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Muay Thai Kicks

by Kevin Bankens • 2,076,562 views

Kevin "Conan" Bankens demonstrates the Muay Thai kick.

No joke, this is by far the best instructional I've seen. The 'cigarette' cue was like a light bulb moment. Really good explanation- finally- on the hips and arms as well. Keep up the great work. the southern rock is cool too.
Hey man great video im learning muay thai myself and i found your vid helpful so thanks.
@Bankens1 ohh and for a more stronger kick tell em to twist there hips thanks mate great vid
HUGELY helpful for a noob like myself, Can you maybe also throw in some defensive techniques video as well? or do you have that on your channel already? is there a knee kick tutorial as well?
Thanks for good explanation. Your "scared" facial expression is priceless :D
Its so basic to turn ur front feet before kicking.
@StirpeRomana Mr. Stripe, You call me fat. Im not hard to find . Come on down to Santa Fe nm and I will show you fat. I workout harder in 1 day than you prob worked out your whole life. I've had more fights in my life than you've seen on t.v. Dont let the camera fool you my friend. Its always the watchers and not the doers with a smug comment. LOL Good luck to you Sally. Kevin "Conan" Bankens
for sum reason you remind me of brock lesnar, must be the build lol
Thumbs up if you tried to wipe away the dead pixel :D
very good and explained well, iv been wanting to try some of the thai stuff, im very interested , great for self defense too, non-telegraphic, thanks.
mate you are fucking wedge, i would run if you asked me for a fight
whats the best way to get my legs flexible to do the splits ??, and btw how long did it take you to kick like looks like you could cause serious damage to any would be attacker ??
@moonerjamerson It depends, they can be pretty spendy, search the net, maybe Amazon, the dummy is called Bob. lol
kelics, Why is it that every time you put a video out there to help people a keyboard fighter comes on and tells you what you are doing wrong. Kelics You go on every ones video and dog them. Please go bug some one else my little pesty unknown friend.
Thank you so much, I have never found a Muay Thai kick video youtube that explains it as well as this.
Mr. Bankens I've got to say, you are an excellent instructor. Watching your videos gives me great ideas and does wonders for my teaching skills. This is one of the best instructionals on Thai Kicks that anybody will find anywhere.
very good brother!!! thanyou for this''' ...
Hey can you post a video on work outs and streches
if you take anything form this video, remember, shin bones break things XD
LOL did he wax hes legs!? lmao
@ShinobiBell09 Thank you all so much for the support!
@AirLockBelsen Air lockbelson, You sould always do a hip stretch before you do a split stretch. You will find it much smoother and easier. Always warm up your legs first before stretching, Thank you much, Kevin"Conan" Bankens
i need learn some muay thai. Any suggestion's? i cant find a Muai thai or Kick boxing gym in my area.
theobsession, Thank you for your comment. If you step out first you will telegraph your kick. Re-watch the video the power hand is down and back. The cigarette foot twist puts me on the balls of me foot automatically if I go for a head kick, But again thank you for the comment my friend. Conan
I have a question. I am right handed but left footed. I find it way more comfortable to kick with my left foot but at the same time, since I am a righty, I keep my left hand as the forward hand therefore making my left leg be the one in the front. I can kick with my right too, it is just weaker and less comfortable. Any tips??
@PrsFenderJackson1980 If that works for you keep doing it my friend. This is just an explanation of a different approach. Keep up the good work my friend, Kevin "Conan" Bankens
Once your shin comes into contact, can't you fully extend your leg to dig the shin in, and also propel yourself off? I've been trying to get into a habit of that, but I need to make sure...I always get dogged out when I do it at the gym.
excellent vid & gr8 advice thats so true lol makes alot of sense, definitely incorporating this in my regiments keep up the good work
Clear as water. First video that i see that i watch that guy know what he is explaning. Keep the good work up mate!
i gotta say im a tkd practitioner i think this guy knows his stuff. good inof i will be useing
Hey dude, just got your comments on my youtube videos. Thanks dude, Love you to!! You look like you've trimmed down.... Lookin GOOD!! Jeffo
kwul technique...!! ii use to do muay thai nd personaly i found keepiin ur leg straight with a little cockin ur leg is a bit more powerful than cocking ur leg nd briingiin it bak.... ii suppose then agaiin ii have long legs nd easiest for me....haa haa haa xxxxxx
If i look like you when im 40 id be well happy
should use makiwara, and practice more
Great Video, sir. That "Head protection" tip it´s very important for me, thanks a lot. Peace, and greatings from Venezuela (Y). Keep in touch.
