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The 2010 State of the Union Address

by The White House • 498,309 views

President Obama speaks about restoring security for middle class families after a lost decade of declining wages, eroding retirement security and escalating health care and tuition costs. January...

President Obama actually had a pretty good first year except for the ObamaCare debate. 
There is a funny song on youtube about Obama's state of the union message. The song is Mr. president don't you have a clue?
either inhuman or born in another millennium, looks like a guy who fell to earth in 2004 and is trying to act human-like or not even trying, more like incapable. all of it is rhetoric or cult of personality type of stuff, like a robot reading a teleprompter
he acts like a programmed man with no human emotion. like a blank slate just speaking or parroting words. like a man with nothing under the surface. a void.
When President Obama says "we" or "ours" decoded simply he's addressing the 1%.
@xXninjasupremeXx You can call him worse than that; he's just some angry little cocksucker who needs attention and the feeling of superiority over "the others" to get through his day. Sorta like a dumb-fuck version of Hitler, except with no balls and an impotent penis.
@Osambasucks2 Your kind are the ones who want the rich (where the top 5% have 95% of our wealth), to remain having lower taxes from bush, and now Obama is extending them even further. Increasing taxes AND spending? That's what EVERY single Republican is against, and frankly most democrats. You know why? It's considered a very very LIBERAL stance, since the only way to raise taxes would be to raise the riches taxes. The poor and lower-middle class wouldn't have enough money to support it.
Ima bout to cuss u out Osambasucks2
@bandroom59 It would lower our dependance on cotton, gasoline, and many other things. That is why those interests won't allow it to happen. You can thank our current presidents (the oil companies) for that. If you ever have a question you ask "why can't we do this?" when you know we actually could, just look at the corporate lobbyists in congress - they have the money to rule higher than our own elected officials. They are calling the shots, unfortunately.
It's your vote and I should not interfere. Just my impression that the strength of America's openness to liberty resulted, something like 10 years ago, in kind of insanity and blind beliefs. Obama has to take the blame often for what happened long before he was in power. American exceptionalism was squandered under Bush jun.'s reign.
you can see the star of david to the rite aswell on those chairs
Type PRIZE before youtube and hit enter
@Osambasucks2 Britain is doing fine. The others are the few I was referring to. And they weren't/aren't being killed by their socialists programs. What hurt them was the recession. Those are the facts. There are many more nations doing better than worse: Germany, Britain, Netherlands, Finland, Scandinavian countries, Switzerland, France, etc. Quit drinking the Fox lies.. Oh and I never got that source for your "70%" comment. I bet you haven't even read the healthcare reform bill.
what about hemp farming? it can produce many things including fuel.
648 people who watched this are Republicans.....
All he needs now after this shooting of this Congress woman, we need another Waco too. To get political backing like Clinton got after ordering the deaths of Americans. Yahoo!! Kill the American terrorists. Oh and praise the Red's for being here this last week!
Ron Paul 2012 Audit or End The Fed Bring the power back to the American Republic, not the Privitized European/Jewish Federal Reserve
@canaryman69 moron theres 30mil jobless people its morons like you who expect shit to turn around instantly that talk shit obama has created jobs for over 2mil+ this is known as a great depression yet they aren't calling it that to avoid mass panic.SO stfu you don't know whats really going on & if you think you could creat 30millon jobs in time he's been in then your fucking lying because thats impossible even if congress & the senate & house supported you completely
Did they REALLY have to clap EVERY TIME Obama finished a sentence?
@Osambasucks2 Hey moron...Your numbers are a bit off. Our debt P/P is $43,758. I will agree that this is not a good thing, but it is less than the per capita GDP, which is $47,400. So our debt is less than a year’s salary. Mind you there are 19 other countries that are much worse off than we are. For instance, each person in The UK owes $147,000, and each person in Luxembourg owes $4,028,283! Nearly every developed country is worse off than us. Do your homework before you post a comment, chief.
I don't get it....aren't we all Americans? aren't we all supposed to be trying to fix our counrty TOGETHER? It seems like America is extremely divided and DO NOT and I say again DO NOT blame Obama for it because then you would look even more ignorant. Let us all just try to find a solution TOGETHER because right now even though it is a WORLDWIDE RECESSION NOT JUST AMERICA!!! many other countries are laughing at us.
Obama has got to be the biggest bullshitter ever!!! You think people would see right through this guy by now.
