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The Damning Audio and Video Evidence on George Zimmerman

by mccainisthroughX • 5,895 views

There has been an enormous amount of conjecture and suspicion regarding george zimmerman and his killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, who had no weapon or illicit drugs on him at the time...

Audrey Brown Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
Remembering Trayvon Martin on what should've been his 20th Birthday today,Forever17. Still No Justice 02.05.95 - 02.26. 12 The Damning Audio and Video Evidence on George Zimmerman:
No, they never caught any1 at Taffes. They found no break in and no1 there when they responded. Also, the 8 burglaries by AAs is also a lie. Only 3 of 8 mentioned AAs. One mentioned a white guy. All FTs prejudices ie profiling. Dirty drunk racist bastid. Just like the rest of these losers.
We did actually notice that, and thanks for pointing it out. We can't wait until zimmerman is found guilty, which is guaranteed. zimmerman has already impeached himself with false and contradictory testimony on interrogatories and in Police Testimony, but the enormous amount of accounts about zimmerman's well-known propensity for violence, racism and abuse are coming out in droves. zimmerman stands a chance of being found innocent, but we'd say, realistically, that's less than 25% now. Be Well!
We agree. We're doing a few more videos on zimmerman, one of which includes segments of his recent interview on fox Comedy news, where he said "I don't regret what happened." zimmerman is scum, pure scum.
News: "Witnesses interviewed early on in the Trayvon Martin case later changed their accounts in ways that could undermine suspect george zimmerman’s claim of self-defense, according to a newspaper’s review of evidence recently made public." Witness 12: "A neighbor in the complex first told an agent March 20 that she saw two people on the ground, but wasn’t sure who was on top. Six days later, after seeing news reports, she said she believed zimmerman was on top of Martin." Goodbye zimmerman.
i wouldnt be so confident zimmerman will do even 15 years. Florida - Stand your ground laws, that is what people are forgetting. If zimmerman proves he was attacked which he obviously will prove, then he could VERY possibly get off completely, or even get the charges droppped to a low degree of manslaughter. In florida if you are attacked your allowed to use a firearm to protect yourself. And there is evidence of a lacerated nose/bleeding in the back of the head, contrary to this video
We know how you feel, and you are hardly alone in your personal disposition and opinion.
Less important who screamed. You can hear on the 911 call GZ is scared. TM has to be too if he's sane. To me it could sound like GZ has the gun drawn and TM screams while desperatly trying to direct it away, but that's only asumption. Zeroman was on a mission, he is the only who know the truth, and has since proven himselv unreliable, so we'l never know for shure. Don't think he planned the kill, but it seems he don't mind, and his excuse to the parents had a tone like ordering pizza on phone.
Some gun owners can't wait to pull that trigger and see what it does to somebody. POS!
I learn so much from you guys, this stolen chair thing is probably what enraged the crazed murderer, he was obsessed at catching a thief and wanted to use innocent Trayvon as the substitute for all the ones that got away, all because of a stupid chair, we need to keep idiots like this off the streets
I have no problem with people getting stoned so long as they do not harm others. In this case it matters greatly whether or not GZ was in full control of himself as he killed an unarmed kid.
Did it say if GZ demanded to be paid for the chair? You wouldn't want a psycho like that being too angry about a chair, he could come back and kill a bunch of people.
He should be tried for first degree murder, because he planned it ahead. It's very clear. He wanted to kill that boy that night.
The awful past will come back to haunt him ,it seems his judge daddy and lawyers didn't take the time to petition the courts to esponge his priors or we would have never known the details of them except by witness...
I noticed that some of the people on this post believes there is a possibility that TM was smothered. I believe I read a report somewhere (I don't know if the report is accurate or not) that TM had been examined from head to toes, to include his eyes & there were no indication of smothering or strangulation from the results of the eye examine (In other words, there was not a diagnosis of "Petechia Hemorrhage" given to indicate stragulation or smothering & both would produce this condition).
