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Acting for Action w/ Sung Kang - Lesson 2

by The YOMYOMF Network • 311,908 views

WATCH EVERY LESSON HERE! YOMYOMF Network's new comedy webseries "ACTING FOR ACTION W/ SUNG KANG," revolves around a delusional actor named...

Its so hard to believe that sung kang is 42 right now
"You show me yours and then we'll show you ours." Thats what she said!
lol how chester acted, I would have acted the same way.
I died when sung kang started "crying" LMFAO
when sung kang's crying, he looks like having an orgasm
thank God for YOMYOMF
Sung Kang has such a great sense of humor!
YouTube for established Actors - Lesson 1: Have an intro thats less than a minute. 5 seconds is ideal. I got bored and nearly clicked away.
OMG Chester he made me cry he's not only an AMAZING singier but and actor to maybe he can dance he'll be a triple threat ( musical theater terms)
Chester why must you b such an amazing actor? I will b ur Juliet anyday
2:23 I'm Chester the molester and I'm sensitive. XDXDXD
@FangHoruseusBM Yeah , but juliet took a potion to make her look dead and romeo didn't know and killed himself .
saw a commercial for you and stallone now have to go see it looks awesome
I fucking love Sung Kang. Amazing actor! Love ya Sung!
Bahahahaha the forest gump scene!
was that a real language what true said?
What Do I Have To Do To Be That Mannequin?
its chester see he has a channel. he sings and do komedi.
you cant die bubba! cracks me up every time i hear that
.....Da heck did I just watch :)
I'm cracking up lol who the fuck came up with this. XD
OMG i know that opening, its from the old Hong Kong movie!!!
just search for : sad piano. and click on the crying man
Haha chester hand on that doll's boob i can't tear up i can't its too funny omg hahahah
How do u shoot urself in the head first then shoot him lol so goofy
OMG!! I CRACK UP XD jajaj i love sang kang!! <3 so funny
lol isnt the intro like the exact same as golden dragon films.. i think
sung voice...!! is sooooooooooooo dammmmmmnnnnn seeexxxxyyyy...!
"I'm Chester the molester and I'm sensetive!" XP I died at that part!!!!
actually... i didn't cry on sung kang part i LAUGHED! but i did cry at chester's part.. literally cry.
Chester's acting...i almost cried...
.... Chester is the hottest man I have ever seen....
Chester The Molester xDDDD Dead hahahah
Chester's acting...IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL c':
i can watch this forever and never get old of this
did anyone make any words out of the scene that sung kang did cause i only made out the last words "i can't live without u"
But... Why is Sung Kang's soul British? XD
I know, I know. loI I pay more attention to movies and remember almost everyone that was in them including supporting roles.
LMAO! Antonio cracked me up.
That was actually pretty good acting from chester
"You show me yours and I will show you ours." LOL
Chester the molester HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
If anyone ever starts copying you, just say a tongue twister. Works every time.
chester the molester.... not a nickname you want to have
Hell yes. He's so gorgeous and it was like, beautiful ;-;
XD this is what he does on his free time really? good job haun good job
Lol wtf. Han is funny as hell
damn i actually watched that teenage mutant ninja commercial -__- i mean he did say "don't click that thing"
what does dying have to do with bubble tea?
wow, he's good. i can feel his emotion even though he only talks to the doll.
chester, you did that better than sung kang which happened to be your teacher :/
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