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Black Veil Brides Interview Andy Six 2010

by BryanStars • 626,107 views

Checkout my backstage interview with Black Veil Brides lead singer Andy Six Subscribe for more Black Veil Brides interviews! Watch the...

If I ever meet Andy, I'm dragging him into one of my bone-crushing hugs.
He looked fucking 21 in that video it shocked the hell out of me when he said he was nineteen!!
Andy:hug away right now Me: hugged iphone screen Brother:???? I LOVE BVB!!!!!! 😍😍❤️❤️
a few things 1) I WANNA AN ANDY HUG :( but they need to come to Australia IN PERTH 2) I am so confused with Andys names and stuff like Andy Sixx and Andy Beirsack and others lie what SOMEBODY TELL ME I SO CONFUSED But I still LOVE ANDY 3) If I ever met Andy idek what I would do XD
+Ebony Catlien Jeremiah Andy Black was a project he was doing. o3o It was weird tho.
+Colorison ok nice to now because I am always confused with it
Andy six two and 19 in this video , right his maybe same age as me wow , right on man ,
BRYAN!! You should do another interview with them soon!!
I wanna hug from Andy cx
andy's words are so wise and like calming... yeah sounds weird but what hes saying seems like real and from the heart, well meant, felt, etc. they sounds hopeful but also true.
when I heard that he was 19 I was like "HE IS 19 HE IS 19 IT WAS 2010! hE COULD TOTALLY MARRY ME-did I just say that out loud?" and my brother was staring at me O.o
if i ever meet him i would take one million selfies and vids with him
Oh god, I miss this phase of their music so much. I loved Andy Six, I mean I love him now, but I just feel so nostalgic watching this.
"Hug me all the time" If I could I literally would
I honestly want to meet bvb. Their music saved me from a lot of stupid shit.
OMG I almost died when he said "hug away come here and hug me" 
His voice though...
Lol I hugged my computer monitor but I want a hug from Jinxx though
He uses big words.
Andy u have inspired me to not give up on my dream of being an artist and author. Thanks :) !!!!
Same.. An I'm trying to meet him in December
His fucking voice. <3 omfggg. His personality..! Ugh. I want to meet him so bad :( 
holy crap Andy is 19 in this video that is crazy
I want to wear a black veil! Oh my god, I should totally wear that at my wedding. 
How about interviewing Snow whites poison bite???
I could just imagine myself going up behind Andy and hugging him
Awwww it's a fetus Andy
Andy and I hole band help me go through a lot of shit
Does he genuinely have ADD or was he just joking?
He was only 19 !!! Awwww he was like a baby
andy : your not invited to my birthday now 
08:00 I almost cried xD am i stupid?
andy is perfect. more perfect than perfect. he is so wise and smart and i love him to deathhhhhhhh GAHH
You have perfect skin...
I just resintly started looking up thes guy and lisioning to them but now I love black vail brids
You've grown so much Andy and so has the band I'm proud of you guys and proud to be part of the BVB army <3
I mostly listen to dubstep so I don't listen to his band to much from what I've heard I think there a great band and there gonna go far and Andy seems very mature and I have a lot of respect for him. Black veil brides and skrillex need to make a song!!!! Skrillex + black veil brides =. Rock-step
andy: hug away me: ok but u got come to sydney for me to do that ! (also yay he killed bryanstars JkJkJk)
Andy is so mature for his age!!!!!
I want to see Bryan in that XD
Hug away! haha okay xD
I was wondering if you call your girlfriend your bat-girl why not call her your cat-woman? LOL I love you Andy your awesome!!!! 
Honestly I don't really like his music but I like him as a person. He is a pretty cool and real guy ...and he has a nice deep voice!
aweeh the old days when andy called himself andy six.. lol (:
It's like it was just yesterday I bought we stitch these wounds
I swear Andy is so intelligent :3 haha love BVB! 
single red nails just make me think of Pen Jillette
He was awesome. He is awesome. He will always be awesome. I'm talking 'bout andy B)
;-; Andy...............
HAHA if andy were to become a porn star LAWL XD
Can't believe he is 22 now
I don't like stuff like thus.... #emo is not me
+Taylor Miller Looks more Punk than emo. Why were you even here then?
I dressed up like Andy from We Stitch These Wounds era at Warped this summer. I drove home, on the highway for hours, like this. Toll booths and everything. It was amazing!
@WordsLikeMurder I would love to be a Bvb dickrider *-*
His voice reminds me of a younger cory Taylor.... Where is her form?
hahaha i feel off my bed laughing when andy said he killed the interviewer and bryan ran for his life lol
like if your watching in 2013
His type of music is a category in rock n roll. It's all about 'rebellion.'
I wish my parents were that supportive :(
crazy to think that hes 21 now.
*staring at Andy for the entire interview*
Crazy to think that he's going to be 23 this year!
Omg I cannot wait to met him!!!
andy.. i am your future wife. (¬‿¬)
I can't believe he was only 19 here. He carrys himself so well and always knows how to say the right thing.
I just got home like 2 hours ago from a BVB concert!!! Freaking amazing!!!!
As soon as I see you Andy I will run up to you and hug you *-*
hello, I'm your future wife. You just don't know yet. And i will wear whatever the fuck you want me to wear.
haha! he says he isn't wearing making....says his makeup takes an hour. He is such a wanna be....he wear like all this odd ball shit because he wants to look different and apeall to people. and then he wants to be like the marilyn manson chris sorelli kid. such a wanna be
I would so love to hear what they would sound like with Bryan playing the kazoo
Please, for the sake of my sanity, keep your fantasys to yourself.
They deal with shit said about them better than I deal with said about them xD
"This is my skin" does that mean you're naked Andy?
He has come so far, i am just so proud. :')
when I turned the camera off I killed the interview **acts natural** **drops mic and runs** **ends interview**
how has botdf saved ur life, all they sing about is cum and booze...
7:09 Andy's smile just warms my that sounded sappy. But extremely true.
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