That's correct. zimmerman was not victimized, and he was not a Law Enforcement Agent of any kind, nor was he part of a "Community Watch." We'll have a new video up on the National Sheriff's Neighborhood Watch Statement very soon, later tonight in fact. zimmerman's neighborhood WAS NOT a registered "Neighborhood Watch," and, NO Neighborhood Watch groups allow firearms, or any weapons. zimmerman will pay for his murderous confrontational nature.
I don't even want to think about the nasty insulting things the murderer was saying to Trayvon as he had his filthy hands on him. They need to be quick with a guilty verdict.
We don't go in for that kind of "justice," but zimmerman may be victimized in prison. zimmerman deserves to be put away for life, or receive the Death Penalty, which we only agree with in cases of extreme violence, like Murderer zimmerman's circumstances.
Likewise. zimmerman is a career criminal, and he should never have been allowed to have a gun.
I agree. All of it adds up to GZ WANTED to handle this himself. It got out of hand when Tray failed to submit to his grabbing him to detain him. Tray's girlfriend said TM said, "Get off." All people say TM was mellow, a mama's boy, not a fighter. He tried to pin Tray down which terrified him, and no doubt hold a gun on him as TM screamed for help. If only someone would have come. Who shoots someone as they see cops arrive? A MURDERER.
It's time for me to get some rest because I assumed you meant his chair was stolen, it's still bad though because he should have known the worker had to get to his desk and his chair was in the way, it must have been a very expensive chair to have to put a lock on it. That coworker is blessed to be alive because that cutting the lock can set a psycho off because they refuse to admit when they're wrong, they did good and probably saved lives when they paid him for it.
I think so as well since it makes no sense for Zimmerman to scream for help when he's armed. Why would you scream for help, you can easily kill or severely wound someone with a handgun? Oi, Zimmerman fans have no sense of logic and it makes my head spin every time they mention that. My best bet is that it was a witness who got scared shitless from what they probably saw outside. I think I would scream myself if I saw what was going on with the altercation between them.
im not arguing that its right, zimmerman is a total idiot, but im being realistic, i don't believe that you need to identify yourself, and he didn't have his gun drawn, according to the story, zimmerman and the kid got into a fight, zimmerman got his ass kicked, then drew his firearm and shot him. stand your ground could very well hold up in a court in florida, once again not saying its justified by any means
Good question, within a wonderful comment. In our opinion, the Police Dispatch Operator meant "do not continue to follow him, you are not law enforcement, and if something bad happens, you will be liable." It could be spun both ways, as you lucidly pointed out. Agreed. Cheers!
Maybe frank was depressed because he did so much to defend GZ but GZ keeps digging his hole deeper and deeper and it will probably be found out that frank likes the thug boys too.
That's true. The pro-zimmerman crowd are racists with no brains. It's obvious that zimmerman disregarded Police Dispatch, and maintained his own course of deliberate and willful intent to engage in an altercation with an Innocent, Unarmed Child that had not victimized zimmerman in any way, and since zimmerman did not see innocent, unarmed Trayvon Martin commit any type of crime at all, it is profiling, stalking and harassment, provoking a confrontation which took a human life. zimmerman's done.
That's right. And, zimmerman lied to Police Dispatch when he said "OK," in agreement to discontinue his creepy stalking of an innocent, unarmed child. zimmerman will fortunately be put away in prison for 15-30 years for his disgusting crime.
No, we obtained it through legal channels. zimmerman was also fired from over 30 jobs for various issues involving hostility. zimmerman will go to prison for a long, long time, as he should, for murdering an innocent, unarmed child.
duh, i gave you 3 time areas to click on; click on them. his shirt is obviously the wrinkle free type and it was prob protected by his zipped up jacket bc of the wheather. candy and tea? his body was a lot stronger than z's. some people dont even have to get punched in the nose yet bleed others dont bleed easily at all. i think it all depends how much a broken nose would bleed.
The only supporters of murderer zimmerman, aside from his legal counsel, are racists that have tried to cast Innocent, Unarmed Child Trayvon Martin in a foul light, and they have failed terribly. zimmerman has recanted his story at least four times now, and the Judge will have to give the Jury instructions to disregard every single word of zimmerman's statements, which will be very damaging. zimmerman cannot use the SYG law, so he's reliant on his ever-changing story. zimmerman's done for sure.
