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Day 1 - Muzzle Flares, Revisited (12 Days of VFXMas)

by BrandonJLa • 1,736,610 views

Watch THE ROCKET JUMP: Our first tutorial is kind of required viewing so see this first! We reveal a couple of...

It's 12 days of vxfmas and there's only 10 episodes... Illuminati confirmed
Как меня заебали америкосы!!!
Как меня заебали такие как вы.
Как мне, глубоко по хуй, на таких как вы!
I love your videos there sick
you could've used rotoscoping
I'm just starting in out in my after effects class and I know I'm not going to get to anything like this here, but my question is what was already installed in after effects that you guys used and what was a effect add on/plug-in?
whenever i put composite layer on top, the glow doesnt work
When I add the Bullet effect, I becomes slightly transparent when paired with a video =( HELP!!
If I'm not wrong, if you have After Effects CS5 and or CS6 you can track whatever is moving (weapon) in a built in program called Mocha. Search a tutorial :)
You need to slow down and explain in more depth
Check out my job! /watch?v=-QFHoDBjOxo
you can't be serious? Windows Movie Maker is the shittiest editing software next to iMovie, NO, YOU CAN'T DO THIS ON WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER!!! fucking dumb ass
but my weapon is moving in the shot, how can I make the mask move, or how can I redraw the mask without the lost one vanishing?!
dude you are so dumb, you must be the worst editor ever, check out what he says at 0:24 "so, the first step here, is to mask out the gun in AFTER EFFECTS"
What's the "action censor pack" he mentioned in about 1:30 ?
Which video is the one where Freddie tells us how to make good death sounds?
You guys don't have to be so pissy with him. There was a point in YOUR life when you didn't know what after effects was.
Fuck that the comment was a joke and a very hilarious one at that!
Well, the newest version of AE has automatic rotoscopy.
"Hi. How can I help you?" "Could have some of your spent shells please?" "... Uh Okay"
Okay, be nice. Everyone has their beginnings, and believe it or not you didn't know at a time.
I don't know how exactly to do it in after effects but you probably have to key-frame the movement which is basically making a key-frame at one point in the clip (when your mask appears for example) and then where you want it to be in the next few frames.
draw the first mask then press the arrow next to the mask twice and click the stopwatch.
Don't listen to anyone else, It's windows movie maker
What kind of editing program is he using?
Adobe After Effects, it goes for about a thousand pounds/dollars from some stores but you can find it cheaper in others. If you buy after Effects CC, for $17 a month, you can use after effects for as long as you continue paying, a cheaper option for most people.
this is vary similar to photoshop wow thank you digital media class :)
the muzzle flash doesn't take much time so u can check out this tutorial of jessepitela2 :''Advanced Muzzle Flash Tutorial - After Effects CS5 Future First Person Shooter''
Frame by Frame.... Yeah, it's difficult. Lol.
After Effects is a compositing program.. He uses premiere now for editing.. Just clearing it up :)
NIce Tutorial! Keep up the good work.
why you having laugh at him ? I can have a laugh at you if you would ask me what editing system do we use in big film productions. And by the way, to those of you who don't know what software is he using: Adobe After Effects with Action Essential 2 pre rendered footage of muzzle flashes, explosions etc. Nothing creative but it works.
please check out my action video /watch?v=ppuD5sOiYRc
Very cool tutorial, but in real life Muzzle Flashes are big only at night. In daylight you can't see them well, but there is a lot of smoke. At night Kalasznikow Muzzle Flare is 0,5 m (whoa). But shotgun muzzle flare is like more than 1 meter lenght
there are two play buttons. One is just the regular play icon. The other is at the far right. It should be the last one. That one plays sound
just turn on keyframeing for the path property of the mask. That simple. Or you could use after effect's roto brush, but that may or may not be nesecary.
you should show a video of how to do this stuff in a cheap program like motion 5
kinda a dumb question but when he mask out the machine gun does he just keep the mask in the same place or does he move it along with each frame?
I was helping you out and also agreeing with you that the question is dumb lol, remember, you said it not me, but you know, you're welcome and stuff
If you guys cant afford after effects there is Hitfilm 2, its really good and has motion tracking and everything for like $399 for the top one.
it is only one frame just apply it to that one frame
I make that kind Of Vids too with Windows Movie Maker! (I am a Lyer)
no when he cut it and put it together i know this guy cuz i talk to him
will work just fine, but for motion tracking, you´re probrably gonna need bcc 8 or 7
I think it's doesn't accept AVI files so go to to this website online-converter(Dot)com and just convert the AVI video file into another Video file format and if it doesn't work try another format :D
Set a keyframe for the "mask path" then each frame move the points of the mast to fit the place you want to cover.
Just cuz you met him at some sorta convention doesn't mean you "know" him
Can you keyframe the mask so it follows the gun frame-by-frame
Where does he get the smoke for his gun effect Like what effects pack
Looks more like iMovie to me since he was using a mac. ;)
What Editing software are you using?
you're a dumb ass lmao, this tutorial was done in Adobe After Effects, Adobe After Effects is used for VFX, they use Final Cut for editing, they're two different things, don't comment unless you know what you're saying
Create a track matte for the gun, then parent it to a null object that was created from a motion track of the gun (try to track a point at each end of the gun, and make sure points are high contrast). Then parent everything else onto the null and pre-compose it so that the matte (set to inverted) will hide the shape of the gun from your muzzle flash. Remember to add glow to an adjustment layer so it will pass in front of the matted layer. Good Luck -Tyler
To make your mask move with your video you've got to go to mask settings and click the small stopwatch next to mask path. Then every frame you'll need to modify the mask. When your done with that, the mask moves like you animated it.
but your gonna need a complex shape for UUH OH I DONNO A MACHINE GUN?!?!?!?! hahaha freddie as capt.obvious
Everyone, check out Film Riot, they're amazing, best special effect tuts ever!!!
GREAT tutorial Freddy, THANKS!
He don't edit with After effects... -_- You can't edit with After effects... >.<
Dude you can't do ANYTHING on Windows Movie Maker. It's hard enough to cut a home movie let along do this!
If you watch some of his videos and go frame by frame its not Action Essentials 2 because I have Action Essentials 2 and the smoke doesnt look the same.
u mask perfectly in sony vegas pro
a tiny flash. You want to make it look good but if you want realism, small, if you want a Hollywood style approach, you do a big flash.
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