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Feeling like Cinderella! - Day 18

by NerdClanvlog • 1,735 views

We have been cleaning like MAD in preparation for my parents to get here! Anyone wanna come do it for me? Oh well, at least it's already Wednesday tomorrow! :D Subscribe and stop by every day for...

HEY! I saw your comment on Shaycarls vlog. You have a nice family ad house so DONT stop vloggin!! Eventually you'll get like a LOT of views!! :D reason shay has so many is cause he was a comedian on youtube before shaytards...but you make really cool vlogs and your kids are adorable!! ;D gl in getting more subs!!
@nakita13williams Right?! I seem to always be like that when my house gets too messy. Half my time is spent looking at the mess! Haha
@NerdClanvlog Ohh right so are you moving back to where you lived before afterwards ? x
@da959 Thanks! He's a Bengal cat, I had always wanted one then amazingly a co-worker of Loren's was giving his away!
@JessicaaMariee3 Perhaps! We go wherever they want us to be. Whether it's back to the US, to another part of Japan, or perhaps somewhere in Europe! It's kind of fun experience wise, but not knowing what is going to happen or where you'll live in a few short years is hard to deal with at times. Oh well! lol :)
Wow! That is one beautiful cat...and it looks so big too. I watch the Shaytards every morning too since it's an easy way to start the day with a laugh. And yes, I'll come and clean your house for you.Just get me the heck out of this crazy country!
Do You Live In Japan !!!!! How Awesome if you do !! x
@flamelord423 Thanks so much for the encouragement! I'm glad you decided to check us out ofter reading my comment! :D
@JessicaaMariee3 Yup yup! Loren is in the Air Force, and they sent us to Japan for a few years! It's been quite an adventure so far! :)
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