Thanks for your comment on my video friend. when i clicked over on your channel and saw you for the first time, I said "holy moly! that guy is BIG!" lol :) would you be my body guard when the pope's jesuits come after me? :D
@aaronnem19888 Thank you for asking my friend. A fight is very unpredictable. You must train for any type of attack. E.g if an attacker is running in at you the last thing you want to do is a round kick. Because he will push right through it. You need to use straight shots and your foot work to stop him or get out of the way. if an opponent is trying to bate you in then yes a jab cross then low kick combo will be very effective. You must train the body and mind to respond to reaction principles
@PLruNYC94 My 94 Friend, Try training both sides very often. At least 100 kick every 3 days. Dont kick as hard as you can, but kick slow and smooth. Your body will adapt to the balance problem better this way. Also at first try holding on to something and kick very slow and smooth. As you feel more comfortable pic up the speed and reps. Good luck to you. Kevin "Conan" Bankens
@shay080606 Thank you Shay, I'm glad you enjoyed this video. Kevin "Conan"Bankens
You are a very good instructor . A natural teacher. Thanks
@ebmasdan92 Thank you very much 92. Kevin "Conan" Bankens
Thanks for the demonstration Kevin!
Dont expose your knee with kick like that, you'll be on the ground in no time. Make an opening FIRST, then you can attack, otherwise your just making an opening for them.
Omg, u are the biggest muaythai kicker i've ever seen lol
That's an interesting way to guard, with your elbow across your face when you kick. I've never seen that before. It sort of seems like that would cut your vision off for a while, though.
great vid never knew what to do with my hands, i always keep my thai guard up when kicking and my balance sucked... now with my hands in the right place my balance is 100% better. THANK YOU
@tommyd9388 Appreciate the feedback, thank you! Keep checking back I am working on some more videos right now. Conan
yo man, great video. just wanted to ask how much do those punching bags cost ?
Bof bof le tuto... sur la pointe des pieds pour un middle, faut se grandir.
Really informative. Thanks so much. I spent a little time at a training camp in Phuket Thailand and would only add that you should stay up on the ball of the cigarette foot. The heal doesn't touch the ground until the leg returns. If you look at most Thai fighters from Thailand, they are really high up on the ball when they make contact. Just turning your lead foot 45 degrees let's you to turn your hips only part of the way. When you practice in the air, spin 360 degrees high on the ball.
i knew how to do that when i was 6 -.- but its all true
@kobejunior Thank you Kobe Jr., In order to kick higher you must #1 increase your flexability. #2 You must have proper footing and leverage. #3 You must train often enough to have muscle memory. Keep training my friend, Kevin "Conan" Bankens
The idea with the Right hand when you right kick is to swing it for more force... yes it does bring you back home too. Great video!
Thanks for the video, I just started going to a Muay Thai studio and was having difficulty understanding the pivot until I saw this
@michaelhomie Bout $350 Dollors. Thank you, Kevin "Conan" Bankens
generally the styles that dont open the front foot are because it is a very short, quick kick to target something small, not to put all your power into. also (at least in okinawan karate) the joints of short okinawans are much different, and they get a full kick off without needing to really open their front foot.
He is a very good Muay Tai instructor! Thank you!
@AirLockBelsen Thank you my friend, Kevin "Conan" Bankens
i love what u said, "it doesn't matter what style u do u can still throw a thai kick" ur sounding a bit like bruce lee ^-^
very good instruction! thank you Sir
Very good explantion of how to throw a correct Thai kick. But the karate styles I know do pivot on their lead foot.
thanks bro, you're a good teacher
Wonderful video, sir, thank you very much!
shin bones break things....that is all i needed to know thnx
hey... i am 27 yrs old... ive been kickboxing for about 5yrs now and i cant seem to get a proper high kick, (roundhouse)... whenever i throw a high-kick it resembles that of the upward cutting motion, just like in the video... I always thought it was retarded and that I was doing the wrong thing. My mid and low, (leg) kicks are fine, (If you may... i use the put out the cigarette and rotate the hips method... lol)... I'm glad i watched this video... it helps a lot. Thanks!
@ringwr4ith just listen to your trainer. He knows what's best for you
That dude isn't in your weight class..
what brand of gloves are those you are wearing??
Outstanding video i tried the feet turn and it improved my kicking alot, how can i kick higher though is it just a matter of stretching everyday. thanks again for uploading the video more videos ur awesome i wish i could kick like u :)
got some zz top playin man thats whats up
@Glenyboy007 Glad it was helpful to you, thanks for the feedback, its always appreciated. Keep at it! Thanks Brother! Conan
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