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Minecraft: The Cave of Horrors [Episode I]

by Mienenkraft • 1,311,021 views

Minecraft The Cave of Horrors is an animation serie I'm onto at the moment. Subscribe to see the following episodes! Screenshot Episode II:

Do you even know how time consuming and hard one minute of animation is?
That could of been into a 15 second video
it could have been very scary if it was darker and the yeas were white
skeleton:hi! steve:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH skeleton: but- steve:AAAAH skeleton: are you stu- steve: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH skeleton:... steve: AAH
Poor guy he was eatten by a zombie and is now a bone zombie
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you don't say? and i guess that when you'll die you will not become a skeleton
My guess was that he had his intestines pulled out of him through his mouth, tied in a not, and used as a noose to hang his lifeless body.
you should watch loganfrisco videos
A skeleton picks up a what?
If that happens then chop his head off with a pickaxe
I'm guessing the guy in the cave got stabbed in the heart, got his head ripped off, his guts got ripped out and his legs and arms got ripped off.
@hunterbitchify Lol IKR its only creepy tell... He who must not be named shows up..
I think Blender because its pretty good (better than Cinema 4D) and is free!
danm that made me shit my pants!
das is kein bissel horor ihr luser
Skeleton have armor no he only have a boq
It was really to short to be called an "episode," though I may be wrong in this regard. The audio was okay, there was absolutely NO balance of the feet, or as some may call it, "foot placement." This is when one foot stays put, while another moves about. Otherwise, an unnecessary sliding effect is formed. Overall, the animation was lazy, and lacked effort. Some practice would be sufficient before you post final 'products.'
please please which programm did you use please help ?
What program have you used? -Sry for my English xD
@p3rs0n42 do this youself and i'll lick you ass...
right when the start sounds went i said shit mutha fucka
I know how hard animation is and I know its a horror cave, but I feel like the torch isn't bright enough.
(Ok so here's some thing to think about) I got this idea after I woke up after having a dream about this video. In the dream I was playing Minecraft and it was some how already 1.2.8 I was fighting some mods at night as normal and come across a skeleton, who at first was firing arrows at me at a far, when I got closer it tock out a sword and was attacking like any other player. I was like wow Jed great mod AI upgrade. Then I found out it was only a dream): Would be cool if skeletons are more
I didn't see your commecnt and as I scrolled down I saw it so LOL , *Epic Brofist Back*
What for Program do you using? Like so he can see!
Scp 087 b sounds in this song! It all adds up now! I'm using this song in one of my animations! The two songs in scp 087 b is gathering darkness and bump in the night
i think that after that the flesh was removed from bones and attached to the sketon to frankinstien him.
They should put that in the full game!
It's been years and no episode 2
Should have hed the light fade out but the red eyes stay then they disapper then the end
hahahahaha this is an episode sound more like a trailer to me
FALCOM PUNCH!moving on through the cave
HOLY SHIT! Im sOO SCARED! D8 .....but I liked this video ._.
forgot how much better you could do it than him. i dont know about you but i see that this may not have been the easiest thing for him to make. he is still making the 2nd episode 7 months later so pick that up with your "logical and smart" commentor ego. you shouldnt be judging how realistic and perfect it shouldve been when you cant show for yourself how easy or hard it really is when you dont even animate or upload videos.
Would be cool if skeletons are more fun to combate with like this so. What kind of new mods and/or mods upgrades would you think would be cool?
@awesomewolves1 cus all skelitons are dead and cant hurt u and u need its shank genuis
make more its awsome and a littlebit scary make more
0:38 Steve it totally moonwalking!
i will NEVER go in a cave ever again
Want to see some really amazing stuff?? Check out!! NOT Spamming! just want to share what I think is a cool site!
Steve: Trololololololololololol! (huh) sees sword. Skeleton: (fake sleeps) Steve: reaches to sword Skeleton: wakes, time to die Steve! Steve: (stares) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Runs away
All mob spawns should happen like this!
I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who noticed it! *brofist*
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