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US Military Harnesses Power of Lightning!

by SourceFed • 220,670 views

US Military Creates Lightning Weapon. Order your SourceFed Posters here: ‪‬ Our Source: Go to for our 5 daily videos or anything...

SourceFed used to be so awesome 
Why do these guys talk so fast.
another way to kill each other that's just great GO HUMAN RACE
I want real life Pokemon. US military, make it happen
aaww, now i feel bad... you dont have to stop commenting all together, just expect guys to be pigs towards lee and the other girl lol (trisha is it?)
Tesla's sonic disk. It operated on the principle that all atoms are held together on different wave lengths. He then would stunt the device to a specific wave length and the would set it on that material. In essence it could shake buildings apart..
I just invented breadstick racing
the fucking happy birthday commercial to this intro was probably the best transition i've ever heard
fuck. emp bombs wouldnt be a good thing
An actual working Gundam would be the shit.
If you like adventure read The Sorrowed King on
Makes me wanna dress up as Raiden.
A gun that shoots guns. That would be cool.
A weaponized space station that has giant cannons and rail guns! Powered by the SUN!!! Oh, and I guess a giant magnifying glass in space would work too...
There is such technology but they wont continue researching because large food industries wont allow it as they will go out of business. Its called the Fusion Torch
how come we have yet to "actually" use lightning to say, power a city? put up a ton of lighting rods with this laser on them... hook that junk up to some super fast charging batteries and store that crap up! I think just a few strikes would be enough to power a small city for a few days... we could use this to off set the huge power demands on really hot days or when it gets super cold.
did anyone else have a nerdgasm when the picture of Zeus from Age of Mythology popped up?
lol start peeing, about a month or two ago Sourcefed did an article on just that, for now it's just tiny little things that are being used for surgery, but it works along the same principles and if somebody wanted to it would not be hard to increase the size of the saber.
We won't need to worry about robots... haven't you heard, people are convinced there will a zombie out break first.
What's with all the high powered explosives? They can't be used without collateral damage anyway. I'd like to see more research into small arms and personal protection.
I still want a light sabre, RND needs to get to work lol
A lot of inventions are made for the military and then adapted for for ordinary life.
Energy swords, Mjolnir armor, and MAC guns
More advanced ways to destroy shit. What happened to good old fashioned baseball bats and matches
But, Elliott, won't the _computers_ be in charge of the weapons? How will we convince them to work for us?
i want the military to use a lightning weapon on these two douches!
Hand-held nuclear missile launchers
I'm sure this technology won't be abused, you know, like the microwave guns used on protesters.
A satelite that focus the solar power of the sun into one single spot, or miniature black holes.
Sorry, i mistook you for someone older, you are still getting touched by your creepy uncle. Fucking 12 year olds.
I want to see people using this for good rather than using it to 'liberate' countries deemed unfit according to the USA...
Also, as I said, the waiter DID screw up because he didn't double-check the order when he received it.
why why so much violence... why can't we all just get along and make things to help other people :(
Tesla only gave the idea of wireless electricity, but he never achieved anything in that field. There's no stealing here.
united states has a surplus of food, why would we do that
um shes in maxims top 100 list so i dont think she really cares what a 15 yearold says. every comment in a video shes in is like mine so really just stop. And when I posted it i didnt know it was gonna get 46 thumbs up.
can i use them to become zatch bell
Don't use an offensive name if you don't want to offend people
Johnny Depp has gained so much weight.
The best part of picattinny arsenal The FREAKIN water park
I would love to see angry bears with jetpacks.
rocket powered balloons that can turn a room into an oven
I'd love to use an oversized, super technologically advanced, state of the art, can opener to fight the terminator on its own turf. All the while shouting GET TO MY COPPAH!
Just because your uncle put his wiener in your mouth one time doesn't mean we are all into that. Why else would you be so obsessed with that?
Additional bonus in the coming years: invisible wireless electricity.. Everywhere. There are frequencies that have been tested to carry current in streamline that is semi-permeable, so one day we could just push a button and get a zap of electricity to charge up.
I want the green ooze stuff that makes Bane huge and unstoppable. SUPERHUMAN SOLDIERS!!!!
love how they used the pic from age of mythology for the Zeus pic...
err.. Because teleportation is instant across any distance, and it's point of origin would be untraceable maybe... don't know just a thought.
Rather see no weapons to be honest.
What ever happened to force fields and teleporting.
thats just your opinion. he achieved alot that the FBI had to keep all of his research paper in a vault because of national security reasons.. SO HE ACHIEVED SOMETHING. for this country to be plagiarists.
Do you think lightning guns are still in stock at WalMart?
Sharks with lazer beams on their heads... nuff said
I think blowing up unexploded landmines is an actual useful idea as those take lives and limbs to this day of civilians
Iron Man vs. Terminator hehehe
I want a kick ass weapon that can take out corruption in politics.
If lightsabers come out I will pee my pants out of pure excitement.
Am I the only one that isn't happy about MORE weapons being made...?
I wanna see a semen based projectile that shoots semen all over the target when it explodes.
Wow, so they have a weapon in development which can travel 50-100 miles and hit a target. Great. And kill the wrong people. As usual. Ever seen guided-bomb fuck ups? Yea, that. Only so far away that those who launched it can just pretend it never happened.
Right you are :D You're now more aware than half of the commenters in this thread, the country needs more like you lol
lol both of them doing the bf3 thum
Within an hour? Why so slow, at this rate we'll never have a Watchtower
What a nice way to sugarcoat the fact that the US is making weapons to fuck whoever they want.
Iron Man Suit!!!! I want to see an iron man suit.
Oh man, This was a topic on the MCA's (Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment)....who says those tests are a waste of time......
If I had a phaser I would do things...horrible things
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