@Osambasucks2 A. We didn't fight communists in WW1 or WW2, you stupid motherfucker. B. Fuck you. C. Read
@bkeener86 that is correct Ronald Reagan created 22 million jobs in his 8 years by cutting taxes, and eliminating strangling governent regulations that hurt business growth. Reagan doubled revenues into the treasury because he cut taxes and expanded growth. Osama Obama has lost 4 million jobs and raised taxes and increased regulations which is why we are not creating jobs. Cheers
The clowns who voted for this creep--twice!--deserve all the misfortune he will bring the country. Obama is a truly evil being.
Where the fock are all the male teachers in our educational system?
"In its lack of eloquence, its complete absence of high points, its elementary school pedagogy, its complete absence of any interesting or memorable phrases, it was possibly the lamest SOTU speech I have ever heard. Once again, Aram Bakshian, a far smarter man than I am, said it well. Mr. Obama just does not seem like a leader anymore, and, I will add, certainly not like an orator. This was a disappointing evening." --Ben Stein
@Flyvoice1 Obama passed a bill that MANDATES that I get health insurance. You tell me where forcing a person to buy a product is in the US Constitution. Obama has increased the wars in the middle east. Obama is a liar. He made promises that he didnt keep. Obama's smooth talk got you on your knees didnt he?
Yall need to shut the hell up and be patient cuz u not gonna just wake up in the morning and expect for us to be out of this recession nooo it takes time for these things to go through so I suggest u SIT DOWN SHUT THE HELLL UUUPP AND WAIT !!!!!!
@Osambasucks2 Post one with you in it. I actually do not support Obama; I'm a socialist, and he's just as capitalist as any republican is. In terms of "running up the bill," stop yelling at me. I don't support this current agenda, this is not what I voted for, but why lie about shit?? He's a much better president than Bush, and if you have a problem, at least know what you are talking about. Most of the things you say, at least half, are flat out false. Obama is a Chicago politician.
notice those swastikas all over their seats..
@Osambasucks2 *sigh* and who am I sticking up for here? What did I say that I proclaimed to be fact? No one has the truth, but I do read, hick.
One who thinks they are offending others, with callous words and actions, is simply offending themselves for all to witness... As hate is the sign of FEAR, while tolerance is the mark of True*Courage...
@Flyvoice1 Two years wasn't enough to show a glimmer of progress? Do you live in denial all the time or is this only when Obama speaks?
HUMAN RIGHTS & DEMOCRACY FOR VIETNAM We Vietnamese Americans urge President Obama to suspend all military and trade negotiations with Vietnam until the communist regime ends its crackdown on political dissidents and democracy activists and releases Father Nguyen Van Ly, blogger Dieu Cay, lawyer Le Quoc Quan. Vietnam is also heaven for corruption and human trafficking, exporting 200,000 women to work as prostitutes and sex slaves in South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand.
It seems that the only reason for Obama's Union address is to promote islam and islamization of the USA! Each time the American president Barak bin Hussein opens his mouth he speaks first of all about muslims and islam!
Unless the Government "forces" Banks to lend to small business - it will never happen... We drive this countries economy.
There IS such a thing as safe nuclear power - even waste disposal. Take a look at the US navy.
@xXninjasupremeXx ...Very well said...I like the way you think...I'll be watching you...Good Job!
@Osambasucks2 Hey ya doin...long time...up to your same old stuff uh? Obama did not need to talk co congress...this decision to help Libia was made by the United Nations...and the USA is part of that . Obama did it right.
@Osambasucks2 ARE YOU FUCKING WITH ME?????????????? Hitler was a FASCIST, THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE OF A SOC... actually you know what? Never-mind. You are just dumb. Possibly retarded.
Trutherguy, why don't you keep $10.00 per week of your paycheck and send the rest to the federal government to help those out that you described?
@bkeener86 Dude, you are SUCH an idiot. The Indians came from Russia, at the Bering Strait, which is a HUGE 55 miles wide. Aside from that, CAN YOU KRIFFIN' LIBERALS EVER WRITE A COHERENT SENTENCE?!?!?!?!?!?!!? I swear, a rat has better writing skills than you idiots!
Let me re-iterate. I'm ruining things for the Wise. White People are Millions of years more advanced than Minorities. Heck, Minorities will probably never even advanced until they die off. LOL.
some1 with CS5 plz NON_APPLAUSE version... 400k wasting hours listing to APPLAUSE...
we need to stop fight against others to stop fight against our own self when we fight others we are keeping down our own self just like the crabs in the barrel
u wanna know the state of the union? /watch?v=vWZyZAGyFbI
We will have no future under this dipshit. his accomplishments: gas prices doubled, national debt doubled, food stamp bums doubled, Health ins. way up, unemployment way up, restricting drilling in the Gulf, East coast, West coast, Anwar, Killed the Keystone pipeline, Preaches that we need to be energy independent and then goes to Brazil and says we want to be there biggest oil customer, Transparency, YA RIGHT!!, wasted billions on bogus green energy failures,etc.etc. YA FINE FUCKING JOB!!!
