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Drake- "Headlines" (They Know) (LYRICS ON SCREEN) YScRoll

by YSCROLLgoinin • 5,272,400 views

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3:20 to 3:54 sounds so good he needs to make a song and sample that 
Gorilla's on the rise...fuck them other guys...
i click lyrics videos to use less data on my phone lol
Where have you been.
I may be too strung out on confidence overdosed on compliments started not a give a fuck and stoped sharin' my counselin tips thinking every night because I think to my accomplishments waited way to long im bloating in and out of consciousness and they sayin im whack id agree with that.. I must take my time with all this shit I still believe in that  I had some one tell me I fell off like bitch who needed that?
They know they know they know.... that CP is illuminati
songs in real life 3
do you think they know we are looking at them? ''they they know, yeah they know'' XD
check my videos out please :) I have this song as lyrics and ill make any lyrics to any song if you'd like
everyone me or my boyfriend say "I know I know I know" when the other is trying to prove a point, we burst into this song singing "they know they know they know" :x hahaha
luv this song so much drake is a good rapest wtf?????? hehe syandk ate ???
justin is gay and then drake they know they know lol emoisothebest1
this is the only song that keeps me in a good mood!
justin bieber is best rapper ever
wife: "HUNNY!!! TIMOTHYS WACHING PORN!" husband: "I know, I know, I know."
chris brown created 264 accounts to dislike this
My friend:Do they know u lookin at them? Me:They Know They Know They Know!
je kiffe la chanson mais la vidéo est chiante
Actually, Emo is my dogs name and it mean sweet pie thnk you
Don't click on the screen! its a trap
I love the fact that Common decided to call Drake on his bullshit after this song. "You gonna make someone around me catch a body like that" What utter crap. Fakest threat in the history of rap music. I like some of Drake's stuff but someone needed to set him straight after this song.
Why i gotta be all that but still I cant deny the fact that its...true. Hahahaha(:
this song is awesome drake ur a beast n i hope u read this
Drake has a style that flows very well. Hes kind of a clever rhyming Kid Cudi. He sings and raps in his music at the same time alot like Cudder but Drake has clever lines while Cudi never has anything clever. Both have a wonderful flow. Cudis flow is way different than anyone else.
are you referring to your username?? or is that your real name??? i'm abitch LOL
Drake to Chris Brown:" you gon make somebody round me catch a bottle like that"
tuck my napkin in my shirt and they never know:D
check 2:21 into the video the lyrics are wrong
i might be too strung out on insults overdosed on hatin wimps
Remins me of Artemis Fowl for some reason (in the earlier books, anyway)
Drake is good. But. Eminem Hands down
Damn... a couple of people must knot know about that Take Care... Get wit it Haters <3
the song name is headlines then a lebron james commerical came up!
Me:Justin sucks Drake:They know, They know, They know
thats cus chris brown done broke all her teeth out.
how to drake clean his sink pipes? drano drano drano! i so fanny
If you can't see clearly under the video it States "Drake- "Headlines" (They Know) (LYRICS ON SCREEN) YScRoll Drake- "Head lines" (LYRICS ON SCREEN) YScRoll Drake- "Headlines" (They Know) (LYRICS ON SCREEN) YScRoll Drake- "Head lines" (LYRICS ON SCREEN) YScRoll Drake- "Headlines" (LYRICS ON SCREEN) YScRoll" Smartness -.-
If you think about it it's accually you only die once
Replace "They Know" with "Negros" xD
if you like this - please check out my headlines freestyle. T.O for life... tell me im good, tell me i suck, i would love to hear what the youtube community thinks, im new here - thanks yall, support local hip hop
love this song i can sing the whole thing
True that bro! Tupac's fat ass has been stinkin up Beibers seat for the last 20 years!
XD you laugh at justin bieber because his singing he laughs your your bank accounts so dont hate it a waste i decided after i kept hating on him for 1 yr and now i respect him for his money
fucking love this song im addited to it everytime i go in the internet i go on youtube first to listen to this
Everyone Watch Shit Drake Says 2 By Fouseytube Lol It was so funny, Drake loved it! he tweeted the video on his twitter!!
whoever are the the 259 people that disliked, you peoplez are corny and what's than this rap
god dam it -_-" can't you dome asses enjoy some good music and shut your pride up for once? and if you don't than you have no respect and that's sad :I
259 people missed the "like" button
289 people don't know a shit -_-
Pretty good, one of the Drake songs I actually like.
this is the only song by drake that i really love
Do They Know At All because if they dont they stupid
i know right drake is so cool.
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