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MW3 MOAB MONDAYS So Close FLAWLESS 23-0 by Whiteboy7thst

by whiteboy7thst • 311,815 views

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i am a goat you are the best whiteboy
I've Been playing from like a WHOLE MONTH ! And didnt get even 1 MOAB ! Not even Close !
It would be cool to see an mp7 or pm9 moab i know u can do it
So I'm assuming that you didnt have hardline pro. Sorry bro.
if anybody has xbox live someone friend me XxOGxMYT3RDxX
Yo Alex plz make more trolling bids luv dat stuff bro is like weed
First "F" on a test and reaction
Start to sing so i can say play that funky music white boy then you look it up and listen to it
plzz look at my vid i just started it will mean alot
also notice the game timer goes from 6:31 to 5:36 and the scores and killfeed change... Splicing at work? 0.o
im a goat lol add me ps3 legit _snypzz
he still got flawless 23-0 tht is respectible go whiteboy7thst!!!!
Your a whiteboy7thst. I'm a Asainboy8thrd.
(\_/) (-'_'-) (")_(") I LIKE BUNNIES
I was playing Face Off 3v3 and then i almost got moab I had 18 kills and 0 deaths and the saddest part was that I was only using MSR :( But then my teammate got the final kill (Kill Confirm) I told him to not take it but he did and it should be my first moab :(
some 1 tell me how to fix mw3 disk read error
First ten subs get subbed back. (;
can u do another live stream plz whenever?
You seem to a queer seeing your hating on him like a gypsy.
Get a moab with the pm-9 with a thermal it looks like a airsoft gun.
Love your trolling vids keep them up.
Like and subbed! :P Happy B'day! :P
He should sing "they see me moabing on mondays. Patrolling they tryin to catch me moabing on mondays "
can u make a vid of ur classes and stats
ive been paying my gypsy protection bills
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Hey, no way you're reading my comment! Since you are, I make COD videos in HD, I've gotten 22 MOABs and awesome gameplays in MW3 so far, You must be thinking "Pfft, what's so different about this guy's channel?" Well, I'm only 13 years old, and I don't have a squeaky voice. Even went 16-0 Flawless in One In The Chamber (FFA Gunplay) So if you could just check my channel out that would be great! Thanks, and I hope you give me a chance! :) ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
The internet does love white boys
that is so weird my 10th birthday was my worst birthday
Hey whiteboy I don't know If u are going to read this but I got a throwing knife over the map bank shot I have no way to record it and i wanted to see If u could go check it out my name is LMN8TR and my clan tag should be GOAT Ps thanks if u check it oit
I'm a goat. xD Psn card pllzz?? Lol
did anybody else realise @1:44 till 1:49 he gets flashed and somehow manages to get from the main road to the small building at the back of the map in 4 seconds? blind without being killed or walking into a wall.
please do more skateboardd vidddssss :)
if u can get 5 moabs a day thats not skill thats sad get a life
No one will probably read this but Im tuna and I know there is a lot like me Im in a school of other tuna and Im proud of it I want to get noticed for what I do, and I promise Im an o.g. tuna? Just let me swim around and show ou if you check me out ill swim around you and tickle you itll be a tuna tickle Make my dream come true please
hey guys i just started to get used to youtube so if u want to see me trying show u goes a special glitch come to my channel ill upload for guys and might be some gamplay laters
I hate it when dat happens soo close and yes the Internet LOVES whiteboys (mostly the ones from 7thst of corse)
Hey how can u do the C4 to destry without to put R2? Can someone help?Ps3 t_nic0las13 And something another can someone tells me how to upload videos on the yt? Thanks a lot
when are you playing against SANDY RAVAGE? Lets see two great players in an epic series with epic comments (like EL PRESADOR TYPE) why no? you are all white, no body will say bad things about you right?
Can someone watch my moab on my Chanel
How do u do such good videos can u tell me please because I'm trying to make my videos good
@xXttz23Xx ... do your really think he cares about your one, little comment on how he can't get moabs every week like you can? ask yourself.
Maybe not highschool, but first kiss?
when i first saw your youtube name along time ago i though you were a rapper :D
Look at my vids and if you like them subscribe!
you love my skin? wtf? I am freaking NOT white, ok? and I'm not black either.
u should join the creatures withe uberhaxornova ssohpkc kootra danznews there are all funny like u
If u were using hardline pro u would have got that M.O.A.B
if that noob didn't take your kill the whole gameplay was gonna be awesome ps white boy it's not mobe it's moaaa...b
have you ever thought that he didnt get any kills and just fast forwarded it. he still had the same killstreak and the same fall ACR suppressed that he picked up
You know, he just jumped over that because nothing interesting happened in that part..
damnit i missed your birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY
danggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy birthday whiteboy u the boss of trolling
ima GOAT anyone know what i should amek my psn name my name is frankie jones? i want it rpo?
I went 23 kills and 1 assist on Resistance and I had Hardline Pro..... then the game ended...
This is why its best to play Ground War if you want to get a moab.
I Just Subscribed add me on xbox anyone Wayz Posion GOAT
At 1:42, you get flashbanged, and then all of a sudden are in a different spot on the map, with 1 minute of game time missing...hmmm and u still got all these likes? Wake up ppl how didnt u notice
u r a discrace MattDis its for fun
would you marry lol..... ;D add me on ps3...(MAS76) i loved to move my knee cap and still do! oh yeah lol
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