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BABY by Justing Beiber

by Miranda Sings • 931,456 views

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lol i remember seeing this vid in 2011 when it had more likes than dislikes and less than 100,000 views
Still better than Bieber
AGGHHH I live in Ireland :D
go to x factor, because you sing amazing. :))
I remember watching this for the first time and people were saying don't be mean she's awesome amazing voice and people didn't know it was a joke
soooo good, oh my gosh you are the best singer ever! I LOVE YOU MIRANDA <3 :-) 
Miranda you need to learn to sing # good luck with the Justin bieber thing
Miranda has changed so much since this!! Haha! :)
This sucks justin bieber is a really good singer #beileber
Haters back off !! Haters if u hate her why u watch her vlogs ??
What's with all the thumbs down?  Haters back off!  
hahhahaa I love you miranda!!!!!!!
 I just saw her on true life, she's popular yeah but all her videos are heavily disliked...these videos are stupid not entertaining at all. This character sucks it's not funny at all even if it is a parody
+helllajennifer Her latest video "CALLING MY FANS!!!" has 27,564 likes and only 84 dislikes, or a like:dislike ratio of 328:1. You can't see that the massive green bar smothers the gray one? Get your eyes checked. I suggest that you refrain from making such a preposterous comment unless you want your idiocy exposed.
Hahaha I love Miranda soooooo much
;w; I love you Miranda you always make my day LOVE LOVE LOVE <333 x3
People , she starts singing at 1:19 :)
ahaha love you Mirandaa 
I know she i a comedian but I just don't find her funny... or her singing.
You didnt even spell his name right!
is that ironie or what the fuck ?!? why all ere say that she can singing she is so *****
I love how she puts her lipstick on hahaha
I was watching her eyebrows move the whole time..
Hoop hoo hoohooo ... Haha.. They just don't get it.. Love her!
dont even no the words and by the way U SUCK!
so what she not funny and who put the lipstick on... A BLIND PERSON!?!?!?!
Jajjajajajajaajaj you are very funny!!!! and sing better than!!!!
You have the best voice of all my friends.
She has a nice singing voice but scares me a littl
....Is this a joke? Because it's not funny ._.
lol i watch that show is was so funny
You such a good singer! I hope you will met him one day, because you really are the right girl for him!
uh what I could say oh gosh just to much
Epic fail fuck u big Ass red lip lady
only asking but why do u put lipstick over the top of your lips, do it normally and you'll look beautiful
Better than the original :D keep up the good work Miranda !
hates make me famous i like that
still better than Justin Bieber...
Don't say anything you HATER BACK OFF!!!!! U R JYST JEALOUs OF MIRANDAAA!!!!!!1!
For real her voice is good when she is not Miranda she is the best anyway love you Miranda / Colleen
I swear people don't understand that colleen made Miranda like this to make people laugh.
Why all the haters? Hater back off
this girl's an actor, and miranda is a character, USED to get hate. pipe the fuck down.
Are u guys brainwashed Or something? She doesnt have talent!!!
she is an actual voice coach her real name is colleen ballinger
Lol the amount of hate she has. People who still don't realize this is a joke are total idiots.
Miranda, its BIEBER!!!! not Beiber./.whatever
JUSTING BIEBER!!!!! YOU WANT HIM?? oooohhh... wait! you can have justing bieber!! i want JUSTIN BIEBER!!
Obviously she's a troll. No she's not serious you idiots.
Yes she is a character and u sing baby by Jb wrong
whaaaaaaaaaaaaa you can't sing !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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