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David Blaine Showing Snoop Dogg His Magic

by westfesttv • 2,793,825 views

Check out footage of David Blaine freaking out Snoop Dogg backstage at the Hoboken NJ show. More Malice The Deluxe Edition and Movie Available Now!!!

I bet David Blaine can out smoke Snoop! It would be his best magic trick, because no one would believe it.
Heh heh snoops so blazed that david could've said "I can guess your name....its snoop dogg" and snoop would've been like "DAAAMMMNNNN!!!!"
He's so stoned he didn't understand a damn crap lol
yes, pure homo sexuals.
+Mike Hunt mmm I got u man, there's definitely a link there. Completely related things.
I'm just glad I could hear and understand everything being said in this video.
This was hilarious.. thanks for the laugh xD.
This is funny? Ah how I wish I could be so easily amused.
mehhhh, I hate card tricks... They are just too boring
I was gonna say the same. Frigging boring. I actually hate magic tricks. What's the point????? We all know it's a trick, once someone explains it to u is always sooo disappointing.
demonic connection that's what this is.
stop stealing wifi
I love how Snoop touches the cards like they might blow up or curse him
Snoop Dogg's so stoned you could show him mu fuckin velcro he'd be trippin. 
Snoop being high as fuck thinking Da Fuck? XD
DON'T ASK ME STUPID QUESTIONS NOW GET THA FUCK OUTTA HERE BITCH.. i gotta go get me some chicken wings.
meanwhile, 3 wallets been emptied. Snoop's magic!
I bet anyone could do a card trick with Snoop in this video.  He's so baked out of his mind, he has no clue what's going on.  
Nice ACR he did in this one.
all about double lifts and sleight of hand !
Snoop Dog are those head lights ???
I've just been on a 3 day Meth binge, and cannot understand what language Blaine is speaking??
the language blaine was speaking is: english.
+Cole Nibbe I'm pretty sure it was magic.
Nice. Very nice save before the last trick actually worked. Won't expose it, but the last trick wasn't heading in the right direction, however David was beyond smooth and saved it. His performance is wicked inspiring.
whoever filmed this has to be the worst fucking camera man in history
why is mina suvari there? 
+nate knight she should be over here sitting on my face
she's probably one of snoop's entourage whores. but isn't he married?
well since Snoop was probably high from a few joints anyways... XD
One two three and to the fo, snoop doggy dog and dr. Dre is at the do
I was wondering who that woman was... American pie movies :P
the ambitious card routine, Ive gotten pretty decent at it, but damn is he flawless
blaine is good with his fingers, but snoop is too swift on his toes to get caught up with these hoes.
one more time hahahahhahaaaaaahahhaa
you could be ma bay tho
My God, you are so pretty.
nigga prolly walked away and said "what the fuck just happened? where were we?"
who is the blonde girl at 0:30?
the 2nd trick was a dan and dave move!!! hahahaha good stuff
Damn snoop was sooo high hahaha
@ 0:43 he puts the card in his mouth while he has snoop distracted. 
the first trick he did, he did a classic double hold
Looks like Mike Shinoda doing magic.
Bruh David mind fucked me I was thinking of the 4 of clubs too
Dats a bad mutha fucka right there
I not that hard to trick Snoop cuz that foos already high as fuck
Snoop the card is not going to bite you lol
that nigga is high as fuck
Thats snoop side bitch...
nombre del truco cuando se dobla la carta?
0:50-0:56 Blaine gets Snoop Dogg to act all gayyyyyyyy.
i wonder who picks up the cards after he throws them like that
They vanish into thin air
Jesus picks them up and turns them into doves. Then the doves turn into Easter bunnies and Jesus eats the bunnies and turns them into pizza and then the pizza turns into dreams and then the dreams turn into unicorns and then...
This camera man was definitely high as fuck too 
David blaine looks like brabo gator
Symbols are everywhere. David let Snoop use the Ace of Spades because it symbolizes being the master of ones craft, deep. Been watching the Street Magic series from the 90's, good times for sure
David execution is flawed inspiring.
Yack...Snoop Dog is like a bitch...long fucking nails, all skittish, acting like he doesn't want to touch a card. What a fool.
+Murcuseo Snoop is a thug and nothing more. Regardless of how rich he is, i would not want his seed around my family. I take morals over money and fame all day. And shame on any of you lemmings who follow this embarrassment of a man.
+sbfusey Your ego has nothing to do with this conversation.
snoop dog is a chutiya saala madarchod....
The only man more subdued than David Blaine. 
Anybody can show Snoop a magic trick .. The guy is Green everyday ..
What event are David Blaine and Snoop Dogg both at? I wanna be there
Anybody can pull a trick on Snoop, he's too high to pay attention.
what the efff!!!!!!!!!!!
Snoop be trippin balllls!
I never got why people have to make the comment that its "fake"... Well.. .Magic isn't real. Its for entertainment purposes. Just sit back and enjoy the show!
snoop look like a kid you should sponsor for just 45 cents a day~!
This camerman sucks
This camera man blows, watch the trick and or snoops reactions. Not just have the trick out of frame
not magic = mindtrick
time travel? wtf@Jimmy Saenz
who is gonna clean up those cards
.this trick impressed snoop dogg 100x more because he was high
Classic ambitious card routine.
but how could anyone fool snoop dog
oon my momma cuhh
snoop cut your nails man 
Is the white chick the same one from American Beauty? She was so fuckable in that movie
He still snoop dogg to me all day every day
At the end of the day, it's not about whether this is 'real or fake'. Lord of the Rings is entirely fake, but the emotions, the thrill and the investment you have in that piece of fiction is REAL, meaning the experience is real. It's the same here, it might be 'fake' in that sense that he isn't reading your mind or whatever, but he's very skilled at creating the illusion...which is in itself entertaining.
Them magicians must love doin what they do like DB is with the cards n that when it's stoned ppl they're dealing with hahahaha 😄😄😄
David Blaine doesn't know magic! He is Actually using time travel to perform his tricks. First he performs the tricks and fails. Then, He travels back in time to redo the trick knowing how Snoop would answer. Thus, blowing everyone's mind. I cant Believe people fall for this shit! 
yeah i mean the fact the he's time traveling is So obvious, people are so dumb
anybody NOT know how he does the trick at the end with the 4 of clubs on the pen? you can find it on youtube but if not just let me know. don't want to ruin it for everyone if they like this kind of thing.
0:29 who is that girl.. I've seen her before
+Jay Magnus oh yeah the girl from American Beauty. .
the fuck is mena suvari doing there?
+Anderson Acosta dont feed the troll...obvious idiot is obvious 
Chior Chick from American Pie @ 0:29
he's smokin too much reefa, he cna't concentrate. lol
lol apparently your spelling can't concetrate
Always my favorite magician
chuuch preach tabanakle
Who's the girl with them? Is it a celebrity? 
+8800jerry Everyone keeps saying "American Pie"....   nooo... It's "American Beauty" !.... with  Kevin Spacey 
+TacomaPaul No, she was in American Pie too. Look it up.
is that mila kunis with blond hair behind david?
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