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Mark Suciu: Cross Continental

by ThrasherMagazine • 1,061,726 views

There's not much to write about here. Mark is a one-of-a-kind talent. Watch this and then go blow off school or work. Skateboarding is the greatest thing to happen on planet earth. Atlas is a...

did i just see a sw bs noseblunt
This is going to be one of those classic parts a couple years from now
couple years? This shit is straight up an instant classic already. 
mark suciu and ishod wair are too much alike to me. both of em are skate rats with lines that can go on forever. i wish they'd do a part together
+TheWellenoughalone nah mark is from Cali but I swear he skates like an east coaster. But If you mean he lives in Philly, yeah that's true.
I was just thinking this, they both have this laid back philly style where they dont pop their tricks too high but when they need pop they have it
Great skateboarding! He brings out why we all skate in the first place, to be unique and different!
this shits an omega of brain blasts, i am baked
he doesn't have to do tricks I enjoy watching him push hahaha
1:55 best tre flip in skateboarding history? i think so
perfect skating and perfect music holy shit
+Rich Callacott asked me to recommend some Mark Suciu parts, so I am doing just that. This is the first part of his I saw and he has been one of my favorites ever since. Solid skating/filming/great music. 
+Jerrison Rodgers Hey Jerrison, why are you asking everyone in their posts to join your community? What's wrong with this community? We have a lot of amazing people here with killer posts and skate content. 
best part to ever release on Thrasher
Every time I watch this it still blows my mind how casually they just throw a switch back noseblunt in at 5:07
4:45 this fucking kid makes doing a bigspin on to a rock look easy. Such a rad part Mark, major major props.
Sick That's all folks
i feel like im watching mark suciu skate
It´s been 3 years since this part was released and it still hypes me every time i see it. Mark is just the best and the Edit from Miguel Valle couldn´t be better! Great Job!
So stoked I can see this on my mobile device!
Skater Of The Year this year!!!
skater of the decade
¿whta happen with mark ? i love his style he is really steezy!!
A lot of those philly spots look really unskateable in person no matter how good you are... Cracks , uneven pavement, no ride up, or just fucked up landing... Guarantee he had to be skating a lot of them alone... Crazy respect man...
5:06 Switch back noseblunt was RIDICULOUS.
i love how that was just tossed in there without a second thought like it wasnt that big of a deal, like its a normal trick when that would've been a acceptable ender. hell 95 percent of this part couldve been the ender.
god i always hated habitat's pseudo artsy crap. so full of shit. his skating is sick tho, nice style.
1:55 what a beautiful tre flip... he looks so weightless haha
some crazy spots in this video
Once I heard Elliott Smith come in, I knew this was going to be a good part.
Anyone know the second song?
junk bond trader - elliott smith
shet i dun even kno what is his switch or regular. very fluent skating mark suciu is best!!! Great editing also
anyone know where the spot at 2:28 is? the one with red ledges into a bank in philly
Can't. Stop. Pressing. 3.
This part is just plain beautiful. It's one of the best I've seen.
This guy makes 180s so sick. 
WOW! He doesnt even spend time to set up his feet for the next trick, and it still comes out smooth! Amazing footage!
anyone know the second band? im 99% sure its elliott.   cmon Thrasher    yall should put the song list down. obvi there are 2 songs bbut you only put the first song.     bay area music
hell yes thank you. Thrasher needs to change that...... hes the best and deserves to be recognized 
that ending was tight.
him and brandon westgate have very similar tre flips
amazing.    the band is kinda ripping odd elliott smith though.    
Classic vx1000 filming :)
1,000,000 views fuck yea suciu winning
skate videos in every season on my channel! winter fall summer spring choose your favorite
that tre in 1;55 is fucken amazing!!!!!!!!!
Suciu and PJ Ladd have the same style in my opinion, some of the best skaters alive
most beautifully risky and sketch bsnb at 4:35
What happened to this guy? he was soo good in this part but now he sucks...
+mofomartian ok mofo martian bahahahaha 
He on Instagram.He post alot
mark suciu SOTY 2014!
Chills when Elliott started playing tho.
this is the type of film quality that i dig
Dude looks so doggone COMFORTABLE on a skateboard. The fakie blindside lip at 4:57 was insane. An absolute master of the craft. 
wow wow.. some of the most unique lines.. not just hiting stairs and rails..fucking super sick// awsm cinematography as well
Fakie switch front crook a handrail suciu must be the jesus of skateboarding
Dude the way he quickly prepare to do a trick after doing one is insane 
what is the 2nd song?
5:07 wtf, switch back nose blunt? thats so hard.
shit! i didn't even notice that at first, it's just banger after fucken banger. they just snuck that in there 
you know what's funny about that , i was asking myself the other day if i have ever seen mark skate big sets like holly wood 16 , and then i watched this again i  realized he does huge rails , but they do throw it together , you have to find it in there these clips are all epic, i just realized he did that blunt switch lol.
JEDI not fuckin SOTY or all this SL Nike sb industrie sucker. Skater of the century - tricks, style, spots everything perfect, easy and natural. The last video which stoked me like this one was koston in mouse - 
mark's pushes look better than my flat ground tricks ://
this is so beautiful
this is sooo much better than nyjah's part! 
tat was fucking sick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
one of the best part !
almost 1000,000 holy shitt! #bangbang 
what was the first song?
Vídeos así se merecen un puto monumento, te quiero Mark Suciu
after 2 years i still love this video
He definitely gettin a box!
the song choice is off thuuuuuuuhhh hooookkk
Didn't know you guys worshipped Satan!
Salut , on fais des vidéos de skate , tutoriels , montages ext ...  Passez sur notre chaine si vous voulez :D
Esse cara é daqueles que você faz um corre pra achar mais vídeos  Estilo é pra quem tem!!!!
Douglas Smith Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Mark Suciu is definatly one of my favourite skaters and i really like this video part
such a well made part
every trick is on lock, what a great part, i don't care if it's old
this kid needs to learn how to skate he sucks
Kory Dufel could kick his ass like he did beagel
+Cristian Cox-Gonzalez you suck fagot bitch cumbucket 
Lol the guy that had to run out of the way at 4:54 XD
not as good as louie whats-his-fuck
1:51 he was at freedom plaza 
Finally, a ledge skater that breaks out of the "watch me do everything out of a back tail" routine
Favorite video of Suciu, Suciu filmed with Vx is fucking beautiful
The line that starts at 2:37 is the best thing ever!
see him around philly a bunch really consistent 
1:34, switch kickflip to backside tailside... wow
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