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Mac Miller - Miley Cyrus (party in the usa remix)

by TreeJTV • 2,901,487 views

Mac Miller The High Life (mixtape) 12.1.09

weed is chilidish. the gentlemans drug is coke but fuck it im gonna be a child forever lol
Its Funny Y'all Think Coke Is Okay Lol What Is This World Coming Too Smh
Crazy to see how much better he is now
I love macs new music too and but these were the best summers in my life man.. im never gonna get this free again and it had something to do with his music.. i like deep shit too but its no the best for you when youre already down
Like if you're still listening to this in 2014!!! ❤️ Where my real Mac fans at?! 😍
Never stopped bumping to the old Mac 2014 almost 2015💵🎊🎉
it's hard to listen to this without being high
lol nice to see the og mac fans in the comments
I'm really digging this zD
im so high i can't remember if thats greater or less then
he was only like 17 years old at the time. Good shit
and you're a paper/plastic product that girl's bleed on
ha love this song its awesome it puts a smile on my face
Listen to the mixtape Macadelic it has songs with deeper meaning
Wont find the donald trump kids here..
Its so sad, that he had changed his style such extreme... Sorry for my english, im from germany :S
This new mac is better than the old. Better beats better lyrics. Growing as an artist
did you really copy and paste this on all of these videos. -.-
The chorus was shitty as fuck, I LIKE IT!
2013 and I just found this hidden gem of music lol
listen to that miley cyrus verse? bitch
how is he an idiot?, fuck, some people say the stupidest shit on here
Hahaha mac turns shit songs to good songs
haha, i'm an idiot? you can't even spell "your" in the proper form haha
lmfao jk that was a joke calm down
Pleeeeaase make shit like this!!! *-*
I heard Miley Cyrus did a remix to this
I swear this shit was at 5,000 last time I watched it. No jokes
No not really, but i dont make rap songs or something :D
check out hu goodfellas yall. some other white dudes be snappin. but no disrespect towards mac lol
this is a good song... yall just hating on his talent
Whats up world. If you get a chance click my name. you might enjoy then again you might JUST ASSUME IM AH LAME AND OVER LOOK THIS BUT IF NOT THANKS
Who sing about that on a Disney channel song stupid
Ima 17 Yr Old Rapper From A Small City In Indiana, Isnt Too Much Out Here To Get Things Going For Me Except This Internet. I Just Want To Be Given The Chance For Me & My Bros To Live A Dream We Cherish So Much I'll Recieve Negativity & Positive Feedback From People But You Personally Cant Judge Til You Give Me A Chance And Listen To My Music CLICK HERE ON MY CHANNEL !! & I Can Prolly Be Your Next Fav. Rapper THUMBS UP This !! So Others Can See? What You See In Me SPREAD THE WORD !!
You did an amazing job covering this song! Keep it up! I did this song as well, if you get the chance please check mine out! thanks -MK
This was released on my birthday but in 09 I had no idea who Mac was
dont you even try to like this comment you stupid fucking cunt
mac thnx for killing the miley monster its much better
And you all just need to listen to the music.
Go listen to his K.I.D.S mixtape and then listen to his new album WMWTHSO and compare them. no hate against mac he has always been my fav rapper but his old shit was better
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