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Bill from Saigon - Revisited, Part 4

by Barry Dahl • 211,296 views

These are the last segments of the video shot in June at Ben Thanh with Bill and Chau. We went to a drink vendor at the market to have a Coke.

No sweat,mannnnnnnnnnnn! No sweat! Yolo!
i think he's not a real  vnese he could a French ...for the old system Why i said that just look his face vs deep eyes , high nose :) it;s just my thinking if u disagree sorry about that :)  finally i so admire his level of speaking E and his optimist.
Minh Duong Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
30/4/2014 Vừa rối mình vào chợ Bến thành mình không gặp ổng Ở cửa tây không thấy
hình như ông mất năm 2008 rồi bạn
Vậy à, tôi ngưỡng mộ ông cụ bạn ạ
Mr bill reminds me of my grandpa that died before I was born and he look very similar to me bill makes wanna cry R.I.P mr bill <33
kham phuc ong lao qua! chang biet abao gio minh moi duoc nhu ong ay!
2 anh chị này nói tiếng anh hay quá!
so to love him...hihihi
Ima get Bill drunk and meet his daughter.. Then maybe i'll take him to get a massage.. Then we will go eat at HOANG THANH'..
Please, look for Bill and buy postcards from him.
the youths should learn from this old grand dad.... get yoru F@#$ fat ass up and do some exercise.
can u tell me where i can read the newspaper article of Bill that Chau wrote about? I preciate it if u do Tony....=]]
Ong gia noi tu hoc tieng Anh tren phim,thuc ra cung dung day,ban xem phim phu de tieng viet cung giup ich rat nhieu trong viec hoc tieng Anh.Nghe Ong gia phat am cung chuan day chu.
@barrynabdahl: thank you so much!! :x
LOL I love him!!! If my grandfather is alive i think he'd be like mr. bill. I've never met my grandpops... he passed away before i was born
Mình rất ngưỡng mộ ông! Bạn đừng quan tâm là ông theo lính ngụy hay cộng sản, bạn cứ chấp vào quá khứ thì bạn sẽ tự phiền não với chính mình thôi! Phải gặp những người đã từng sống qua mới hiểu, có những điều họ không muốn nhưng bị ép buộc! Chúng ta đang bàn về vấn đề nói tiếng Anh của ông cụ, và cuộc sống hiện tại, nên đừng bàn lệch nha các bạn!
Mún gặp Châu ngoài đời we'. Có bạn nào bit ko vậy?
the girl who is translator so good . i want speak E as her in the future .
@xanh01 yeah the person who originally filmed him confirmed it, unless he is lying.
Coke in Vietnam tastes funny
that biotch at 2:20 is trying to hard to observe with no useful result hehehe
i wanted to to that too, but ppl told me he died last year ):
Great video ..BUT VERRY NOISY .. R.I.P BILL
He's a lovely, lovely man. Thank you for sharing Bill with the world. It makes you wonder what might have been had he been afforded more opportunities in life. I envy his happy outlook on life. "No Sweat Man" !!!
Vietnam has a very young population because few people live to old age due to enviroment and lifestyles health problems
@quoc12345 hi Quoc-i think he became famous because of these videos.
i've been to the market..... lot's of good food there
@viethoodforlife Oh really, I asked my newphew in Saigon to check him out at Ben Thanh market. Man, I hope he is still around. I have great respect for that man.
@oasisspirit , do u know when he passed away ? Young people should learn from his love of learning.
damn he just made me get up and get a can of cocacola xD. wat a happy man... kept me smile the whole time for 4video
Appreciate Barrynabdahl and Chau's work. You guys have brought good video clip to people who know how love and respect is
He is very understandable, and he seems to understand most of what the interviewer is asking. The girl seems to know full English and speak it very proficiently. Wow, I finally realize how monolingual we truly are in the U.S. Lets start teaching 2nd languages in the schools, starting from kindergarten!
Bill looks like he is American, is he full blooded Vietnamese?
I like you guy...! I hope i will speak like one day
@superMoneyca Yeah :( At least its like @theangrypickle96 said. He died a happy man.
Thanks Barry for the wonderful videos of uncle Bill. He was such an up beat and optimistic person. Rest in peace uncle Bill. God will take good care of you.
nhin video nay tui kinh phuc ong Billsaigon. nhin lai 14 con ca tra trong trung uong dang lam tui mot i. may anh chang tien si PHD viet cong khong dang di xach dep cho 1 nguoi dan binh thuong nhu Billsaigon. REPECT!