I fell down a hill and fractured my knee. I heard a cracking noise. I immediately couldn't walk on it and it swelled up within a few minutes. I had to hobble back to my house. My mom broke her ankle and it did the same thing. Swelled up right away. That broken nose defense is a lie.
That's what I'm hoping for. Still, the most I can hope for is that all the facts are presented before the Jury and the Judge and we know all about what happened. Still so far the evidence is quite damning for Zimmerman with his character being a malicious person and him not getting too bad of wounds. If he got his head bashed into the sidewalk, he would have gotten way worse wounds than that. Zimmerman is a liar, I'm surprised his defenders hold value to what he and associates of his say.
Agree.Also, GZ says on his re-enactments and interviews all about how TM supposedly covered his mouth and nose with his hands. Kind of hard to yell constantly then, huh? And first thing you do when someone puts their hand over your mouth and nose is BITE their hand. Tray would have had marks all over his hands and body from GZ fighting for his life, but he had only 1/4" abrasion. He didn't beat anyone up. GZ couldn't manage to scratch him? Must be a real puss.He shot him on top, witness said.
From what I've heard, he sure had to walk pretty far from his vehicle to get an address in a neighborhood he's obsessed with protecting, why put himself out there in a wide open space if he really thought Trayvon was armed which he implied when he said Trayvon had his hand in his waistband, he was already preparing his self defense claim because he planned to murder Trayvon near his truck but the plan was messed up when Trayvon ran.
That's probably true. zimmerman seems like a blowhard and it's hardly likely he'd be such a tough guy without a pistol. The whole thing was preventable, if idiot and murderer zimmerman possessed just a teaspoon of brain cells.
Thanks, and we couldn't agree more with your surgically accurate comment. We also watched zimmerman's bail trial this morning, and his attorney, Mark O'Mara got slapped by the judge for trying to keep zimmerman from cross examination while delivering his own personal statement. The Court wouldn't have it, nor O'Mara trying to try the case in a bond hearing. Of course zimmerman was again found to have deliberately concealed assets and was promptly returned to jail. Have a good Fourth of July!
I don't know if this is an American thing, but does 'We don't need you to follow him' mean 'We don't WANT you to follow him'? or does it mean 'We don't NEED you to follow him, but we'd appreciate it if you did', which is a way it could very easily be interpreted, at least in the UK. Nonetheless, obviously George Zimmermann is a murdering cunthole for being a child-murderer and deserves the chair. Or prison. You know what happens to child murderers in prison, right, Jorge?
Nice fairy tale with a bad ending. Too bad nothing supported your made up story.
That's a good point, and one that can be dismissed somewhat easily with the testimony of Audio Experts, who can deduce that it is not zimmerman, and may well have been a witness screaming from a window or yard. It doesn't actually help zimmerman, especially since the screaming stops abruptly with the gunshot, indicating it was probably innocent, unarmed Trayvon Martin screaming for help. zimmerman has trapped himself with contradictory testimony, an irrevocable problem for george.
Largely everyone on both side resorts to character assassination but the way I see it is assume they are both thugs one is armed and is stalking the other that isn't. This law in puts Trayvon in the right justifying his defense by fist. In the end what it promotes is the gun is always right: Had Trayvon armed, assuming equal justice enforcement for either race, instead shot Zimmerman for stalking him there would be no charges. Zimmerman's gun would have bolstered the claim of self defense.
"miraculous" AIIHT. Ayo, also, take into consideration that witnesses & the police report say the shot happened 5-20 seconds before an officer got there. And that a witness says that GZ was pressing down on his back immediately after the shot. And that experts say it was TM screaming. Given all that,sounds like GZ held him at gunpoint, heard & saw the sirens arrive and shot him in the heart & flipped him face down in the grass so he couldn't get another "Help" out or live to tell the story.
I hope he gets hit with a "hate crime." That will increase his sentence a bit.
