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Collection of Nick At Nite TV Show Promos

by Tabstarkin • 34,846 views

These promos are about individual shows, such as Dick Van Dyke, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie and other classic TV tidbits. I have one more collection of Mary Tyler Moore promos coming soon.

Love this.  Jeannie's Diner is classic!
I was born in 1984, I used to always stay up late to watch Nick at Nite when I was a kid. Loved all these shows. Always remembered watchin Dick Van Dyke around 11, followed by Alfred Hitchcock, while flipping back and forth between that and Johnny Carson. Even as a 7/8 year old, luckily I was conscious enough to have experienced some of when our culture was great.
wow. someone younger than me who remembers carson. I don't think I even stayed up late enough to watch late before I was 12-15 years old.
Does Nick at Nite still exist?
+RaShaun Davis They show more 90s shows like Full House, Friends and more recent shows but nothing like the classics like Bewitched, Jeanie, Lucy
Hey Nick at Nite! We don't want George Lopez, The Nanny, Malcolm or any of that modern GARBAGE!!! Give us back I Love Lucy, Dobie Gillis, The Monkees, Donna Reed, Patty Duke, Dick Van Dyke and the Addams Family!! Even the Nick at Nite commercials used to be good! Even TV Land has gone down the drain. What happened???
Fuck all the producers these days. Messing everything on TV up...
When I was little, I'd wake up at like 4 a.m. and watch TV in the living room. I'd always turn it to Nick at Nite, and I remember Dobie Gillis, Patty Duke, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and others being on. Then Nick Jr. would start with Mr. Wizard's World. Love those memories.
I miss this Nick at Nite so much! It used to be my favorite channel. Now I can't even remember the last time I watched it. Sadly TV Land has gone the same way. Neither are worth watching anymore. Thanks for these great promos! Brings back a lot of happy memories.
ah--when Nick at Night was good-- and now TV Land SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
i agree with everyone Nick At Night is not the same as it use to be.....i have been a fan all the way back since it first came out....Dennis the Mennace, Bewitched, etc.....i miss the old nick at night........ who do we write to try to get it back? surely nobody likes what they do now....reality shows, and rossanne for 11 hours? gimme a freakin break!
Why the hell they changed it??????????????
Hey Nick at Nite! We don't want George Lopez, The Nanny, Malcolm or any of that modern GARBAGE!!! Give us back I Love Lucy, Dobie Gillis, The Monkees, Donna Reed, Patty Duke, Dick Van Dyke and the Addams Family!! Even TV Land has gone down the drain. What happened???
@3:17 I totally forgot about that promo, i use to love that i would sing it everytime it came on
Oh god, the Tom's Diner Jeannie ad. Oh god oh god. I'd basically forgotten it ever existed.
I want to see the shows of YESTERYEAR NOT YESTERDAY! 90% of what they're showing are on DVD and some still play on other networks. I just want a network of the classic shows, a network where you can escape from the reality TV of it all and go back to a time where shows had simple story line, no sex, no drugs, nor violence, and the problem was sovled in 30 minutes.
I used to think when the announcer said "Be-Wednesdays", that was a mistake.
i think they just put there focus into tv land and make nick at nite lovers like us have to watch 9 hours of lopez and 20 of fresh prince and make us cry lol
I remember that Dream of Jeanie music video commercial! I'm 20
Nick at nite should definetly bring these classics back because as far as i know tv land is not good anymore, they should just call it tv land with some modern original shows in the 21st century channel. I mean nick at night has plenty of airing time, but instead waste it having marathons of just the shows released this decade (better yet last) like everybody hates chris which i really hate actually.
Aww, Thanks so much for posting these, They're such great quality - It reminds me of the times when I would watch Nick at Nite when I was a very small child, I'm glad to have been raised by such comedic gold and I know the difference between real comedy and TV and the crap that's out today. Thanks for helping us all reconnect with our original N@N. :)
I stopped watching around 1994, after they ditched the patty duke show, THEN in 95 they dumped Donna Reed. I knew it was going straight the hell after that.
OMG I remember that I deam of Jeannie Promo with that da da da da da da da da song. lol.. I miss the older ones from like 87 and 88 to 90 those are my era... And I am only 29 years old, I loved watching those when I was a kid.
thanks tabstarkin love the vids do you have more carol burnett family skits to upload ?
