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Wii U Predictions for E3 2012

by Nintendo3DS • 11,175 views Wii U Predictions for E3 2012 *** MORE FROM WII U TV: Subscribe! Follow the news on Twitter...

Gamecube games I'd predict since you probably won't be able to play them on the Wii U (not sure if this has already been confirmed or not)
i put oney on the new starfox game being called StarFox Revolution
I predict they will announce price, release date, and specs in a special Post E3 Nintendo Direct! please....
I don't think we will see anything about Minecraft on the Wii U this year, but with it's success on XBox Live there is a very good chance we will see it eventually.
We're getting 2 New Super Mario Bros. games? Bonus!
not that was before the contract was made plus i think the contant is only for the consoles
i predict nintendo will confirm details for super smash bros wii u
I predict that Nintendo will change the Wii-Us name to Wii Wicka Wacka wabble wop wipple waffle archduke smeckledorf.
Half an hour left! :D are you excited David!?
There will be a CGI trailer for the next Smash Bros., currently will be in Pre-alpha. Prediction...
Hey David you think we may see a Mario Kart or the next Super Mario game!
Just to clarify further, the VP of Epic Games has stated that there are no confirmed plans to put the Unreal Engine 4 on ANY of the next-gen consoles. Only the PC is confirmed to get it at this point in time. So, just because it is not confirmed, doesn't mean that Epic will be unable to surprise people with it when they choose.....
Beyond Good and Evil 2.........please.....
Yes I would love a StarFox game on Wii U. It would be cool to see F-Zero make a return as well.
There is definitiely going to be a legend of zelda game for the wii u. Also, I like The name wii u, its like adding the 2 on the iPad 2
Half Life Episode 3 will be a WiiU exclusive. I'm calling this right now.
There is one game I'm sure will be shown off that everyone has appeared to forget, Lego City Stories. I have high hopes for that one
"WII U"NIVERSE! (Miiverse anyone?)
Easier just to put it on one channel rather than manage two channels.
if e3 is pissed people off why did they watch it
There's actually a lot of confusion because after Geoff Keighley comment, Epic Games hasn't confirmed what's it's plans are for the Wii U. Also a lot of websites jumped to that conclusion, so no it's not confirmed yet.
...Darksiders 2 Hands On....I know its gonna be there!
it would be lol if the wii u was all just a joke so u nintendrones get trolled
Thumbs up if you can´t wait for Pikmin 3.
to be hinest nintendo need some firsty party content and new IPs at e3 coz the wii u only looks like it has a few bits of third party support and some ported games. plus i wonna see a new star fox and f-zero game, the fact that both franchises never made an appearance on the wii is just absurd. nintendo makeit happen, its been too long!
I'm predicting Pokémon Sapphire/Ruby remake on the Wii U. Just because I have a feeling.
Nintendo Conference sucked, and this is coming from a hardcore fan.
Wonder if you will be able to play Blue Ray or Maybe even "Green Ray" DVD's making it a great entertainment system... If it did... I would be inclined to buy the Wii U mainly due to the control pad and entertainment value rather than just games....
I still want gameplay for ZombiU and Killer Freaks from outer Space. Lolz.
We need a new F-Zero game!! The last one we had was F-Zero GX and that was back on the Gamecube, and what an amazing game that was!! we have yet to have any more instalments on the franchise, and apart from the 3 GBA games have not had any on the DS or news of a 3DS version as of yet. Nintendo goes and revives old franchises like kid Iccirus but they don't do F-Zero. Come on Nintendo! listen to your fans for once. Oh yeah, I forgot! Nintendo don't listen to their fans!!
u australian? 2am for me in aus LOL ugh i have to get up for uni at 6am, ofcourse im gonna watch it :D
hmm.. nsmb mii as launchtitle? what about nsmb2 which will be released for the 3ds just like a few month before? i dont think that would be a good timing
David, I watch you from Mexico very exited for the E3, the schedual here completly different, but it doesn´t matter to me...
They should've called it the Puu =(
I think Wii 2 would be a much clearer name. Also easier to say, I think.