First deception is a picture of Travon when he was 8. I clearly hear Zimmerman say "It's fucking cold" I also had some racist ear wax a few weeks ago thanks to all the media race baiting but I shook off all that shit. Last but not least if Travon felt threatened in any way he did have his cell phone and could have dialed 911 himself. With that said I believe Travon wanted to put a beating on Zimmerman and got himself shot for his trouble.
Yes, we have heard that, but we don't know all of the details yet. Allegedly, there are some witnesses corroborating each other saying that Trayvon Martin was screaming for help while zimmerman was ordering Trayvon Martin to lie down on the ground. We're going to do a followup video with more details soon. Thanks for posting that too!
The racist fans of GZ can lock arms with him and go to prison to help him fight off real thugs who will show him what a real bashed head is like, he will no longer have to lie about almost blacking out.
Yes, zimmerman is a total criminal, and soon, he'll be in prison, where he will never get the opportunity to murder an unsuspecting, innocent, unarmed child. zimmerman will enjoy prison, he'll be among his own kind, except for those wrongfully imprisoned.
Thanks for replying. Agreed, "do not continue to follow him, you are not law enforcement, and if something bad happens, you will be liable" is exactly the inference that most right-thinking people would draw from the dispatcher's comment, I just think it's a shame he wasn't more concrete about his orders. Let's hope the judge is a 'right-thinking' individual, huh?
Yes, zimmerman is a hateful racist degenerate and a murderer. zimmerman might enjoy prison; he'll be there a long, long time.
asses like them still own the duke lacross players an apology.
Actually, it's coming from outside, according to the numerous experts who have examined the recordings. It stops abruptly as the gunshot is heard, leaving reason to believe it was the voice of innocent, unarmed child Trayvon Martin, plus the fact that several witnesses have said "it was the voice of a boy crying for help." The only witness supporting zimmerman's initial claim that zimmerman was "under" Trayvon Martin has now recanted and said "I don't know who was on top." It's over for george.
Hey. Can you send me a private message with the prosecution's info so that I can send him some stuff myself? I'd appreciate it.
There are many witnesses from the crime scene itself, and the ones that previously seemed to support murderer zimmerman, have recanted and altered their accounts, and not in murderer zimmerman's favor. Nothing zimmerman has said is true, not a word, and now he's lied to the Judge, a huge mistake that may alone cost murderer zimmerman his future. zimmerman told Police Dispatch he was "following" innocent, unarmed Trayvon Martin, they told him no to, murderer zimmerman ignored them. He's done.
@mccainisthroughX If you haven't noticed already, Zimmerman can be heard loading his gun in the tape. /watch?v=6aVwPqXc-bk @2:12 Just in case you missed it.
If he didn't follow him to begin with regardless what the circumstances is then trayvon martin would still be alive because TM never knew about GZ when he was walking in the neighborhood in the beginning
True. But I still think there will be some sort of plea agreement. He'll probably end up with a manslaughter charge after all and be out in a few years.
There are no "Phony pics" in this you Idiot. It's Scumbag michelle malkin the POS who posted "Phony Pics," the apology appears on the stupid and unwatched site "twitchy," which makes republicans twitch with rage over THEIR Commander in Chief, President Barack Obama, the man who is responsible for killing Our number one enemy, bin Laden, whom the gop incompetents failed to get after over 7 years. Mission Accomplished, under President Barack Obama. Now run along kid, you've more mistakes to make.
Thanks for clarifying that. & I agree, no one knows for sure. I just hope they don't set the precedent that you can convict someone of a murder charge with vague probabilities for facts. That would not be good for the black or white communities in America or the world. Its USA.
Where's the bridge bump a month later?? We all saw him in court! His nose was perfectly straight - have you ever gotten a broken nose? Have you ever seen someone with a broken nose? Jacket Zipped up where was the blood on the jacket?? Where's the "my life was on the line" against this kid walking home with candy and an ice tea? No blood on his shirt, no blood on his jacket, if your fighting for your life - your shirt wouldn't look like it was perfectly pressed from the dry cleaners!
Well, we weren't there, so we don't know definitively, but only one gunshot is heard in the audio tapes, and innocent, unarmed victim Trayvon Martin was shot once. Be Well!
