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Charlie Sheen Parody - Bi-Winning (Official Song)

by theparodyfactory1 • 5,362,237 views

Download the song for free, distributed by Fullscreen: Click Here for The Parody Factory "Bi-Winning" Merch: Enjoy! A parody of...

Schmoyoho did it way better.
+Rojas Basically, they just want an argument.  They're coming to a different video, saying another video is way better, then watching the fireworks.  What amazes me is that people fall for it and fight them instead of just ignoring them.
There's not enough "song" in this. Just a beat, some backing and autotune then mostly just the original video played over it. That's why Schmoyoho's is better, they actually turned it into something.
schmoyoho is awesome, they have heaps of wicked songs
this one is around 7 times better than Shymoho's excuse for a song.
I prefer this one over Schmoyoho's for some reason.
Scomoyoho did it better
I think its bi winning its a win which ever way you go!!
Oh shut up.Shut up! STOP.
Charlie Sheen you're not winning. I'M WINNING.
dont ever say that charlie sheen is winning and will always win greatest fan ..two and a half men is just nothing without him..who do u think u are to comment on someone like that.. a gr8 actor comedian and producer
I don't know why but somehow this interview is such a musical gem xD you guys made a brilliant job, I'm real happy I ran into you.  This is the third real amazing song I've heard made out of this interview. xDDD
"One gear go" thats the sickest part
"And I was banging 7 gramrocks." Charlie Sheen-2011
It means he's BI-WINNING
+Justin Mathis it means he was doing 7 gram lines of cocaine at once lol
1 Speed 1 Gear 9555555555559999555555599 9559999999999955999999955 9559999999999955999999955 9559999955559955999999955 9559999995599955999999955 9559999995599955999999955 9555555555599999555555599 1)   highlight all the numbers ^ 2)   Ctrl + f 3)   Press 5 Go :)
x1.25, now that's banging 7 gram rocks.
"I was banging 7 gram rocks" LOL LMAO
Shymoho's shit does not even rhyme most of the time while that one has an epic flow.
3 years old and the link is already down, thats how you know that you failed, big time.
he said banging seventy gram rocks... you know what that means...   he was banging or taking ,,SEVENTY GRAMMS OF COKE
+killergrip99 epic song he totally didn't let his firing from Two and a Half Men get him down
That show went to shit without him
This guy is from Two And a Half Men........
No shit, thanks no one knew.
Are you thanking me for telling everyone? Everyone knows now....
His face is really red haha
you know who you should add on this FUCKIN LEVI HEICHOU
Get your ass back to two and a half men, it's fucked up since that faggot came to the show.
Dude this song is awesome I m and I was banging 7 gram rocks just winning I blinked and I cured my brain I have  one speed one gear gooooooo
make one of justin biebers interview :p
+Ann do you not understand what that includes? they'll have to sit and work with that little pricks shit for absolute hours, THAT'S TORTURE!
+thejack473 I wasnt thinking straight :p
hey how can you give this guy hell there all jeloues they wish they were partying with a couple fun girls!!! fuck haters
Two and a Half Men creators and WB: Bring back Charlie Sheen to the show and use this as the new theme song! :)
He'll be in the finale.
So he can sit around calling everyone trolls, demanding more money for drugs and inflating his own ego for the entertainment of the idiots that actually watch that show? No way! Give him a good slice to the femoral and send him on his way. 
1 word to describe this song... WINNING!!!!!
so stuck on this song. You guys did an awsome job, If it is only one good job mate ;)
I can't stop listening to this song :/
this one is more catchy than schmoyohos
one parody of the obama pleasee :3
What the hell did I just watch? I'm gonna have to watch the Schmoyoho version several times now to try and forget this
Lol Charlie from pocket God
Cum to my channel fror babies! KeepByeWinning! fuckpokemoncatsbitchdofuu
This will be Charlie Sheens Titantron entrance.
Man i just still lve this song! Coz charlie sheen is the man... I hope he does something next! Its been a while now.. Still dope
Did better the jb we all can agree and its one of my favs song
the "ohhh" sync was fucking perfect x'D
This is awesome it's stuck in my head I'm bi winning🎶🎶🎶🎶
Schmoyoho did the same but different i guess
guys i dont tink its auto tunned charlie has a great voice
The description has some of the lyrics wtf?!
Can someone give me a link for the real video, please. Thanks
This rocks the chmoyoho's version! This is a song i can listen to over and over again! It just sticks in your brain! Wow... what does that mean? :O
Дарова, америкосы!!
this makes laugh all the time   
Charlie Sheen is boss
that's the real charlie sheen that is real dude a tiger blood the person i know nowadays he became regular like the others holy crap people holly shit
thats how we roll bitches!
I love schoyo but this ride out
i always thought you drank water through your mouth?
Marla Duran Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Too funny this was found by accident. Charlie Sheen Parody - Bi-Winning (Official Song):
I'm bi winning ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
winigwiningwingwingwingwingwing im winng
I don't see how people think this one is better than the one that Scomoyoho made.
Can't believe he don't no wat bipolar is
One speed. One geer. Go yolo lol
This is the weirdest interview ever! XD
Best song on the internet ever!!!
what's the one frame image?
best version! i really like the song ...the melody ... really ! :D
indyduane Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
NO !                       IM WINNING 
Any one can tell me the melody in the background?
This is better than the version that has 52 million views. What is this?
+Luigi Bros oh what video by vanossgaming were u talking about? because u do realize we were comparing videos! schmoyoho's is over like 50 million views now! nearly 55 million so yeah show me somthing as creative and as well liked by vanossgaming
so, schymos is more of a song person this is a remix
He's totally high, here.
This is the most sensitive expression of Charlie Sheen parody. Bithumping Up.
I'm on drugs....called CHARLIE SHEEN!!! Makes me fucking crazy!
schmoyoho one is way better than this lame one.
This one seemed much better...
Schmoyoho is to fucking lazy to make a proper outro
This song inspired me to become someone of significance  thank you Charlie for your wisdom
Seven gram rocks! Thats enough to kill two and a half men
what does he mean by gear?
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