While it is indeed sad to see how much Nick at Nite and TV Land has fallen, the good news is that the evolving technology (DVD, internet, etc) has made it possible to still watch these classic tv shows. I Dream of Jeannie? Bewitched? The Dick Van Dyke Show? The Andy Griffith Show? I Love Lucy? The Munsters? No longer seen on Nick or TV Land. BUT thanks to DVD, Netflix streaming, and internet sites like youtube, I can see them anytime I want.
"...she folds her arms and blinks her eyes it's kind of like Bewitched" Classic ... I used to watch as much for the great promos as for the shows themselves. Perfect balance of irreverence and reverence. Loved Dixie the Nick and Nite Pixie and the "Tell Me, Mama" Patty Duke promo. The promos still hold up as well as the shows do. I understand why they've updated their lineup to more recent shows for demographics ... but I never understood why N@N didn't do a separate "Classic N@N" channel.
What the heck happened to this channel? even the Children's programs had high quality....
Aw, I miss Very Very Sundays and Nick at Nite's Christmas Party. Nick at Nite was so much more fun and imaginative in the 90s. I used to watch with my mom every night as a kid.
This was back when Nick At Nite was Nick AT Nite. I loved it back then.
Every channel sucks now, except for about four of them. I started watching Nick-At-Nite in October 1987 when they aired almost all black and white shows, classic television at it's best.
Elliottlover88, that goes for every 'other' channel that we watched in the 1980s and 1990s. Television went downhill because of the 'Reality TV' craze. I barely watch it anymore, because it no longer caters to my audience and generation.
The beat way to describe what Today's Television programming has become is to Quote the the Theme from HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS - The three things that best describe you are and I quote: STINK! STANK!! STUNK!!!
LUCY TUESDAYS AND BEWITCHED BE-WEDNESDAYS! I love it! Evenings were so nice back then.
It's so funny. Seemingly everybody wants the N@N we had 20 years ago or TVLand we had 15 years ago yet no channel seems to understand. We have 200 channels with nothing on any of them. What a joke television has become. I only keep it for sports.
I didn't know Three's Company aired on NaN back then. I thought it was just something they picked up for the 2000s.
This takes me back! WHY can't Nike at Nite or anything else show stuff like this, I swear we are getting more and more premitive and actually reverting BACKWARD! EVERYTHING is going out of existence but reality shows, cell phones and bottled waters.
I love that Tom's Diner/ Jeannie ad it's definitely my favorite!
I consider this a partial win because it includes the Genie song and some other great clips. But it doesn't contain the one I've searched high and low for which is the Dick Van Dyke them with silly lyrics describing the action. I'll check your next one, maybe it's on there. Still, thanks for this upload, these are all classic ads.
TV Execs, here's what you do: 1) Take Nick@Nite's current lineup (George Lopez, Everybody Hates Chris, etc), and move them to TV Land. 2) Bring back all of these classics to Nick@Nite 3) Bring back these promos.
I've still got my Block Party Summer (in VertiVision!) schedule/brochure and magnet to stick on the fridge. Also won the Mary Merit Badge. It's still here, too. Nick at Nite was my friend. Man, I was one lonely 15 year old. LOL
I haven't seen those in ages! Man, I love YouTube!
TV sucks these days!! Even SOME shows that are actually good, are not even played in correct order.
i have will millers nick at nite psychology book!
Thanks for posting this. Yes TV Land and Nick at Nite should both bring back the classics!!! George Lopez and Third Rock from the Sun are not classics!!!!
Over 20,000 hits here, that should tell them something, But lets face it, they will never go back to the old nick at nick, or the beginning days of tvland. Its gone forever, be happy there are kind people on you tube and memories.
"Nick At Nite" announcer- Bill St. James.
yeah I know what you mean even nothing is the same anymore, TV really sucks now. at first cartoon network was good cause they were playing good cartoons now they are playing crap.
3:12 I looked up Nick At Nite Toms Dinner, this is what I came for.
I didn't "get" this at the time, but the second promo is actually sort of a "MST3k" parody/homage. Neato!
the thing is holloywood doesn't know it but there slowly dying. There are no longer any more original ideas and when that happens it has to re-invent itself. I think we will see at least three maybe even two more years of reality TV before something new hits big
I remember watching Nick at nite when i was a kid i wish we had it now
i remember when they showed the brady bunch and gilligan's island :(
why....! why...! why can't they bring these back i really loved this channle all until the slime logo and crappy show.