The only real thing I think that helps Zimmerman is Trayvon's dad saying that he was not screaming for help in the tape but not much else plays into his favor. Aside from racist assholes on youtube making racial slurs (seriously just read the comments on TYT's videos and you're guaranteed to find a bunch of racists), his defenders don't have much and I have debunked every argument out there in favor of Zimmerman. As I said the only thing that favors Zimmerman is Trayvon not screaming for help.
We sent you the info you requested. We suggest keeping it succinct, and only submit something you believe to be of seriously potential value.
Dad Zimmerman shouldn't expect too much help financially until there's proof he's sold the cars, the house and exhausted his savings and maxed out all his credit cards and do all he can to make sure other family members and friends have done the same.
if zimmerman didnt have that gun,i guarantee you he would not have had the balls to follow a 17 year old black kid down a dark walkway
Hey Insurance! There is a Youtube video that I watched which is very good. It is called,"12 whites who knew TM." They all give an their opinions. They were all articulate and you can see that they are good pople. There are many whites who think like them, especially my bosses and they denounce racism completely! GZ has got 4 arrests, assaulted a policeman and, a woman and has gotten away with so much due to his daddys connections. He is mentally depraved and an emotionally disturbed man.
You replied to me instead of the owner of the video. I'm just now learning about cops being called on a 9 y/o, that murderer GZ is a crazed lunatic and will probably shoot a small toddler for picking up candy that doesn't belong to him, we need to lock these crazy people up quick.
LOL! No surprise really. zimmerman's not only a habitual liar and three-time felon, but an idiot as well.
Yes, that makes some sense. No matter how idiot and murderer zimmerman presents his constantly changing story of lies, george will be convicted and sentenced to anywhere from 15-30 years of prison time. zimmerman is definitely guilty of causing innocent, unarmed child Trayvon Martin's death, that's not really an issue to normal people, only racist degenerates dispute it. zimmerman will be tried in Fall, and he'll go down for his vile crimes.
Why do you post such sad comments for the racist fans of GZ, they don't want forensic experts to help expose the lies of GZ, they want him to walk free because they want a race war. They're so stupid because they don't realize their family members could die in a race war. It's terrible to be stupid because stupid ain't good
It's extremely unsettling, hence our "warning" about the content. Thanks for posting too!
100% right, and zimmerman will pay the price by going to prison for 15-30 years, probably for Second Degree Murder.
Yes, Stalker and Murderer zimmerman IS a Habitual Felon kid, you must be one of those "Slow" kids who has to count to ten using both hands. Stalker and Murderer zimmerman has a long record of violence, having been arrested for "Violence Against a Law Enforcement Officer," having a "Restraining Oreder" against It for "Violence Towards a Woman, " and having been accused of "Pedophilia" and "Child Molestation." Fail kid, zimmerman's nearly as criminal as joe "The Rat" ratzinger the Pedophile.
Shoot a person in the chest while they are supposed to be on top of you and that person's blood is not on you. They are going to get this guy on the evidence. I cant wait to see how GZ is going to explain the straight gunshoot angle in TM chest as he was shot while standing.
Notice from your audio - it sounds like you can hear him exit his vehicle and start running towards the subject. He is out of shape and you can hear his breathing starting to get huffy as he sprints towards him.
Yes, zimmerman is a career criminal who was desperate to use his pistol, and he is guilty of stalking and instigating an altercation that resulted in zimmerman murdering an unarmed, innocent child on his way home, in fact running from creepy stalker and murderer zimmerman. zimmerman will be sent to prison for sure. Best guess, zimmerman will be put away for 15-30 years. Be Well!
The likely cause of death is a solitary gunshot wound. We haven't heard any reasonable hypotheses that victim Trayvon Martin was "suffocated" or "strangled."
Ok was Zimmerman even by law able to own a gun. didnt he have a domestic violence conviction?