chung ta con tre vay tai sao khong lam duoc nhu ong,that dang xau ho?ong gioi qua chau rat kham phuc ong,chuc ong manh khoe ?chau se hoc tap ong?xem video cua ong chau co them niem tin roi cam on ong nhieu lam
Wtf 2 dislikes? FUUUUUUUUU....
I will continue to delete disrespectful comments from all of my videos of Bill. He was a great man and I will not allow his honor to be soiled by people with nasty things to say. Take it somewhere else. RIP Bill.
i am not going to leave hcmc untill i meet bill and i will but a post card from him .........he is so funny
I can't believe he passed 2 months late after this video....sad
I didn't realize he passed away. I wish I had the chance to meet him and buy a bunch of postcards for him. What a great lovable elder! Thanks again for these videos.
next time I go to that market in saigon I hope to see him
wow he seems like a fun person to be around hes cool
@Szanava Mất ngày 28 tháng 5 năm 2008 vì bệnh viêm phổi rồi bạn - He died on 05/28/2008 because of pneumonia. RIP Bill!
Tai sao nguoi Post Video lai noi RIP Bill ? Ong ay mat roi a` ? :(
you are his daughter lived in america? how many people living in the south vn speak enghlish, do you know? english speaker die for souhern vn, or he was english teacher csvn schools....forget street market talking no cultrure
@xanh01 i heard that he's dead, i dont know if it's true
damn, he's so good and confidence, his son and daughter must be so pround of him, love and respect you man <3 so sad that he passed away :(((
yea i'm going to vietnam and i'm gonna go to ben thanh, i wanna take a photograph with him, where in ben thanh can i find him? or do i have to ask around for bill ben thanh
2 people dislike???? why?????????????????
This old man is the new "cute" baby of teh internetz. irony lol
yeah, this old man was very admirable! but that "middle-age-female" is so rude, what the hell was she biting? so rude!!!!
Bill is the epitome of good in people! He only wants to meet you, friend you and get to know you a little. He was obviously a person at peace with himslef. He probably saw the worst in men, in people, & decided to just better be happy than hateful. Such a nice ole willl be 4ever remembered for being you, Bill from Vietnam. RIP (sob)
@violaatomic I did it in 3 months with the help of HBO. I was just 4 years old then lol!
@phudaica12 : chỉ cần biết ông ta thật đáng kính trọng, vậy là đủ :)
Have you been back to see him recently? I remember seeing him on my trip to Saigon in 2008. My family and I bought him coffee after buying a set of his postcards. In 2009, he was nowhere to be seen however and we were there everyday shopping for a whole week. I miss Bill, he always made me really happy to see him.
He is the great man, we have to learn from him.
actually he speaks either English or French ( a little bit ) very well .
Thật sự khâm phục, là tuổi trẻ, sinh viên như tôi học mãi tiếng anh cũng ko bằng ông, quả thật tuyệt vời
i wish i can meet you someday Bill ^^
Oh, I can't believe... how an old Vietnamese man can talk like this ?
Cam on Bill. Vietnamese people should be proud of you.
really are you sure??? I have to trip to vn coming up in March and really hope to see him.
@barrynabdahl you were so lucky to talk to him, he was a great man. You take it easy too my friend
@minhlylien my god is that true. i really want to talk with him. wow real shock . i have a deep respect for him
I WANNA VISIT HIM D; AND BUY HIS POSTCARDS HIS SO CUTE D: Is he always at cho ben thanh? cause ill search the whole place to see him :D
Man, I heard somebody told that he passed away. I feel very very sad and regret. Oh my god, I really want to meet him, talk with him and donate him a little but... Btw, " No sweat man !" I like it :)
I love the discussion about how small Bill is :) I spent a month in Thailand and it was totally a reverse culture shock when I got back! ...But I think landing in DFW had something to do with it too lol? Anyways, this guy is awesome. Makes me want to be back in SE Asia!!
he is so smart, a nice man to have a conversation with.
Lol. I wish my grandpa can speak like him. I would love to meet him.
Thanks alot man....i'll go back there soon, have to wait for my brother to finish year 12 so yeh...thanks
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