say, say nothing at all or consider keeping foul and negative opinions to yourself. Peace Out.
Ah, a fellow Taoist, yes?
00:31 mentions choosing the location because it was "close to my work" (with images suggesting the marina) What work would that be exactly?
His work is sifting through dumpsters unfortunately.
Living the dream.
I love how candid he is.
               you ingins never give up the ghost,but i glad you stopped deficating in the parking ramp are the camel urine curse of every muslim,and turn away when resvratrol is mentioned,or the tree of life you know why people kill animals,you bow to them,and call space heaven.bury your parents thats why.
OK yeh we are all expected to live a life that has been designed by the system , the system of compliance, born, school, job, retire and die, it's not a bad idea but every now & again we will come across people like him, don't ostracise him, he is intelligent the smarter you are the more likely find faults with how our leaders are behaving. But just to keep the piece we put up with bullshit like religion witch has caused nothing but kayos,, I'm Aussie our nit wit prime minister  ( can't  remember his name) tells us lies & talks about what he is going to do to look after us next year, to listen to such rubbish makes feel ill, he does make it clear he goes to church, every devout cristion I have meet is a total two faced weirdo who is hiding under a cloak of being nice then they must feel a bit insecure about it because they seem only to want to convert everyone.. I do not need some fairy tale to work out the difference between right & wrong or what is good & what is bad, bad? yeh  if we don't wake up soon the whole lot is going to rotted, as much as I am a pacifist and not into violence but we have to ride the earth of shit bags murdering child molesting, nut cases who are a waste of fresh air and food that should go to the down and out, take them out back of the court house stick a cigarette in the mouth a black bandage over there eyes & see yu latter...
he sucked a dick for 50 bucks lol
God is calling you out of the world.Be separate and Know that He is God.You have a bilical name,one of the fore apostles.Matthew the first book of the new testament.Find a church to ask for help if they truely arefrom Jesus,they'll help you.God Bless.Denise t.
The story would actually be pretty cool if he was just sort of a homefree dude peacefully living in a tree stump, the oral sex for money and the smoking meth kind of ruined the vibe of it though..
sooooooooo,,,,, basically your a tramp who lives in hobo jungle,,,, its sooooo cool,just minutes away from a good man on man blowjob,you got it made I wonder how much for a shaved asshole
any day now the cops will come escort me out of here, im glad I have no drug habbits to support so i don't end up giving handies in a park. but i do hope i can find a nice tree stump here in ny. =)
He Needs Jesus, And Just say NO to DRUGS!!!
LOL! I was going to type something similar, but I can't improve upon what you said.
He's categorically NOT a junkie. Junkie is a role that a person can play. He is not a junkie - however he's claiming he sometimes performs that role.
No one can maintain him self, stay clean, warm, dry, healthy, sleep normal, etc. All fake to have an out of the box story and draw viewers.
I was impressed untill he mentioned sucking down some chode for a fiddy.
50 bucks for a blow job? I know some crack head meths girls are so desperate I get one for 5 bucks! Now thats what you call a fuckin good deal!
Tree stump man please be careful not to BLOW your HARD earned BLOW job cash!
The tree is cool. The cock sucking ? nah.
There's a difference between finding the depiction and honesty of it beautiful, and the acts themselves which I wouldn't describe as beautiful at all.
This is youtube. Writing with perfect grammar is not necessary nor required. We get 500 characters to convey an idea. I wasn't defending a meth head, I was saying your expectation and solution to his problem was ridiculous and ignorant. The fact you think a homeless meth head can get a job is laughable. I was defending people like myself(an employee) and employers. A meth can't do what we can do and that is work a job, your comment is insulting to us who do work.
Broscicle, he's a junkie. If it's an offensive term, I'll use "addict" which is basically just a synonym of "Junkie".
The comments on this video show just how good everyone else has it and the extent of their sympathy.
don't hate on what i say but he kinda looks like cicero from the dark brotherhood off of skyrim.
I kept thinking, "who the fuck does this shit..You either have to be on drugs or mentally sick." Then he said he is addicted to drugs and I thought "YEP!"
video = WTF comments = priceless
He's a bit young to be in that position. Mind you if he's on CM ????
You tell speedmouse100 "Actually less of your kind would make this earth a better place." I was thinking the same thing about your faggot ass.
what!! you don't pay taxes....the government is going to arrest you
Don't do drugs or you could end up being gay, selling yourself for oral sex and living in a tree stump smoking crystal meth... This is the lowest point of life period.
He actually IS a junkie. He's addicted to crystal meth, he does work for crystal meth instead of money, he's a junkie. Live with it.
How the fuck did I end up here???
This is not a life stile this is not a life just sad! Get your stuff together man you don't have to get a job but you should work for a living lazy people more often then not have crappy lives.
Sucking Dick to live in a tree.. lol what fucking fuck job...
Perfect example of giving up, rather than bettering your life. Why settle for that, there's other options out there... apply yourself....
He feel safe -__-. How the fuck do you feel safe? He lives in the woods plenty of bugs,spiders,wild beasts and animals! He sell his self out for sex,he's sick his parents must be proud of his gayness. He's eating trash. Smoking and have a tree stump as a house -.- im totally paying attention in school, to get my edacation! He probably never got his edacation!
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