@Osambasucks2 Lmao is your job here to make a rude, ignorant, annoying and unneeded comment to everything. Instead of being an annoying troll and a dumbass, get over yourself and get over the fact that Obama is president and what he has done for this country. MOVE ON and look to the future. What Obama has done in the past STAYS IN THE PAST, LOOK TOWARDS THE FUTURE TO MAKE THIS COUNTRY BETTER!
@Osambasucks2 He is fixing the shit you retarded republicans created ;-)
@bkeener86, your education never went past 2nd grade...
@bkeener86 if I earn $5 and am taxed $4 I now have only $1 left to put back into the economy to expand and create jobs. If I earn $5 and am only taxed $1 I now have $4 left to put back into the economy to expand and create jobs. Now which form of economic activity do you think will create jobs? and what has Osama Obama done to create jobs? Cheers
When the president was running for office, people overseas were beginning to think that America was going to lead the world to a greater humanity. Well, here on Youtube, they will learn that this will never happen in America. This place will always be prejudice against African Americans, no matter what happens. No matter how many wars they have died in no matter how many wonderful things they have invented. America is just not ready for greatness she will always be mediocre.
@Osambasucks2 bush spent 8trillon so how is obama spending 1 trillon more then bush redneck oh thats right its not.Though i don't support hi i'll not make up shit stories like you.
@bkeener86 Osama Hussien Obama can create an environment to create jobs by getting out of the way and let it happen but socialists don't like capitalism and liberty and freedom. Socailists love power and control. The republicans are ready to work with Osama Barry Sotoro Hussien Barrack Obama to cut taxes, cut strangling government regulations and allow businesses to create. Socialists dems will not allow that to happen. WHERE DA JOBS IS?
Shut the fuck obamasucks2 cuz u know wat at the end of the day u gonna realize that Barack Obama is gonna be the 1 to get us out of this sooooooooo shut your face your ass & everything up !!!!!!!
2 years later he still talks like he's running for office . What a crock of crap .. really are people still believing in this guy ? YES WE CAN ! BANKRUPT AMERICA . He's WORSE THAN BUSH - he's just more eloquent at telling you BS .. they're all frauds , with a few exceptions. Obama lovers ... What promises did he keep ? What has he done for you ? WAKE UP ! THE RIGHT & LEFT ARE JUST THEATRICS . They all work for the guys that held us hostage and hijacked our govt
@bkeener86 Ronald Reagan created millions of jobs over night by allowing job creators to create jobs. It is that easy. Get government out of the way and watch what happens. We haven't tried that have we? Osama Obama has not cut taxes or regulations and has not allowed businesses to expand. In fact Osama Obama has put fear into businesses, they don't know how much more taxes Osama Obama will bend them over for. Health care will cost businesses a fortune and they will NOT expand.
everyone should shut the fuck up, you can't just expect one person to change everything in two years when everything was complete shit before he stepped in. he is a representative, not a damn miracle worker. give him a fucking chance.
There IS such a thing as safe nuclear power - even waste disposal. Take a look at our navy.
@DameciaZavala10 if you want to create jobs this is what you do, cut taxes on people and on corporations, cut strangling government regulations, cut government spending, get government out of the way and watch people create jobs and invest and take a risk. Once people start expanding and investing jobs will be in demand which increases salaries and then trillions will flow into the treasury to pay off the national debt. Cheers
@bkeener86 If Osama Hussien Obama wants to create good paying private sector jobs, all he needs to do is eliminate the strangling government regulations, lower taxes, get out of the way and allow the businesses to invest and expand and profit and there would be more jobs than workers and then wages would rise and tax revenues would pour into the treasury and then he can cut spending and pay down the debt. It really is that easy. Cheers commie NOW WHERE DA JOBS IS?
@Osambasucks2 Giving tax credits whilst no extra income is generated, how idiotic can you be? How do you think tax credits are financed? Not!
What you ARE shouts so loudly in my ear that I cannot hear what you say.
O my God, 666, do not like. Obama is the devil: U. Or do two
@theheroYTdeserves Fuck off you sorry troll. I opened the wrong link and was making a joke of it. You obviously have no life, maybe YOU should kill yourself. Hero? What a pathetic joke. If I want your opinion. I'll pull my cock out of your mouth. In the meantime, keep sucking, it's the only thing you're good at. You need to show some intellect before calling someone a "retard" and you have failed at doing so.
