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Lush Haul with my Sis!!!! -BeautyAddict101

by BeautyAddict101 • 56,883 views

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You are honestly the two most gorgeous girls in the world with amazing personalities!💙
I absolutely love both ur vids xx
you guys would love the snow fairy bubble wand
how do you both make your hair sooo shiny!?!?!
can Allie do a tutorial on how she did her hair in this video? please? I wanna do it on the 26th of may(:
Both of you girls are both BEAUTIFUL! <3 Love you... :) xox I subscribe and i suggest EVERYONE SUBSCRIBES!! :D
ASHLEYYY! You are such a wonderful big sis... It made me sentimental to see 22:46 *Allie, u could really hurt yourself!!* and how u kept frequently moving Allie's hair back from her face throughout the whole video... ^^
This video makes me want to go to lush!!! It's so addicting! Love y'alls videos(:
i love the lush bathbombs, but need money to get more. :( great stuff you got at Lush.
I wish i had a sister, all I have is a gorilla.
I dont know if its just me, but Allie looks a lot older in this video
So what's your guys' opinion on the upcoming election?
OMG, i went to Lush today and as soon as you walk by, you are tempted to walk in because it smells amazing!<3
I love lush soooo much!!!! Please do more lush hauls!!! Also can you do some more lush reviews, and a lush starter kit!! Thxxxx
Who introduced you to lush products haha?!? Lush is awesome!! Love the hauls!!
U shud do more videos together!!!!!
haha "its...its...its...zucchini!" lmao
you guys are soo cute !! <3 i wanna go to lush now ! D:
i missed you guys so cool you made a video again together do you guys have a face book acct?
Awwww....... You both are looking sooooo adorable!!! <3
I lurrrrrve lush! Soo amazeballs
Did you said that it smelled like Swedish fish? I am from Sweden!! ♥
you to are the most amazing sister i have ever seen! you seem to really care about each other <3 :)
OMG! Al and Ash, you guys are a lot of fun..... Demon in the dark dark dark!!! Haha!! And Allie is like, It' DANNNCING in the dark....
How old are they, are they like twins or...?
This is my favorite type of video from the two of y'all!
You guys are gorgeous and super funny !
Yall are so pretty and I love the sister bond the both of you have so cute.
You guys are so adorable! I love it when you make videos together.
I smelled the porridge soap n I was all like Ohmigod! I can smell it.. But then I realized it was my maple syrup candle
Heyyyy!!!!! Were do you get lush? Or is it a store?
Why didnt you put this on hangnwithashandallie? Great video!
You guys are gorgeous and super funny ! Cherry Cola
You guys are amazing, I love your collaboration videos :D
Im only at 6:28 and I feel like the love every Lush piece the mention! hahaha
Can Allie do her hair tutorial please? the hair do she has in this video because I wanted to this hairstyle on may 26th(:
Allie, i really love your hair! can you do a tutorial? PRETTY PLEASE!!:D
I thought it said "Lunch haul with Sis"
Allie, ur sis brings out the best of yhu! Luv u guys <3
Will u guys make more vids on ur channel for both of u :D
You girls are soooo beautiful!!! I love you girls your awesome!
I dont know what u guys r smelling but rockstar soap smells like straight up bubble gum
Do you have to pay for the lush times?
OMG I thought they were the same!!! They look so alike!
I love this both of you!! You should do more videos together!
I love lush! their bathbombs are to die for :)
OMG you to have the same voices
I love how they were dancing ♥ There so cute lol !
I have a very personal request from both of u....... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ALWAYS include the bloopers in your videos....... They brighten my day and makes it looks realistic and fun!!! Love ya both to the core....... And please do more videos like this!!! <3
Hahaha! When she was. Singing that was funny
You guys look uh-mazing! You should do more videos on hangnwithashandallie channel!- 3
damn both of you are really gorgeous
You guys are so gorgeous!!! <333 love you!
How old are they? And are they twins or just sisters?
wow u just posted this a mint ago yay im the first one to comment ! ur super pretty both of u!!!!!!
You can tell you guys are sisters because youre both loud, excited, and crazy... I love it!!!
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