That's right. zimmerman will impeach himself when the interrogatories are conducted. zimmermnan's story has already changed a few times, and will continue to do so, since zimmerman is not telling the truth. zimmerman tried to create an alibi when he started stalking innocent, unarmed Trayvon Martin, and the prosecution will focus on zimmerman's profiling and stalking. It's very likely that murderer zimmerman will be put away for 15-30 years, as he rightfully ought to be. Thanks for posting too!
wait a minute how many times was Trayvon shot once or twice?
GZ's account fits TOO well with all the elements required to justify ;deadly force'. He alledges that Martin 1. ambushed him immediately after saying "You got a problem Homie" 2.beat him so badly that he feared his only escape fom certain death was to use his loaded hollowpoint weapon. 3.covered his mouth so he could no longer breathe or yell for help 4. verbally let GZ know the intent was to kill."your gonna die motherfucker" All in the space of 90 seconds and with the cops on the way. cont
zimmerman will get 15-30 years, he slipped out of a death penalty ruling since the FBI has found no "hate crime," but he won't fare well with his recent setback, after his bungling Defense team had successfully moved for a change of Judges. Uh Oh! The new Judge, Seminole County Circuit Judge Debra Nelson, who is also handling murderous Kook zimmerman's wife's Perjury trial. Judge Nelson is incredibly tough on criminals like zimmerman. zimmerman will go away for a very long time, thankfully.
I'm not convinced that the murderers minor bruises aren't self inflicted. The evil racist fans of GZ say Trayvon was a thug but I know for sure that a real thug would know how to properly bash a head in and shoot GZ with his own gun, Watch my video Was Trayvon Martin Really A Thug and you see why it's hard for me to not believe the murder was played out in the psychos mind many times before he found the perfect sized target like Trayvon, he not the huge MMA fight the racist want to make him.
The best they can do is call names because they can't make the murderer's lies make sense, GZ is surely headed to prison if all he has is these idiot fans and his wanna be famous lawyer to depend on.
Don't worry, zimmerman will be sent to prison for a long time.
You are correct. zimmerman's a habitual liar and a natural-criminal.
youre willfully ignorant like typical trayvon supporters. his nose has a bump on his nose bridge. before he didnt have any bump. and theres stains on his jacket. hes wearing a T- shirt type not a collar type. and his jacket was prob zipped up out in that whether when he was attacked. it cant even be seen whether its tucked in here. even if it was doesnt prove anything. maybe its long or maybe he retucked it or maybe it ends at his belt line. are you blind and dumb or just devilishly misleading?
The wanna be cop GZ should have been able to help capture at least 4 burglars out of 8 burglaries and how do they know they were black, it's not like GZ to see the perps and not do all he can to capture them, I can picture an idiot like GZ actually shooting at burglars and putting the lives of others at risk. This makes me wonder even more if GZ set it up to make people think he was needed as a watchman.
100% correct, and the Jury will agree with you too. We see an unavoidable conclusion to this case; stalker and murderer zimmerman, a two-time, habitual felon, will be put away for at least 15-30 years for his murder of an innocent, unarmed child who was simply walking home fast to avoid zimmerman's murderous stalking, when zimmerman got between zimmerman's intended victim and his rightful home. Innocent, unarmed Trayvon Martin was entitled to "Stand His Ground," not murderer zimmerman. Be Well!
Exactly. Keep posting vids because you nail it right down. The emotional witness who called 911, a female, who was interviewed on AC twice, says in both the 911 call and on air that it was Zimmerman on top. She states the man was on top when he shot Tray and then walked off. CASE CLOSED. GZ has told too many lies and the witnesses and forensics are contradictory to his fairy tale. He WILL be convicted. Even his lawyer doesn't want to face a bail hearing because he will crash and burn.
That's probably a good approximation of what happened. No matter how you look at it, zimmerman had previously stated very clearly, on a Police Dispatch audio recording of zimmerman's phone call, "OK," stating unequivocally, that he would not pursue innocent, unarmed child Trayvon Martin any further after zimmerman was told not to by Police Dispatch. We're going to contact the Prosecution and submit several points that will be helpful as they formulate the substance of their case. z's done.
why are u posting fony pics. right there your bias is exposed.
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