Why are there people like this obamasucks2 guy shouting about ignorance? It's funny because it's ironic. I want people like him to realize the reality of what has happened in the past 2 years. I heard somewhere that the government increased the deficit by 3 trillion and there have been no real signs of improvement. Has anyone looked at the stock market then and now? 6443 to 12000. 1 point represents $1.5 billion in our economy. That means it has increased by $8.3 TRILLION since its low. That's
@Tim1101 That's a very simple way of explaining socialism; mostly because it has no context to it, and speaks in absolutes. The ruthless and moral-less quest for capital has become our government. We are taught to believe capitalism is freedom. I see barely any 'freedom' in this system, where all the decisions are made based on money rather than what would be best for the PEOPLE . Human rights would not exist without the concepts laid out in socialist theory. It doesn't have to be 1 sided.
@battleship.... WTF does that have to do with anything in this video. Really?!
Unless the Government "forces" Banks to lend to small business - it will never happen... We drive this countries economy.
@jpatrickbad Maybe you are just not qualified for any job? Did that ever cross your mind?
@Osambasucks2 yeah sure they weren't unfortnately retard every scientist would say your full of shit so i'll listen to them & laugh at your incrediblely retarded ass.Even more moron i even said they were on the continent as were the very first humans which has been proven.You just alter anything that proves inbred crackers weren't the native people of earth but sorry your full of shit & i'm right & will contine to kick your ass.While all you can do is repeat what i said with a lie added to it.
@Osambasucks2 And incase you've not notice no one has jumped in to correct me only you hmm you'd think you'd learn by now i'm right & your just another white "cracka" pureist that's trying to prove white's ruled the earth but nope sorry never happened so sorry KKK you dream world fails as it never existed.And what you want to reality does not matter racist faggot who wants the truth of history altered to fit to your views of what you wished was true.
@Osambasucks2 oh thanks for proven i'm right & your wrong by once again only having the basic intelligence to repeat me infact i know for afact if i spoke in complex words you'd do the same even though you'd not know what they mean.Even if i keep it simple for your uneducated ass & other's like you.The fact you ca only throw what i say back in my face prove's i've won the battles along time ago.
watch LIFTING THE VEIL by Scott Noble
Mr president stage is set please hurry we cannot hold up to much longer 9 Trillion may just make it for a few more months Hurry and con those prostitutes as quick as you can- Shit forgot to bring home the troops and that birth-er thing can be taken care of easily I think
@lookingahead4 Osama Hussien Stalin Barry Sotoro Mao Barrack Obama is a racist, black muslim, communist. Remember when he told the white republicans to get in the back seat? where was the outrage? WHERE DA JOBS IS? BOHICA = bend over here it comes again.
Man I gotta say 99.9% of what I'm looking for. If only 30% if this gets done I'll be happy. Schools, tech, high speed rail, renewable energy, and the list goes on! I'm simply excited!
@Osambasucks3 whoa now... I grew up in NY too, and love it here. Either way, I was going to ignore you but realized there has to be a hundred posts here by you, all saying the same thing. OK, you don't like the current president. I hated the last one, but can't you just post something intelligent? It's always "socialist censored liberal lies." Hey, here we go, try to respond (in english, not the language 'retarded'), and tell me what the fuck that means/why you suck so much gay cock.
Obama surrenders to Wall Street (video) /watch?v=641qNZPYNXQ
Every year the peanut gallery gets more & more like the British parliament-- boos and cheers and jeers in the middle of the speech, standing ovations along party lines... Maybe that's a litmus test, an indication that we're headed in the same direction as the UK; as the decorum of congress goes, so goes the economy and political stability.
@Osambasucks2 it wasn't till they travel to europe among many other places that over a long period they do to colder climates evolved to a point where they had white skin though that was to protect them from freezing to death also they process take thousands of years & thousands of generations of natives.So in a way back then the entire continent was their & the black "darker skin people" peoples home so its likely you live where once they did.
Excellent video! by the way my sister applied this quite popular natural diet called: Impact 790 Diet and reduced 16 pounds within just a month. I can't remember the site just Google it.
I'm only watching this cuz my geography teacher said it's required. One tab 'youtube' - Another tab 'facebook'- and the last tab 'google' exciting.
@canaryman69 true but we can't have it for free as either its taxes or out of pocket but i do agree even though even ronald would be hard pressed to create over 30millon jobs overnight man and while bush did suckass he did create 200,000 jobs a month though he was a fucking idiot & created policies that killed them argh.If i was in i'd get shit done my order will be trim health cost as well as the healthcare cost,i'd also bring our troops home and tackle all issues.
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