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Jun.K (2PM 준수) - 사랑... 안녕 (아이러브 이태리 OST Part 2)

by CJENMMUSIC Official • 402,725 views

Jun. K (2PM 준수), 새로운 솔로곡 '사랑... 안녕' 발표! tvN '아이러브 이태리' OST Part2 준수 '사랑... 안녕' 12일(화) 0시 공개 극중 남자주인공 '금은동' 역 김기범 테마곡 오케스트라와 클래식 기타 연주가 어우러진 감성발라드로 몰입도 UP 2PM 메인보컬 준수의 폭발적인 가창력 모두가 감탄! 써니힐에 이어 2PM...

İremnur Alaca Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
Arkadaşlar dizin adını bilen biri bana lütfen söylesin 
I love lee tae ri olması lazım
+AYŞEGÜL ÖREN çok çok çok teşekkür ederim :)
Jun K ❤️ his voice is so lovely I would love to hear him sing a Spanish song
So touching sound of Jun K.~~
magnifique chanson,il chante trés bien 
Her for hearing Jun. K's voice ♥
omg it's the guy in no breathing >.>
Kim ki bum i miss him in súper junior Junsu voice is so beautiful
صوت جونسو ..... وجه كيبوم (love love love )
Jun.K singing is so good. It's bring me to tears while listening to it.
I like this song so much !!! Love you ,oppa!^^
Jun to my K!!! I adore his voice!!!!
The book title on 2:34 look like Jun. K
I like this song so much !!! Love you ,oppa!^^
Jun. K really make people feel touching with his voice when he sings this kind of song... I feel goosebump...
jun.k very very good!
Jun.K fans...have box of tissue handy (I love Italy OST). "Love...Goodbye"
The more i listen to this song the more i love this song!!!
She is totally a noona to Kibum I really dont know if I can watch a drama like this, but apparently its good?
JUN. K never let me down with your voice. Kim Minjun ....... Good job!
jun k your voice make me cry, love love love
..Junsu is really great in singing love songs...2pm is really great..I hope he will sing english in straight english..
Nice Song >_< Kibum .he handsome.
2013 Comeback - Hottests Hwaiting - 2pm Fighting!
민준 오빠아 ... 대박 ~ <3
คิบอมหล่อแสรดดดดด !!^^
Jun.k sings well. He also has his own songs that he made♥
can you tell me what the this drama title?plez
one of the cutest drama!!!! cutest coupling as well.....
จุนซู นายร้องเพลงเพราะมากกก ~ คิบอม คิดถึงอ่ะ.
sweet voice.. ^^ marry me oppa :D
JunK.... Your voice was.... Perfect!!! Minjun JJANG!!!
kibum oppa! please come back to super junior :D
Jun.K迷人的聲音!!! 最近緯來在正好在播"我愛李太利"(台灣取名叫"戀愛魔法鐘"哈哈哈其實我覺得名字取的很怪= =)又聽到這首所以來回味一下!!!
falling in love with JUN K. vocal ** (* v *) **
such a unique voice. it has a certain hint of sadness but manly-ness to it. he needs a solo album, he deserves one. i'll be listening to it for sure! :)
Junsu really needs to release his own solo album. Ill be the first Hottest to buy it
junsu's voice was great! and i want your t-shirt :D
아이러브 이태리 .. ♡♡
omg His voice is amazing<3I love this song♥
I'm crying because jun.k's voice ㅠㅠ
is Love..Hello or Love...goodbye? confused. before that i saw is love..goodbye.. now is hello?
junsu oppa, your voice is truly amazing
the woman in this movie looks similar to Park Ye Jin?
jun k jun k jun k jun k jun k jun k loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
This is the first time 2pm got included in the ost project.,and junsu just soooo great..proud to be hottest!!!see you in Jakarta December 8 :3
addicted to this song now because Jundyu's voice<3
KIm Minjun so beautiful voice /// KIm kibum so cute ^ ^
this voice is unique and this song make me cry :(
OMG I love this soundtrack cause Jun K sing this with his heart and sense T.T
AHHHHH!!!! JUN. K Love your voice!!!!:)<3
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