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EC-135C Looking Glass

by jaglavaksoldier • 16,082 views

"Operation Looking Glass" provided at least 11 EC-135C command post aircraft to the Commander in Chief, Strategic Air Command (CINCSAC), which were either based at its headquarters at Offutt AFB,...

I was assigned to the  34th ARS in late 1960, as a ground crew member of the first KC-135A tail #58-007. General Tommy Powers was in charge then and Looking Glass was fairly new. During the three years I was there I logged almost 2,000 airborne hours including Chrome Dome over the North Pole and operation ZOT (upper atmosphere nuclear tests over Johnson Islands) in Hawaii. I came as an Airman 2nd class and left as a Staff Sgt. at Offutt when I was reassigned to Andrews AFB on the VC137's. In between and still assigned to Offutt I was part of the very first Operation Night Watch project using KC135's from Offutt at Andrews AFB. Night Watch was later equipped with 747's and called the "Doomsday Planes" by the press when they learned their mission purpose but "Night Watch" was still a favored name hung onto by the flight crews.
+Lee D. Hi Lee, I was a 43250 engine mechanic on Looking Glass from 1961 to 1964 at Offutt. We surely crossed paths then.
My father was a Tech. Sgt. on the first deployed Looking Glass from Offutt AFB. Robert S. Scott Feb. 3 1961. My mom has the clipping out the newspaper for that day with a pic. of the crew.
The aircraft were unique, being able to refuel and fuel while airborne. I was with the 2ACCS, Offutt AFB.
My father was a Tech. Sgt. on the first deployed Looking Glass from Offutt AFB. Robert S. Scott Feb. 3 1961. My mom has the clipping out the newspaper for that day with a pic. of the crew.  Makes me cry every time I look at it.  So proud of all of you
@ChopofSlap Boom operator? Are you sure you didn't mean a KC-135? EC-135C weren't tankers as far as I know, they were strictly flying command centers for SAC.
@odiesdad01 What years were those? My dad was on Looking glass as well 1981 - 1985
Another pre 1980 video clip. The EC-135C's at Offutt AFB all were equiped with P&W TF33 engines. This is equiped with P&W J37 Turbo Jet engines. This is unpainted also. I spent over 9 years at SAC Headquarters woking the EC-135, RC-135 and E-4 aircraft. Good Times.
I used to be a boom operator on the EC-135C at Offutt AFB, NE.
I used to work on the P&W TF33 engines at Offutt! P-9's were cool, P-5's were nasty and PW-102's were just odd.
I talked to my dad today, he has some pretty interesting stories. One he told me about was going to Offut AFB in 1988, the year I was born, and going into a SAC meeting room underground. He talked about how there were a bunch of timers counting down, each timer was from a missile that the Soviet's had launched and were in the air during the time he was there. I'm sure I'm missing parts of the dialogue, but I found it pretty interesting.
@Freesoler01 Yes, Boom Operator. The EC-135s that served as members of the Post Attack Command Control System (PACCS) including the Airborne and Auxiliary Airborne Command Posts had Boom Operators on the crew as the aircraft was equipped with an operational air refueling boom. And, unlike most other 135s, the ECs could receive fuel as well. This was by design. The PACCS aircraft were to depend on one another.
The EC-135C was officially retired over a decade ago and replaced with the US Navy E-6 TACAMO (Take Charge and Move Out) aircraft. The TACAMO now supports the Looking Glass mission.
One has been kept a airborune STRATCOM command post.
@Freesoler01 EC-135's were reciever and tanker capable which made them very flexible. Look at the back of any EC-135 and ye' will see a boom.. which requires the use of a boom operator.
Hello, Thank you for uploading this video on youtube. Can you tell me when the video was produced, and if there is any additional footage that I can find anywhere? My father was a logistics officer on Looking Glass, and I am trying to find more information about the project. I think I see my dad in the background of this video, but it's hard to tell for sure. Can you give me any more information on the video?
I remember my (step)dad flying on those missions during the 70's.
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