Nick at Nite is nothing more than a lone individual trying to find out where he is at in the world. Until about 10 years ago, they had a great variety of shows that was suitable for all ages. Now, they just air the same shows over and over, with no fancy promos or commercials to go with them. A shame.
block party summer kicked butt. "i dream of jeanie" thursdays defined my childhood when school was out. this was in the mid 90s. gah i'm old. RIP nick at nite...
Can't Nick-at-Nite go back to this line up? I loved this and watched EVERY night. Including Block Party Summer!
Holy hell, they had Alfred Hitchcock.
Who really cares anymore. They have butchered the shows so bad over the years its not that big of a deal they dont show them anymore. They take 3-5 minutes out of 22minute episodes. Bewitched is back on and they take out whole scenes plus the end credits. DVDS are the way to go for these shows.
I feel so sad watching these, remembering how great Nick at Nite, and even TV Land, *USED* to be. Hello, execs? This is your new target demographic speaking (I'm 21). BRING BACK THE *REAL* CLASSICS!!
The overall announcer for "Nick At Nite" was Bill St. John.
@thisjustinthisjustin LOL that is so crazy! Not only do I know exactly what you are talking about, I was searching youtube for it. Wish I could help you out but I've only seen it once. So if its any consolation to you, you;re not crazy. Yes it did exist :)
i agree... i loved my dick van dyke.... the lucy show too
I watch this and I certainly feel a wave of nostalgia. It hurts to know that most of these shows don't see any airtime anymore, and no one bothers to put up these simple but effective promos. I'm not talking about the eras these shows were first broadcast, but the era of when Nick at Nite used to be good about putting these classic shows back on for all audiences to see. They even had retromercials, some of them black-and-white. TV has certainly gone downhill...
@lwallace3 aw, yay! i'm glad we share the same memories :).
As funny as 3rd rock is, I agree it's not a classic.
When I first got cable in my area in MD I would watch Nickelodeon and then it would switch to Nick at Nite i remember the old line up some: Make room for Daddy 8:00 Donna Reed came on at 9:00 and I think Mr. Ed came on at 8:30 those were good times. When Cartoon network first aired I started watching that then that dropped off. I don't even watch TV as much anymore only the movie channel's
I agree, the shows on nick At nite were awesome, Now they have crappy shows on it, shows no one even watched when they were on regular tv. come on now, bring back the classics. we should
Everybody hates Everbody Hates Chris. Bring back the old Nick at Nite.
Holy crap! I use to know all the words to that "Tom's Diner" parody! XD Thank you so much for posting this...Nick at Nite was such a huge part of my life back in the day. Block Party Summer was the best! Overload...nostalgia overload!
I love nick at nite,lol Family Matters & Full House,etc..
@tuckey7 Whoa, you just described my childhood memories exactly...
Can any1 explain to me why the network decided to change its format? This is when Nick At NIte was populare. I loved watching these old shows. Some of them were not re-runs to me. I always looked forward to Nick At Nite. Those were the days!!
Wow what happened? I loved watching I Love lucy on nick@nite when I was little. Now all they show is the George Lopez and Family Matters. And get this next month Malcom in the Middle. In the fall Everybody Hates Chris. Wow! don't watch it and they'll take it off immediately like they did A Different World. But I would take that over any of the BS they show now.
N@N an TV land suck these days they shoud rot in jhell for putting crap like reality shows and that dumb dentist show on the air.
I Lol'd at the Tom's Diner parody.
Disney Channel,Nick at Nite,Tv land ... they all changed so much from the way they used to be.I hate reality shows!! It has killed television!!!
@arfies So true. TV Land has lost it's way and I don't consider The Nanny classic TV.
I know its been said many times ... But God I miss this stuff ....
Thank you for the memories of when Nick at Nite and TVLand were great. I don't even watch these channels anymore due to the change in programming. I wish they would bring back all of the CLASSIC shows.
I now know why every time I hear the song 'Tom's Diner' by Suzanne Vega I think of Bewitched. I must have seen that promo when I was little and subconsciously remembered it.
and im watching this in 2011.....
because the jews run offense....only the facts.
I wish all Nick@Nite shows from the 1930's-1980's would return on the Classic TV block on NickMom.
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