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starships - nicki minaj.

by Conner Murphy • 1,141,464 views

NEW CHANNEL: Starships Nicki Minaj Starships Nicki Minaj Music Video Official Starships Nicki Minaj Starships Nicki Minaj Music Video Official Starships Nicki...

╭━━━╮╭╮╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╭╮ ┃╭━╮┣╯╰╮╱╱╱╱╱╱╱┃┃ ┃╰━━╋╮╭╋━━┳━┳━━┫╰━┳┳━━┳━━╮ ╰━━╮┃┃┃┃╭╮┃╭┫━━┫╭╮┣┫╭╮┃━━┫ ┃╰━╯┃┃╰┫╭╮┃┃┣━━┃┃┃┃┃╰╯┣━━┃ ╰━━━╯╰━┻╯╰┻╯╰━━┻╯╰┻┫╭━┻━━╯ ╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱┃┃ ╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╰╯ ╭╮╭╮╭╮ ┃┃┃┃┃┃ ┃┃┃┃┃┣━━┳━┳━━╮ ┃╰╯╰╯┃┃━┫╭┫┃━┫ ╰╮╭╮╭┫┃━┫┃┃┃━┫ ╱╰╯╰╯╰━━┻╯╰━━╯ ╭━╮╭━╮╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╭╮ ┃┃╰╯┃┃╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╭╯╰╮ ┃╭╮╭╮┣━━┳━━┳━╋╮╭╯ ┃┃┃┃┃┃┃━┫╭╮┃╭╮┫┃ ┃┃┃┃┃┃┃━┫╭╮┃┃┃┃╰╮ ╰╯╰╯╰┻━━┻╯╰┻╯╰┻━╯ ╭━━━━╮╱╱╭━━━┳╮╱╱╱╱╱╭╮ ┃╭╮╭╮┃╱╱┃╭━━┫┃╱╱╱╱╱┃┃ ╰╯┃┃┣┻━╮┃╰━━┫┃╭╮╱╭╮┃┃ ╱╱┃┃┃╭╮┃┃╭━━┫┃┃┃╱┃┃╰╯ ╱╱┃┃┃╰╯┃┃┃╱╱┃╰┫╰━╯┃╭╮ ╱╱╰╯╰━━╯╰╯╱╱╰━┻━╮╭╯╰╯ ╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╭━╯┃ ╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╰━━╯ ╭━╮╱╭╮╱╱╱╭╮ ┃┃╰╮┃┃╱╱╱┃┃ ┃╭╮╰╯┣┳━━┫┃╭┳╮ ┃┃╰╮┃┣┫╭━┫╰╯╋┫ ┃┃╱┃┃┃┃╰━┫╭╮┫┃ ╰╯╱╰━┻┻━━┻╯╰┻╯ ╭━╮╭━╮╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╭╮ ┃┃╰╯┃┃╱╱╱╱╱╱╭╮┃┃ ┃╭╮╭╮┣┳━╮╭━━╋╯┃┃ ┃┃┃┃┃┣┫╭╮┫╭╮┣╮╰╯ ┃┃┃┃┃┃┃┃┃┃╭╮┃┃╭╮ ╰╯╰╯╰┻┻╯╰┻╯╰┫┃╰╯ ╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╭╯┃ ╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╰━╯
Hes so hot I like this video 
I'm Conner's proud mom! ;) Love you sweetie!
Why did he stop making videos? Some one needs to send a message or a tweet or a damn carrier pigeon to this child telling him to come back!
I'm crying this is beautiful.
Can somebody tell me what his twitter name is please :)
Every time I come back here, the views have tripled!
hahahha! this video makes me laugh. love it
i think its because it was in a bbc radio 1 fan video that had danisnotonfire and amazingphil in it which i just watched and this was in the suggestions so thats properly why :)
Lui je vais lui demander des conseils pour être élu!
wow your so cute !! make more videos !!!!! <3
‏@YDENISDELAPORTE Ah si j'étais l' heyimconner de l'Académie française! Mais en vert! :))
Lol i remember watcing this when it first came out :P
you have access to alcohol at that age?? if you think alcohol makes you a starship in any way, than go right ahead!!! are your parents even home? did they forget to lock the alcohol cabinet again?? patron is not going to get you through any issues. but yeah you're like adorable. lol.
How old are you? you're cute Where are you from? (USA, Brazil ....)
lol yhu have more veiws than most famous songs hahhah.
what the hell who would like this video like seriously #1 he is not hot! seriously people are like so weird that like this video
You can't fail to make me laugh xD your hot too c;
How does this have 1 million views. I know a lot better youtubers that deserve that many views But NOT you. I mean it was good but not great.
Hard To Listen to conner with One direction staring at you..
your a boss make more videos please.
ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww lol
How can anybody like this shit? Kill yourself
so who is betetr this kid or the little midget kid troll with black hair and glasses, its a shame there is more then one person who do this
You are sweet *,* hihi and this video is very funny :D
Awwe! Conner. Remember me? I'm the bitch you hated so much like last year lol.
so wait, u think this guy is gay, but you thing jb is cool... how ironic
How did u get so many subscribers?
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