Lol just about 5:30pm here in Austrailia, gotta stay up until 2am... im gonna be dead in the morning, but its worth it!
there has defo gto to be a zelda announced for the game as a demo was show off last year at e3
impossible mojang signed a contarct with microsoft so they can't. its sad i no
I'm thinking that its gonna take a while before a company that is'nt nintendo makes a game on wii u as soon as it releases because they have to learn how to make one and i'm also thinking that a pikmin 3 is a good idea because we hav'nt since the wii and i'm hoping that there will be another paper mario and zelda game coming out for the wii u maybe even if nintendo wanted to they could make another game series something like mother or a mario and zelda combination. That would be awsomizing! |=D
Ha! I wish... Mojang signed a contract with Microsoft to keep it an Xbox/PC exclusive.
i have to say that the Unreal Engine 4 would be sick but i wanna see more none-specific action figure and maybe a Smash bros teaser as well as new IPs from Miyamoto since he was said to be working on some for the 3DS and the wiiU i hope :/
david do you think that the wii u going have app that you download for free like the 3DS
I predict an F-Zero and Starfox game as well for the Wii U. For the 3DS I predict Monster Hunter 4 exclusive.
unreal engine 4 on wii u??? nope.
The fun is assured. Already been a blast so far. Should be quite hectic. :)
Wait is it still possible they will announce that Starfox and Metroid crossover?
David I'm gonna make a song that loops you saying WiiU multiple times because the way you say it cracks me up good work
We need specs! I suffer from severe spec-addiction!!!
Mojang are a loud bunch, I doubt they could keep a secret that big unannounced or hinted at until now.
New IPs, otherwise this E3 is pretty dull. Last 2 years were immense, now it seems like there's a reduced number in games.
@ShizzShowerShave At least you went to the website to try and prove me wrong. So thanks for that.
I predict a new Super Mario 3D platformer, entitled Super Mario Universe.
I think maybe Retro is working on either F-Zero or (I'm hoping) a reboot of Mach Rider. They've gotten some experience in the racing genre with Mario Kart 7, so maybe now they wanna make a race game of their own. PLEASE BE MACH RIDER
Hey David, what game is shown in the background of the Unreal Engine 4 thingie? :P
I really do want a wii u but the price is a point I need to pay attention too
Sakurai has confirmed that it's too early in development even for that.
F-Zero AGXGP Climax Legends!!! They are going to ramp it up, 2000 km/h is way to slow! Get ready for top speeds of over 9,000!!! Just kidding. I'm expecting a new starfox by rare and possibly a new handheld zelda.
i am! it's really early in the morning but i'm to excited to go to sleep!
David do you think the Wii U will be region locked?
record gameplay, duel weild weapons with the tables (shoot 2 different places at the same time), Logo for Smash Bros., Metroid Prime Hunters, Non Specific Action Figure Adventures lol, 2 Wii U Gamepads, Lego City Stories, New Zelda for 3DS (maybe during the software section), aaannd...that's it guess. OH! Also, a bunch of mixed reviews on the placement of the anolage sticks on the Wii U Controller Pro :)
Yeah you can say "Wii U", but you can't say it 5 times fast without sounding like a firetruck xD
Steam confirmed for Wii U. Cmon Valve.
really doubt I'll wake up earlier enough to watch it, so I'll probably end up just staying awake
man, i hope they release some sort of metroid prime game :)
I'd really like a price and release date...
Your F-Zero prediction came "technically" true One of the games for Nintendoland which was not playable on the show floor but present in the game developers round table was an F-Zero themed game. You might also notice that with the Nintendoland promo pics one of the symbols that represents the mini games is that of the Blue Falcon.
Pikmin 3, New Super Mario Bros. Wii U, Star Fox (from Retro), an HD collection of some sort (Either Zelda or Kingdom Hearts), lots of future 3rd games or ports (i.e. Arkham City or Bioshock Infinite), and some sort of reasurrance of Smash Bros- no trailer or anything, just a confirmation that it's going along smoothly or something. The same could go for a new Wii U Zelda title. I'm also really hoping for a new F-Zero, as you said, along with a new Metroid in the style of Super Metroid.
And because Nintendo themselves might want to take that channel name.
They have to show at least a little bit of smash bros just so they can slap sony
Can Non Specific Action Figure be announced for Smash Bros 4?
So what? we have 3 Kingdom Hearts for nintendo consoles
I am, tho I passed out before I could watch yesterday's coverage, so I don't know if I can make it this time lol.
I was going to, but I don't want to fall asleep before it starts by accident. That and I'm too impatient so I set my alarm clock to 30 minutes before it starts :DDD
I hope they announce a price, time to start saving some money :)
If there's NES games on the Wii, GBA games on 3DS, what Virtual Console games might be on the Wii U? o_0
My prediction: Nintendo fans will complain a lot no matter what happens.
Wii u has the power to run "Unreal Engine 4"?! If yes than the price will be off the hook...
I am just excited and can't wait!
It's only one hour, and I have gone to sleep at 3am before. lol
There has been speculation of the New Super Mario Bros. game on the Wii U to be called "New Super Mario World" based on the detail in the backgrounds and whatnot.
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